Road Test: 2011 Kia Sportage SX



FanaticGuide's Video Game LP's and more... says:

The next Sportage SX will come out in the second quarter of 2015

mgee63 says:

KIA will never lear how to lessen road noise…KIA loves style but lacks

duncan36 says:

A Rav 4 V6 murders this vehicles acceleration numbers. There is something
fishy about the horsepower numbers Hyundai/Kia gets out of their turbo
motors. They dont get the type of numbers they should 0-60 given the
supposed amount of power they generate.

Dimiter Dakov says:

All other reviews of the SX reported 0-60 times at around 6.5 seconds…
what are you on about with the 8.3?

palebeachbum says:

They put so much effort into the overall design of this car. So for the
life of me I wonder why they made the interior so monochromatically BLAND.
Also, what do the Asian makers have against beige interiors? Black or Gray
interior is awfully limited.

Johnny Mah says:

KIA = Keep It Away

aarikc17 says:

@rsxzx6r what the hell is an “up pull”

mlps93 says:

when you brake your body leans forward, when you accelerate your body goes
back into the seat

sawink says:

Isn’t this 0-60 in 6.5. Wow 8.3? Bug difference. Front wheel drive.
Shouldnt this be tested in all wheel drive?

pinoyeh says:

Hi John, can you make a head-to-head video comparison between the 2012
Sportage EX FWD vs. Hyundai Tucson GL 2WD. Since the 2 cars are direct
cousin, I wanted to know which of the 2 have the edge in terms of

SBPTeam says:

Where’s the offroad test? 😮

jvrdlc says:

Good review, the new 2012 Honda Crv concept looks like this one. I wished
they had an optional awd

ghoster69 says:

His voice is sooo annoying. He talks like he’s soo dramatic. And the back
ground music sounds really cheap and out dated-not to mention the visual

jabber jaw says:

Yes. This number is out to lunch.

aarikc17 says:

@rsxzx6r My original comment was about the shifter on the gear selector.

bubbauknow says:

How much does this car weigh?

PersianPimp31 says:

i love Kia Sportage

Kyle Adams says:

John Davis does great reviews and has for decades. I hope he keeps doing
them for decades more.

TheManInDboX says:

I really like both this and the Optima as well as the Hyundai GDI turbo
sonata.. But i hate, and i mean HATE.. no stick options.. Are you major car
manufacturers listening!? I WANT A MANUAL TRANSMISSION… Thanks BMW for
continuing to have a manual Option!

jabber jaw says:

Easily the best looking in the segment. Undercuts the luxury brands in
price and as far as harshness and road noise is concerned an upgrade in
tires will easily lessen both. Schreyer builds a winner.

Corbin Goodwin says:

@aarikc17 Once you do it this way the other way reveals itself as ass

King Jack says:

I like John Davis.

colenbrak says:

@crimsoninred i didn’t

Jacob Foreman says:

@duncan36 Its probably the gearing.

Butchcub75 says:

I love reading some of the comments. Some of you people are just stupid and
ignorant. Try to do more reading.

Josh G says:

That is one beautiful vehicle..

rsxzx6r says:

@aarikc17 pull up on left paddle shifter

colenbrak says:

lol, he is pronouncing it like an american and it makes me mad!!!111!!

rsxzx6r says:

@aarikc17 thats terrible…”push” is not natural feeling..keep it like a
video game…left pull downshitft…up pull up shift….like the GTR

WoZIMoo says:

BMW had that long before Mazda.

Christopher Hernandez says:

When you get korean car they are so cheap they just break down to easily.

aarikc17 says:

no one can get the manual mode shifting right except I think Mazda. Pull =
Upshift Push = Downshift

MrVnick1 says:


TerryFilming says:

Kias have not been depreciating recently… Like the Optima, it’s value
depreciated at avery low rate, I don’t remember the exact percentage, but
it was the same percentage of depreciating that elite cards go through.

MadavTV says:

My care has only 250hp and get 0-60 in 5.5 sec awd, what a failure of car.

metrogtiguy says:

I wouldn’t buy another Kia. My 2012 Sportage SX suffered engine failure
after pulling my 1,100lb pop-up camper for 5 miles. Blew the spark plugs
apart, and put a hole in cylinder 3. This was the 3rd time it had engine
problems in the 6,500 miles I had it. Kia doesn’t want to warranty it,
claiming it was over-loaded. It’s rated to tow 2,000lbs. Kia will do
anything to cop out of warranty work, so I had to get an attorney to file
lemon law against them.

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