– 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser Car Review – 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser Car Review

Video car review of the brand new 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser shot in Yellowstone National Park. For car reviews, videos, and one of the oldest and largest car …



MiniMinChiii says:

The only luxury 4×4 worth buying.

4RINGSS5 says:

Hail the king of all SUVs.

ExtraCholesterol says:

best in class.

totoy2099 says:

100 % مشاء الله مره حلو

1ohtaf1 says:

SUV is an offroader, well the original ones were, now there are crossover
SUVs which are only for light offroading.

murksyou says:

The Land Cruiser may be $10,000 more than your Land Rover,but think about
it,you bought a LAND ROVER,even after 80 years the brand still hasn’t
gotten reliability or build quality down.We’ll see in 5 years when it’s
literally falling apart,and you decide to sell your magnificent LR4.By then
the price difference would have evened itself out substantially.With the
Land Cruiser’s unmatched build quality,reliability,safety and re-sale
value,it has and quite possibly will be the best SUV you can buy.

Noura Ebraheem says:

I like this care

Jean Michel Duval says:

@23aterro actually the land cruiser never had this issue. only models built
in the USA had this issue. this is built in japan

Sipan Sh says:

My left ear enjoyed this video 🙂

Shaun Francis says:

@firedragon689 you realise landcruisers have been around since the 70’s

torque122 says:

Land Cruisers DESTROY Range Rovers. Pathetic comparison. Range Rover has
more snob appeal, but that is it.

Sebastian Vedia says:

@Noobury mad cus u cant afford 80k on a car

ali AG says:


Migoy Rosario says:

there is a quote to aussie that says “if you’re going to the outback, bring
a Land Rover; if you’re thinking of coming back, bring a Land Cruiser” One
of the best 4×4 so far..

Dominic Fante says:

@mkai4492 get a land rover. problem solved.

Craig Kulig says:

@felipescalador Where do you live? The price difference is because either
it needs to be imported or made by order. In north america toyota’s are
massed produced and imported frequently.

halldorarni22 says:

Well in iceland you could get 2 landrovers for 1 one those

mtothem1337 says:

Why is my left ear bleeding?

jnsleeper1 says:

fords better toyota sucks

tokyocityrat says:

The best 4WD in the world. hands down.

yvoe9 says:

“tie you kids …. soccor cleats”

ali AG says:

@FJCruisin09 ur right, it is an SUV ! =P

huntedx2 says:

the best carz ever .. i used to drive the 2006 landcruiser but now i own
the 2009 Landcruiser with a V8 engine but a 4.7L … thats wut they had n
our car markets n Libya

peter lawrence says:

come test it in the kimberleys,austalia -well test alright

jimmyhoffa9 says:

a hummer is not god awful offroad, theres plenty of evidence of its ability
but its not the ultimate off roader. to say its awful is simply misinformed
ignorance. they’re not better, but they’re not bad, or worse necessarily.

Vincent Charles says:

I want the offroad Capabilities of the Land Cruiser And The style of The
Range Rover! THAT would be the perfect SUV

jdavis332 says:

I have 2 truck a 01 chevy truck with a 125,000 miles not one promblem and a
1994 ranger with 183,000 miles and it runs good to.The 2003 toyota i use to
have. I had to put a trans in it after 30,000 miles and the mechanic told
me that those cars have trany prombles all the time.American built is way
better and GM has the most fuel efficient cars on the road research it.
toyota also has the highest recalls than any other car company out there
since 06 now mazda is good company but ford owns it

lxlc says:

I have a 00′ and it’s probably the best car I have ever owned whenever I
drive it it still feels like new and it can go anywhere I want it to go I’m
never going to sell it but might buy another one in a couple if years

Felipecabesas says:

Yea You are right. . I think GM was going out of business cause the CEO’s
were paid millions along with a crap load of regulations imposed by the U.S
Gov, healtcare employee rights. And the US auto makers got GREDDY and just
pop out lots of brands. Instead of focusing. I mean look at Japan and
China, they jam people in a factory and they make them work like the nazi’s
did to the jews, all for $200 a week. Not in U.S.A we demand $20phr +
bonuses n paid vacation, thats what made us fall.

gasolara2002 says:

@Bcboi92 The land cruiser is the same as the Lexus LX570. Land Cruisers are
the best suvs you can by. The UN uses them. They are designed to go through
the rough terrain. Its used alot in the the middle east and Australia. The
Land cruisers are tested in the outback of australia. Buy one and you will
get your moneys worth

tommygun415 says:

Please don’t say that. Land Cruisers always get phenomenal reviews.

tommygun415 says:

Really?? like the Ford Pinto??

عيسى الحوسني says:

We have the same car in UAE but 4.7L

jimmyhoffa9 says:

@liamwongisgay umm not really lol. the land cruiser is $68k starting, my
discovery 4 was $58k and its way more luxurious. land cruisers are for
people with no brains.

THEKINGS001 says:


murksyou says:

I don’t understand why people even compare the Hummer H3 to the Land
Cruiser. The Land Cruiser is in a completely different class, a class of
it’s own in fact. If anything the H3 should be compared to the FJ, in which
it gets completely diminished.


a buy one

Be Chawu ru says:

Trashy people don’t kniow about car TOYOTA LAND CRUISER is best car.. my
land cruiser is boat 2009

Shaun Francis says:

i love my 80’s series landcruiser. tuff.

jimmyhoffa9 says:

no they’re not, but they’re not as ba as people make out.

Knightmare Frame says:

XD thats so funny nice joke man made me laugh so hard

Daniel Brandao says:

This is as good as an offroader can get.

Paulmichael9 says:

@aids0610 for me Hiace is enough. Yeah 4runner is cheaper. here in
Philippines it’s 4 million Philippine pesos already!

John Carson says:

@skapunkboy01 Well I mean Toyota’s in the US are for ordinary people but in
this case a Toyota Landcruiser isnt for everyone in the US either, its a
$65,970 car and that my friend is not the ordinary MSRP for a toyota nor
for the general mid-class person. I think we can all agree that before
buying a $65,000 car I think others would prefer a $46,000 BMW 5 series,
Infiniti M, Even a Range Rover sport for a MSRP of $60,000.

jpbisce says:

@Johncarson9113 yeah, but how long will any of those last…..especially
the RR sport

moneshmahtani says:

jeep wrangler ftw

ali8kias says:

my dad has the same car, it can go everywhere:):)

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