Road Test: 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo

Road Test: 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo

The quirky Hyundai Veloster gets the turbo treatment. MotorWeek’s John Davis has the road test review of the 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo.



matthew von says:

I think half the people are commenting have down syndrome, crappy 0-60 run

Luis Rosas says:

It does not hit 0-60 in 7.8 seconds because i get that almost with my non
turbo. im starting to hate car videos on youtube because of terrible
reviews like this shitty video. the veloster beats and frs almost always
with a good driver. AND gets waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better
fuel economy. 

sead garanovic says:

hmmmm… the 0-60 is 6.5 manual and 7.1 for auto. My NAV manual can do 0-60
in 8 seconds, and the DCT auto is like 9.1

James Simpson says:

i wish they got rid of that third door… i don’t like it very much

J Michael Barrett says:

Errr yeah, between the Forte SX and the Velostar, this 1.6T with the autos
were doing 6.6-6.8 second 0-60’s and 15.0-15.2 quarter. I wonder if they
took the time to work the launch to get away from the wheelhop (I think the
SX is better in this respect). 7.8 sounds awful…

dynodon100 says:

Try the R-Spec !! It’s a $1000.00 less and much better deal. Faster
steering lower gearing all the good stuff. Most people don’t know that it
is available.

coolvideo28 says:

still too slow

James S says:

I love how he says (Vel(AHHH)Ster) its pronounced Vel,(UH)Ster… Fucking

The91489 says:

ive timed my VT auto at 6.5 to 60 so idk why all these reviews are saying
its slower when its not

TVinmyEye says:

informative review, but damn it feels like im watching a daytime
commercial on basic television. A jerry springer commercial break.

Austin MacLean says:


alphaphotoandvideo says:

this or 2013 fusion del ?

Spencer Angell says:

7.8 seconds? lol, someone can’t drive a manual. i did it in 6 flat

Unlimited Racing Crew says:

you guys are the shittiest drivers. learn how to drive and then test the
My automatic does 6.6 seconds easily.

Mitul Jariwala says:

3 DOOR lmao fail!!!!

saleem83 says:

Fvcking slow fwd peice of $ hit

robert carra says:

My base with an Elantra 1.8 60mm throttle and spectre inline air box does
0-60 in 7.7 seconds.

Luis Stgo says:

A better driver will make that car in 15.5 sec. 1/4 mile

Erik Black says:

i guess this might be good for a 1.6 i love my srt4 with the proper mods,
she does just fine

Loukas Hermance says:

7.8 seconds? Ive seen people do it in 6.5.

KeeptalkinSPit says:

1:54 Sunday driver disease (drive it like you stole it grandpa)

Ryan Schmitt says:

What year was the Mustang GT? The new 5.0 ones will destroy this. They do
0-60 in 4.3 seconds…

gordan james says:


zzodakk says:

2013 GT. the guy should have beat me but we where on a 2 lane clover leaf
on-ramp and he allmost wiped out on the out side gaurd rail because he is
RWD. by the time he straitened out and entered the freeway I was allready
about 150 yards ahead. I used to have a ’68’ Stang with a 289 HO, C4 trany,
and it was really fast, but mustangs have never been known for cornering
(except for GT350, GT500 and anything built by SHELBY) Sorry, should have
disclosed the onramp info. kick my ass in a strait line

Sam Hingorani says:

i love this car but for the price I rather go the genesis 🙂

Owen Hasler says:

do you know how loaded these cars are? thats why they cost a little more. a
base model veloster is a hyundai accent maxed out in the options chart and
has a better suspension system than the accent, so it handles better (crz
rival). the veloster turbo comes standard with the style package upgrades,
so the price to upgrade to the more powerful engine is actually more like a
2500 dollar upgrade than a 4500 dollar upgrade.

johhn hei says:

hyundai is a joke

pinoyeh says:

It looks good but not impressive for me.

dave dunn says:

Veloster has massive recalls right now for the sunroof cracking smashing
while driving. Hyundai and kia have also been in the news for getting
caught for lying about gas mileage figures

stibombo says:

Zodak your full of shit

mrmaturitydelinquent says:

Not bad, but I seen some SUVs twice as big as that car quicker than this
car. This car is one of those cute hatchbacks meant for college kids to
deliver pizzas with!

Jan-Michael Franklin says:

The Fiesta ST is gonna be better and for a few grand less!

sasaew says:

if hyundai&kia cheap product and overpriced . and then Honda or Mitsubishit
cheap product and overpriced too.

deucedaprodeuca says:

EXACTLY! Coming from an ’05 GTO that I bought new with heavy mods, doing
the 1/4 in 12.2-12.4, I’ve been looking for a replacement with a better
driveling, so I’ve been looking at used M3’s, M5’s, and even M6’s. Luxury,
power, and looks,but terrible gas mileage, and they don’t come with half
the stuff the Veloster Turbo comes with standard. Honestly, when I got my
GTO, The speed was nice, but the things I was missing, was more important.
I’m actually considering the Veloster Turbo over a BMW.

sinusbradycardia says:

I test drove this car, an automatic, it was really weak. My 2.2L s-10
pulled harder. I need to test drive a manual I guess.

James Davies says:

Hey guys is that the old man, got to get my deli meat on my cruise ship,
Shadow and Onasis reference.

S2KLOS says:

that car is hideous

Roberto Perez says:

but for little more you get a Monster Genesis coupe 2.0 T wich would rape
any FRS/BRZ.

ForzaItaliaAzzurri7 says:

The 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo is America’s best looking and speediest
sports hatch of 2013. German designers and Korean engineers have engineered
a car that delivers excellent power, superior driving dynamics and advanced
technologies such as hill assist. Forza Hyundai Motors!

dave dunn says:

This is the new age PT Cruiser kinda vehicle. In a few years it will be ugly

greg12m3 says:

Fwd ftl

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