Road Test: 2012 Kia Rio 5-Door



Manuel Maia says:

How Much is this Car worth on average?

CPT_ROB says:

Why does this guy talk like that o.O

TheCoolfez says:

why get this car over the Hyundai accent? just curious

MrThekikster says:

the one at the back is the fifth

davidst489 says:

The sonic would look better with the giant gold bow tie gone. Have you
noticed on most new cars , no spare tire, you get a can of fix a flat
that’s fine till you have a blowout or run over something the size of a
small doorknob. Wait for the SX this fall, navigation system that replaces
the UVO system push button start ; leather seats, a sunroof, and front seat

Dodgerhouse says:

Cheap GTI is exactly what I was looking for ..

Owen Hasler says:

lol. the accent costs 1000 bucks more and gets 3 mpg’s less than the rio.

mark marshall says:

@Jeremandre oh yeah, have you checked out the new versa?


wow. The Rio is faster than a Honda Civic!!!LOL

bob saget says:

Yaris feels cheaper

camaroman101 says:

looks great, too bad they didn’t bring the 3-door

Marantzino says:

Very well made video.

BOREDfromX2z says:

@AGreedyTree but guess, what this car wasnt built for speed….ur stupid 😀

TheMichaelRN says:

@TheCoolfez sporty suspension = fun to drive

nismofury says:

This is a good car but it seems you have to pay for styling. All the eco
boxes are looking better than they have in the past but the higher pricing
doesnt justify the means. $18k for this?…who ever figures out to have the
lowest price eco box will sell the shit out of them. If chevy sold their
sonic at $12k like theyre suppose to no one would bother looking at the
others. And nissan wtf are you thinking with the versa?…release the
hatchback fast.

palebeachbum says:

This Rio looks a hell of a lot more sophisticated than the Chevy Sonic.
That car boarders on ugly.

techdude6693 says:

The rio does have 4-wheel discs. The fiesta on the other hand, doesn’t.

Manik Sharma says:

The Honda Fit is the best overall value, and much more space.

dahgutone says:

Powered side folding mirrors standard? Kidding me? That feature used to be
a luxury option.

JustAnotherPerson says:

Depreciation on the Ford Focus and Fiesta are far higher than the Kia’s

divooriginale says:

It looks a bit like the VW GTI, doesn’t it?

StarshipNormandy7421 says:

@croeagle100 its 5 year 60k bumper to bumper that means everything till 60k

damieg82 says:

We have the new Sportage and I test drove this Rio since I was considering
getting one. I love Kia’s new designs and the list of features for the
money is the best in each respective segment… the only let down, and its
a big one, is the brakes!! Just as seen in this vid, they are not
confidence-inspiring at all! The Rio “might” be forgiven for this because
it has drums in the back but the Sportage has 4 wheel discs and its the
same thing. It was really a let down… decided on a Fiesta instead

gtafan94 says:

the boot is considered a door in hatchbacks

Mr Eighty says:


Amero1 says:

Spitfire1203x @ only in price tag, I would agree then.

Travis Bickle says:

I’m thinking about getting one but I’m a bit worried about reliability.

aecc035791 says:

this guy is annoying

Jay Alford says:

I have a Jeep Liberty that I’ll be paying off in about a month or so & I’m
looking to get something more fuel efficient. I’m torn between this, the
Sonic, Dart and the new Nissan Versa Note. Help a guy out!!!

thegoof529 says:

KIA keeps stepping up their game! I would still take a Ford Focus or Fiesta
over the Rio.

carin douglas says:

kia has better design than honda and toyota cars.

s0nnyburnett says:

If they think the seats materials are cheap in here what do they consider
the yaris’ materials to be?

gmman05 says:

It’s not the best in the segment but it’s a well balanced package between
quality,perfomance ,and price.

shadylanem says:

but our petrol cost more than twice lesser….account that and its actually
not very sad at all

AFL489 says:

The Sonic isn’t too bad. While the Rio5 is very classy looking and
Audi-like, the Sonic hatch does have a bit of a hot-rod look to it.
However, the Sonic only gets 25mpg in the city while the Rio can get 30 (31
with the Eco package). I’m currently planning on getting a white Rio5

JustAnotherPerson says:

…..although Ford has improved significantly, reliability also lags behind

MrBuzzialdrin says:

The SX wheels r the best.

StarshipNormandy7421 says:

@palebeachbum not a versa fan you weren’t persuasive enough i usually get 2
dealers in a bidding war the winner is the one who comes down first the
internet is a powerful tool in the car buying world

talldude123 says:

R.I.P. Bajabusta 🙁

MrVnick1 says:

A good starter car.

techdude6693 says:

18K isn’t expensive.. The Yaris, Fit, Fiesta, Sonic, etc. are about the
same or more than that. And seriously? GTI? why are you even comparing the
two? Shows you don’t know anything about cars

AllThingsAviation says:

this dude john davis looks the same and sounds the same since like 1989

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