– 2011 Hyundai Elantra Review & Test Drive – 2011 Hyundai Elantra Review & Test Drive

Hyundai’s Elantra, redesigned for 2011, is taking at the compact segment’s big boys. It undercuts heavyweights like the Civic and Corolla in price, and offer…



KhoaaTrnn says:

reviewer should NOT repeat herself

vxxdclxxv says:

The reason why you loose the options with the stick is that it uses the
wiring harness from the i30. There is not enough demand in the U.S (less
than 5%) for manual transmissions to justify the increased production and
development costs of a separate harness to support those features,
especially considering most manuals are selected as a cost savings measure,
and not as a preference.

LZSchneider says:

I love your jacket, Emme.

Gregory Perkins says:

2013 gls is 19220

rtype6 says:

@wtrdogg20 Well actually Toyota copied Honda. In the 1980’s Honda created
Acura to compete with the luxury European market. Then Toyota and Nissan
followed suit to compete with the Acura brand.

ladyyuna2000 says:

cool looking car i might go for a hyundai for my next car.

palebeachbum says:

@CSplayahata So no true. The exploding Explorer tires was talked about A
LOT in the media, and that wasn’t even a Ford designed problem. Toyota has
(or should I say, HAD) a reputation for building bulletproof cars, so it
was pretty big news that such a widespread and serious problem affected
them. Of course it was going to be talked about in the media. I owned a
Toyota years ago and I’ve never thought they weren’t anything worth writing
home about. they all feel like a tin can.

Pera Lozac says:

Says Stevie Wonder.

Izz Muhmoodullah says:

she said that 2 times (1:24)

knarula87 says:

looks like a chevy cruze from interiors……..

Toby Rowland says:

emme do you wanna be best friends lol ?

Mikey Lee says:

omg i love her to death she is the best reviewer ive ever seen by far

r56mini says:

No manual transmission in the top trim level turned me away also.

Sho Nadem says:

I’m looking into the 6 speed stick as whole “value” package works for me.
Also isnt this car equipped with a GDI motor (Gasoline Direct-Injection)
that also contributes to the fuel efficiency?

qjtuber123 says:

That was a good SCOTTY…

freelokei says:

Hahahahhaa 4:22

TacoManTuesday says:

@tjstreeter overpriced and ugly like your mom.

bottomlayer says:

Both Emme, and Hyundai, have been churning out winners lately! Getting
better and better

Atmos says:

@friedchicken1981 American car companies are finally making profits again.
Give them time to polish their reputations a little more and people will
buy them. Just got over a long period of poor quality and bad reputation
and they are making great strides!

MikaOwns says:

wow cheesiest reviewer ever

enochc17 says:

major mid life crisis alarm!

Scott K says:

Love this host. So full of personality and actually sounds like she’s
speaking from the heart and not reading off a script.

colomblanco says:

So amazing, she had to say it twice 1:20

enemay says:

Excellent Review, the jacket is flashy but not overwhelming.Ooh wait this
is a review about a car, yeah good stuff.

Gary James says:

I just bought the Elantra GS Coupe! It is amazing in every way Emme! Please
please please do a review of the Coupe! 🙂

Gary James says:

Is she wearing enuff tones of red?

Jeff Moeller says:

M.E………I had always thought my 15 minutes would have come differently
than as a shout out at the end of a road test & review video. Nonetheless,
I am grateful that it came from you!!!!!! Great review and am looking
forward to your next one. Miss you.

hehh543 says:

“America’s best warranty” yet it’s a Korean auto maker. Lol. Nice car 🙂

Austin Shaw says:

@tjstreeter you should realize that the acceleration issue was the drivers
fault. have you ever thought that they might have been freaking out and
pressing the gas instead of the break?

Kyle Adams says:

I love it. It looks fantastic, is amazingly efficient, roomy, sophisticated
and is reasonably priced…and with the best warranty around. What more do
you want? This is not the Hyundai of even 2 years ago let alone 20. If you
want to pay alot more for a label, then you shouldn’t even be looking at a
compact car. Go buy a 10 year old BMW and pretend that you are rich, but be
prepared to spend a fortune on maintenance. How many cars today are
actually head turners like this one?

drewaguzman says:

I love this girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hahahaha

MyRochambeau says:

@oztronix I’m 6 foot 4 inches and i drive it, my head doesn’t even touch
the roof, not to mention i have plenty of leg room. Get your head out of
your ass.

Jorge Flores says:

Excelent the new elantra!!!!!!

wtrdogg20 says:

I dont know why North American market is so picky and tricky when offering
options in a car!! If you got auto tranny you cant get navi system?? WTF??
Damn, I can get all that in my country with any limitation, not to mention
in Korea, where they get even sun roof and parking sensor.

Benjamin Villarreal says:

@vmcn2 I still have my elantra 2001 and I want out of this car!!!

Gabriel Choi says:

i like her. she’s so funny

L2allM says:

@Jabid21 It does not have a actual spare tire, but its for more than just
the one reason. It also saves space and the tire mobility kit is a much
simpler solution. You dont have to take the wheel off you simply put the
sealant in and use the compressor to fill the tire with air again. Hope
that answers your question.

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