Road Test: 2013 Toyota RAV4

Road Test: 2013 Toyota RAV4

The Toyota RAV4 grows up. MotorWeek’s John Davis has the road test review of the 2014 Toyota RAV4.



Moneyneversaves says:

it is going from a good looking car to a an awful frog looking car.
Seriously, exterior and interior looks are too old looking. Toyota is keep
distancing themselves from youth interest. Toyota is next Grandma Car

palmero8877 says:

It is a better looking rav4 than the last model. But it has become too
big. When they came to the US in 1995 the size was perfect. All the way
to the early 2000’s. Honda has the new HRV because the CRV became too big
and left its original purpose. The Rav4 has left its original purpose too
and now a compact SUV niche is vacant. 

Sudiarto Bpn says:

Yes Toyota Rav 4 very good

Judith 'Tardo says:


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like to take it up my rear – if you know what I mean. Is there anyone out
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Sudiarto Bpn says:

Yes Toyota Rav 4 very good

njdoughboy says:

How did the RAV not even make the 2012 crossover comparison video and then
suddenly go on to beat the Honda, which WON the comparison video? Makes no
sense to me. Did Toyota pay to win?

TRD_Mike_PR says:

toyota needs a Turbo system like the supra it works better

Charles Copeland says:

Exactly. Now Rav4 has same towing rating as the Corolla.

LTF85199 says:

I couldn’t agree more

BanzaiSushi says:

i just looked…looks the same to me

Charles Copeland says:

I test drove a 2010 today and it felt like driving a Civic, pretty nimble.
The Escape is more expensive, catches on fire 3 different ways, and has the
awful computer no one uses.

0x33f says:

I hope they also asked for their resale value back too

Frank Nieves says:

I suppose so…

c8701 says:

Why the hell did they drop the V6

Zion Eight says:

apparently only 15% of people were buying the V6 the last 3 years. so they
went from 2.4 i4 to 2.5 i4 in 2009. but now they added 6 speed transmission
to it…better fuel economy on the i4. i have a v6 and it’s unreal. I tried
the old i4 and it was laggy. Plus the previous generation, you didn’t
compromise fuel economy for hp. i think they should have kept the V6 too.

Cinderpool AJ says:

slow with unresponsive steering. Buy American. Ford Escape is a much better
small suv!

2010V6RAV4 says:

I get the same mpg in my 2010 V6. It’s AWD and it has 18″ Run flat tires. I
have no spare tire and I have a rear view camera from the factory. My car
can tow 3500lbs which can be a full sized pop-up camper, 3100lbs, with room
to spare. I can do 0-60 around 6.1-6.3 seconds and can park almost anywhere
and my rear seats recline and slide. They also lie flat too. 2013 RAV looks
nice but I like mine just as good. I don’t see much improvement for 2013
and the side swing door made it unique.

KonaKoo says:

Looks better for sure. Still prefer the CX-5.

jvrdlc says:

No V6, then no deal… ima look at the santa fe now.. I want power in a
small suv, in case I carry 5 ppl w luggages

ACEcolorado1 says:

Kinda looks like a 1st Gen Murano combined with a Hyundai/Kia

2010V6RAV4 says:

Will I trade for one some day. Nope. I will hunt for one with V6. I have
the upgraded radiator and tranny cooler, hence the 3500lb tow capacity it
came with. I know the options are similar, but mine also has more ground
clearance and has a slightly tougher look without losing style. I really
like my 2010. I’m gonna do a walk around review of it in a few days so if
you’re interested in it, keep a check on my channel.

abood alqubaisi says:

toyota quality that live more than any brand baby

yiyangcheng says:

What year of what? The RAV4? Or the GMC Terrain?? because i’m talking about
this gen of RAV4 and the Current gen GMC terrain. I’ve seen somebody driven
this RAV4 and it looks exactly like the GMC Terrain from the back.

Chris Biz says:

Just as an FYI Motorweek, the EPA tests all non-PZEV vehicles with ethanol
free 93 Octane gasoline and is what the EPA numbers are based off. The
rating is not based off of regular grade gasoline. PZEV vehicles are tested
with ethanol free 91 octane.

White03T4RV82WD says:

Tow anything? Not quite.

Nathan Stice says:

I actually really like this, just wish it had a V-6 still…

Zach Travers says:

I just wish they kept the V6.

Seb Design says:

personally i think its as ugly as hell

Zion Eight says:

I have a V6 2007 rav and i test drove my friend’s i4 2012 rav and it was
night and day. the v6 is so much quieter and you don’t compromise on fuel.
And you’re right, I got the v6 coz i can overtake effortlessly on the
highway and also i can tow anything! apparantly only 15% or less people
were buying v6 model in the past 3 years. But i think they really want to
push the Highlander to be the ultimate family/vacation suv.

mb013962 says:

you put 2014 in the desription

SoulfulHouseMafia says:

I’ve got one. Bought it in February, love it!

sbl0323 says:

What year? Doesn’t look anything like the new model’s

lynne lillington says:


bswizzle967 says:

The GMC Terrain is no beauty from the rear end, but it’s nowhere near as
preposterous as this.

H31MU7 says:

God damnit John, your silky smooth voice is twice as good now as it was in
’90, but your puns, they’re twice as bad! XD

enriqueaward says:

Toyora RAV4 was going to be my next vehicle because of the 3rd row seats
since I refuse to buy another minivan since they use too much gas. But of
course…they have taken the 3rd row seat option out…they never listen to
the consumers…just to put the spare tire inside the
vehicle…really!!!??? Mazda is actually listening to their consumer and I
think I will be switching to a fuel efficient. Mazda 5 or Mazda 6. Toyota
has diesels abroad and why they are not brought to the US? Tooo weird….!

Friendly0Dan says:

I soooo agree. It does look like the GMC Terrain from the rear.

TheMichaelRN says:

eu model looks always better.

nct76 says:

My wife and I were torn between the Santa Fe Sport 2.0T and the CRV until
we test drove the new RAV4. The handling and the 6-speed transmission in
the RAV4 blew away the CRV and the handling edged out the straight line
acceleration of the turbo Santa Fe. We ended up buying the limited because
it was a good balance of power, handling, space and fuel efficiency. The
only downside was the ride on the 18″ wheels for the limited. We are on 17″
snow tires anyway for 6 months of the year in Ontario.

Kainj1000 says:

Nicer then crv

Baron von Awesomesauce says:

get a volvo 240 wagon. better quality.

gt7225 says:

buy a highlander

speterj says:

boo no v6

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