– 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited Car Review – 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited Car Review

Roadfly TV takes a look at the new 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited. This redefined model meets their competition head-on and is emerging as a great and cost-ef…



ratonL says:

Shit..dude a live in Bolivia which is more a shitty country than yours (I’m
Bolivian) and I can get a brand new 08 Mitsubichi Montero on about
U$25.000..that’s weird…

doc jm says:

ey, lovemachine, thanx 4 d tip, bro! it helps alot.

Janaka Wickramapathirana says:

The Vehicle, 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe, 2.2 Crdi, 4WD manual-shift with
49,000Km on the clock. Experienced sudden loss of transmission, rattling
sound and was not able to drive. Left stranded. Dealer (Hyundai Lanka) says
the Flywheel has failed. Vehicle is outside of warranty and it’s a two
grand repair. Before this (around approximately 35000KM) the Primary and
secondary clutch cylinders needed replacing and same was done with dealer.
This was also an expensive repair.

doc jm says:

i like this car alot, simply because of its style, ride comfort and fuel
efficiency. i’m wondering which is better, the toyota fortuner or the santa
fe when it comes to ride and efficiency? i’d like to either from the one,
and this question keeps buggin’ me which one i’d choose. pls readers, can
you help me with this? can you give me some tips? thanx for the reply!

kurdisshhhhhh says:

Very beautfiful car !

SeniorClub08 says:

It’s not about reliability, and not about quality. Don’t you understand
what “business” means. “Korea” is not located in our Hemisphere, neither
politicaly, nor economically. It makes NO sense to import cars from “Korea”
and closing our factories. “Korea” is not in EU and not in NATO. “Korea”
loses money, because the “logistics costs” are high. EU loses jobs, because
they need to close factories if they import from “Korea”. And we know, it
is not easy to make business in Korea. STOP “Korea”.

coom1986 says:

Then take off your eyes cos you seem to be the only one having a problem
with this vehicle.

pandafied says:

this car looks like a spaceship hahaha

tubabat says:

Yes. they did it. Its style is very good.

nighttrain334 says:

@rsxzx6r well not really if you do research on hyundai and kia,,alot of
parts on them cars are built by porsche,like kia transmission,,,look it up!

glodenaegis says:

Are u from the JUNGLE or what? Please watch some car magazines for Godsake!
Then come back and apolozise!

doc jm says:

luckily i’m just as short as u think. thanx 4 d tip tuberinio! u’r d man!

Karen Shepherd says:

We were in a crash a few weeks ago and totalled our 2004 Santa Fe. We are
now driving a 2007 Santa Fe and we love it

Jim4575 says:

A co worker has the 2001 and is quite happy with it. Hyundai has come a
long way since the pony. They keep improving every year. Reliablity is
average up to 2005. Smart Move.

Chev Chelios says:

I had a 2004 Santa Fe and I have to say that once I got my 2007 the
difference was night and day! My buddy has a 2006 Pilot and the Santa Fe
blows it out of the water, except in price he paid about 10,000 more than
me and I have everything he does and more.

rdsmp says:

In brazil it costs U$ 89.000 dolars! 🙁 we earn less money on our jobs, and
they price things sooo expensive 🙁 here a new civic costs U$ 54.400,00

Sas S. says:

this car drives like butter. Love mine.

KoreanPresident says:

no counter evidence? you admitited them!? I told you Hyundai is a crap!

Ipod1234df says:

My dad drove this car from ontario to Kansas city and still works fine but
its the 2008 model we only stop 4 gas stop. this suv is great. I still
wonder how to 2009 santa fe will look like

summerdude says:

just bought this car a week ago, great car and great deal! no where else
can u get an midsize suv w/ leather and loaded for 26,400!!!

Ashley Barkley says:

Not bad for the price

jattu78 says:

hyundai is cool we test drove the new 08 highlander loved it untill we
testdrove the santafe we r getting the fully loaded one its best buy for
the price the base model of hylander is 40k and sanata fe is 36k fully
loaded 14k cheaper than toyota hylander

rdsmp says:

RATON, prepare yourself for the truth In Brazil, a Montero (Pajero) costs
in US DOLARS: $ 114.900,63 I will repeat. A car that u pay $ 25 in bolivia,
here costs $ 114.900,63 Brazil is a lie my friend! A well saled lie.

club4ghz says:

i have blackone 😀

Srbijarulez says:

It’ll have major proplems due to the lack of quality; it’s so unreliable.

Nikki De La Cruz says:

nice SUV. VERY BORING NARRATOR. it makes me fall asleep. insideline’s
narrator keeps me on the subject.

luismigaa says:

tah loko que carrao pode escrever tenho uma santa fe que vou ter um

WoZIMoo says:

I have the 3.3 awd one. I know its not a real awd but people should know
its actually good. Also the acceleration is suprising.

fcia says:

Looks like you are buried in perception and not in truth. You should
educate yourself by test driving Hyundai cars – who knows you might
actually buy one in the future.

nechtro says:

its d best car in its class after d test drive i neva think twis a bought
it and boy it sure can go were no suv can.ha

kedharf1 says:

I saw a toyota ad for this video .. hmmm

GeorgeR34 says:

Trava gamisou re!!

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