– 2010 Hyundai Tucson SUV Road Test Review – 2010 Hyundai Tucson SUV Road Test Review

The Hyundai Tucson is all new for 2010. This all new compact utility vehicle CUV combines the sport utility of an SUV with an easy car like driving experienc…



seth stanich says:

@matthewdunne250: that is the same car it is just the name in america but
in europe its ix35

Turlea Octavian says:

learn to speek english cunt I dont understand your fucking vocabulary

kalargyi says:

@ 1:18 she looks like a 4 yr old in the driver seat, so kute, so small, lol

Theobieze says:

between this and the kia sportage, which is the better car

subzero92MK says:

@heroheroic yep,now suvs are all similiar

subzero92MK says:

it is a good design but i guess that the first generation had a better
one,maybe it was something of innovative,now this car doesn’t say is similiar to other suvs

patrick jackson says:

@hehh543 but the nissan rogue is wide i know people who have the tucson and
rogue and bikes fit good in the tucson

Chemizon says:

I liked the grill… The car was nice too.

youareinflames says:

please talk about handling and breaking and stuff

yoyode yoyo says:

watch walking dead, hm?

Wolffie LC says:

I totally hate the front part specialy the grill! What I love is the back
part is like a BMW!!

Eldoradoman99 says:

Look its a Buick Enclave that shrunk in the wash! This must have been
designed by a chinese person, who saw an Enclave.

DominicGuitarist says:

I like a girl that knows her cars well… very nice

hehh543 says:

@pattycarljackson The cargo volume is smaller than the rogue and the escape
is deff. bigger than both, plus the tucson looks like a bug.

HX Re says:

you guys are creepers

Carlo Piscasio says:

dam that exterior makes me throw up

Matthew Dunne says:

It’s good but it looks like an ix35

fvgotch says:

Jessi pronounced Hyundai PERFECTLY unlike numerous other reviewers
pronouncing it Hun-die. I am a fan of Jessi now, she knows cars for sure.

OSUfitzy says:

Girl you need to put your seatbelt on!

Sung Hong says:

Jessi, you are getting better and better w/ these reviews! Keep up the
great work!

TheInvstg8r says:

High maintenance and plasticy.

patrick jackson says:

@naekerb you cant beat hyundai. how much mpg do u get on that car. and what
features come standard

westexpipeliner1 says:

Tiny girl makes car look big.

Jeremy Rose says:

is she a smoker? Nice car, i always knew it was just needed a lil proof

mateo096 says:

@anipz90 “Hun-day” is actually the correct English pronunciation…

heroheroic says:

@subzero92MK you are right. it looks like a NIssan

TechFreak51 says:

you are so pretty Jessy !

Rosa Wu says:

she has seat belt on her boob is covering it

heroheroic says:

Looks like a redesigned Nissan Rogue. Has the shell Of the bigger Nissan
Murano in a smaller size

jaretkady says:

@maxamillion1011 I disagree, I think she is very good!

mnmosh2008 says:

shiiit keep open the hood ^^

EasternBlocCars says:

the 2010-present Hyundai Tucson/ Hyundai ix35 (Most markets)/ Hyundai
Tucson ix (South Korea) is assembled in Ulsan, South Korea Žilina, Slovakia
Beijing, China Bekasi, Indonesia (2010) Cairo, Egypt Nošovice, Czech
Republic (2011)

infringementMAN says:

I’d also like to point out how smooth the ride is. It’s hardly fazed by pot
holes and bumps.

pyroprince78 says:

She’s a fantastic reviewer!

condevergader says:

i like it ! and the car too.

epyonx1 says:

“Partial zero emissions?” Seriously, who coined that jargon? Isn’t 0 an
absolute? Either something is 0 or it’s not. It can be 0 < x <1, but what is "partial zero"?! That's like saying, "I possibly might be absolutely certain about everything, sorta." Or saying, "I'm partially omnipotent."

SK says:

Great review!


I have this car & i love it, good gas miles and really smooth ride..I would
buy it again

Zeeshan Rahman says:

If I had to buy a Hyundai I would only go for a SONATA!!

Adam Jordison says:

I wonder what the dash looks like if you don’t get the Nav system?

OneOfOne says:

another excellent job. you didnt mention if it has a backup cam nor did you
mention the ride quality. only bad thing was the lame arm band tattoo.

bidibi83 says:

Good car but this engine is not available in France. It’s a pity!

Hyunwoo Maeng says:

man those loaner cars are dirty…

TJC450 says:

@maxamillion1011 she did great as always

athleticscoach2012 says:

If you want a car that looks good, is reliable and drives well for a good
price and are not a badge snob then they are a great car. Things are
changing on the badge side too – Hyundai are the one brand bucking the

arfer says:


comlax22 says:

@dragonstorm83 Objectified? As in, she’s a tight little piece of ass and
has the job b/c of her looks? She nor does any other woman need YOU being
offended for them. It’s none of your deepthroating business, is it? Anyway,
I’d lick her ass all day long…I could care less if she is capable of

General Nonsense says:

Dear Jessi, Awesome review and you are looking HOTTER than ever!

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