Road Test: 2012 Hyundai Accent



taykh says:

Just bought one of these yesterday. It’s a good car 

Alex Cal says:

2012 Hyundai Accent GLS Sedan (Manual) 0-60 mph 7.9 Quarter Mile 16.0
2012 Hyundai Accent SE Hatchback (Auto) 0-60 mph 8.2 Quarter Mile 16.3

M Campton says:

Which car has less road noise…the 2013 Accent or the 2012 Civic??

chutter14 says:

i have a 2013 gls it makes 20-21 mpg in the city if i go really easy on it
. average it is doing 16 mpg in the city .

scorpioeddie84 says:

My mother just bought one and it’s been a fantastic car so far. Lots of
features for the money and it really drives well for a small car. Very
attractive too!

WhiteIceMan3 says:

@Logicsupremacy Nissan Versa had 3 star government safety rating on one of
the tests if i recall. i’m not a hyundai fan though.

picklebarf says:

I test drove this car. It is a nice car for the price. The steering feels
not as responsive as you would expect it to be. It feels very under
powered. compared to Honda Fit and 2012 Toyota Yaris the accent is a boring

KymaticaHealth says:

2012 Rio same car with better build quality thanks to VW engineering. I
love this car!

kalargyi says:

this or versa or fit or fiesta or yaris ?

machinekiller85 says:

As an owner of a 2013 accent GLS with premium package I find the car has
very nice power considering it’s only a 1.6. It has great interior room,
nice amenities that make my long commute enjoyable like the xm radio, ipod
integration, and bluetooth hands free. A very underrated car in my opinion.
Oh and great gas milage too!!

undeadkillers says:

@SeadGBosnia Styling will repeat itself. Just wait till you see straight
angles and less curves.

Steve Miller says:


nismofury says:

0-60 in 10.3 sec. I know it’s an eco box but that’s not even fast enough to
get out of it’s own way. That needs to improve to 8 sec. Anything that
takes more than that is a bore to drive. Yes it’s an eco box but that it
just sad.

89leviathan says:

affordable and good mpg thats really awesome. decent little car for that

pontiacGXPfan says:

I have one and i’ve become less enamored of it since finding out
Hyundai/Kia inflated their MPG ratings. Fuel economy is very highly

iknowadirtyword4ever says:

is this the sleek silver color sold in India?

gene978 says:

ROAD NOISE on the NEW ELANTRA? I drove the new 2012 Sonata and Elantra back
to back and both were very quiet in the cabin. Didnt test drive the Accent
yet, but plan too.

MrDevonkime says:

Lmao, I drove a 2000 chev metro with 55hp, 0-60 in like 15 seconds. Never
once had a problem merging onto the highway or driving period. A little bit
slow up any kind of hill though 😉

Jorge Rivera says:

mine came with a spare tire plus its tools

poncho441 says:

love this car

s0nnyburnett says:

Fun to drive? I don’t think so Tim.

1maxroman says:

I do wander why would people ever buy sedan over hatchback (if not all
cars, but this particular model). Hatchback is so much better looking and
so much more practical. Though, on roads, I keep seeing sedans. Moreover, I
was thinking how I had’n seen hatchbacks till I finally saw it today on the
road. Hyundai accent hatchback is my first dream car 🙂 keep up good work

alexander cruz says:

veloster has turbo engine…

ladyyuna2000 says:

it more like 28 city / 37 hwy

Jorge Salgado says:

In Nicaragua there are only motors 1.4 with manual transmission and. It
cost 17000 $

SovaEule says:

It’s a candidate vehicle to buy coming in summer!!

ennas . says:

حلوه الاكسنت . السيارات الكوريه تقدمت على السيارات المنافسه لها

Ian Matney says:

As a Accent owner, it looks really nice.

nismofury says:

Wait they said it’s fun to drive…hmmm

King Jack says:

This new Accent actually looks a lot better than I personally expected.
What a pleasant surprse.

ladyyuna2000 says:

i like this hyundai accent gls i cant wait to get one

Juan Cortés says:

It wouldn’t get better handling with bigger wheel size? I think that those
tires seem a little bit tiny, the base version gets even smaller wheels.
The body its too tall for those wheels and I don’t think this car’s
handling is the best

lrossi888 says:

Lol. Hotel wallpaper.

HauptmannAmerica says:

Make sure your life insurance premium is paid if you’re gonna try to pass
someone. Who wants to live forever, right?

whoohaaXL says:

a SOLID redline at 7500? pretty sick.

rhythm78 says:

The car costs 15 grand… And if you’re merging on the highway, you’re
probably already going at least 30mph, so the jump to 60 wouldn’t take 10.3
seconds. Maybe 4 seconds. Still don’t like it? Buy a better car.

akvalues says:

I live in Alaska and Accent’s are well made cars. How many have you seen
look like crap but still run?? its what toyota used to be before they got
over priced!

CrayolaBoi83 says:

My 2013 does not have 4 wheel disc. It does however get great mpg average
36mpg. Got 45 highway during road trips.

Nathan Kendall says:

Looks cool. I do have a question someone may answer. I read somewhere that
you can’t get a trunk release button on the key fob. Can you?

the13joker says:

its has the same engine and transmision as the Hyundai Veloster. the car
its good , but the 5 door hatch its better , it weights less and looks

TJC450 says:

@MrOdogowen Same.

mes59 says:

@SeadGBosnia Um…the Honda Accord Crossturd, I mean tour.

Chris Anderson says:

Good job Hyundai! Found the link from the people below. Hubcaps don’t stay
on well though. If I could fit, awesome first car when I’m of age!

steevum says:

I don’t understand how this pricing is possible. When I purchased my ’98
Civic CX brand new it came with an AM/FM radio and that’s it. It was
$15,000. Now 14 years later I can get a safer car with more power and
content which was shipped halfway around the world to North America for the
same price.

King Jack says:

I’d consider Nissan Versa as well though

Trajiq187 says:


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