Review of 1/18 Toyota FJ Cruiser by Autoart

Review of 1/18 Toyota FJ Cruiser by Autoart

Special thanks to a subscriber of mine, Bala Ji for letting me know about this incredible deal. I have pasted the link to the seller on ebay. Link: http://ww…



Jonathan Valente says:

I own the real vehicle. 2007 FJ fully loaded, roof rack, rock rails, guge
cluster, etc. Id love to pick one of these models up! Looks awesome. Thanks
for the review

Hippo Pucher says:

the best model car ever 

Bryant Fuller says:

Just got one of these from that same link, just saw the video today

diecast model reviews says:

shipping is wat to expensive. the price looks attractive then you look at
the shipping and you thingk “way im not getting that now”!

Thenewyorkerpilot says:

Hey jmc pls respond its urgent, a local dealer is selling a 2011 Greenlight
Shelby GT500, 2013 Shelby Collectibles Ford Mustang BOSS302 and this FJ.
He’s asking from 87-90$ on one of them, so which one should I get and does
this price suits it?

DiecastFreak 3124 says:

I just bought the same car and I absolutely love it. Had I not seen this
video o would never have known about this amazing deal. Thank you!

February says:

I rummaged around on ebay with keyword “autoart” and found a 2004 Mustang
for 35 bucks. So I got that instead of the FJ. Great reviews, keep up the
good work!

JMCporsche says:

I had the same question so I did some research. It turns out that Toyota
used to give these models out to new owners of real (scale 1:1) FJs. They
had a special contract with Autoart to make them specifically for that
purpose. From what I saw, this Toyota promotion is no longer active, so
dealerships have a bunch of models remaining. I assume that they were all
sold at dirt cheap prices in bulk to get rid of them.

JMCporsche says:

Thanks for the comment! Also a great deal, nice find on the mustang.

BJPLambo100 says:

Thank you very much!! I found it right there!:)

Thenewyorkerpilot says:

I was about to get. But I wanted to see your review first. Because you’re
like saabkyle04 but on diecast cars lol. It’s 70$ when they ship it to
Kuwait, is it still a good deal?

JMCporsche says:

Try searching on ebay for Autoart 1/18 fj cruiser. Change the list to
lowest price first and it should show up

kodavana aakanksh says:

hey do you like indian cars if you there is a car on ebay can you do a
review on it please please here is the link

JMCporsche says:

Very true. This is the best deal I’ve seen on any autoart.

JMCporsche says:

It is still a good deal because this is normally sold for over $120 (USD).
I would still highly recommend it for you.

herpdadurrp says:

unbelievable deal, keep up the great reviews! (:

Lego Builders says:

Wow! That’s a fantastic deal.

JMCporsche says:

Indeed, that sounds like the one. I am too very pleased with my purchase.

Nikhil Bhandary says:

I mean seller’s

AUDIRS41997 says:

Great review!! Awesome model car, I’m a big fan of Toyota, Lexus, Scions. 🙂

JMCporsche says:

Thanks. And same about the toyotas

kodavana aakanksh says:

thank you

Rizza Razzu says:


Mullay2 says:

I probably bought my FJ from the same dealer. It is the same silver one
being reviewed in the video, and cost 24 bucks plus about 14 dollars
shipping. I am very pleased with it, and still can’t believe I was able to
obtain an AutoArt for under a C-note.

Park Brian says:

Shipping here to Canada costs $30 is it still worth it?

JMCporsche says:

While the shipping is outrageous, it would still be an Autoart for around
$60. If you like the FJ Cruiser, I would go for it, because even with crazy
shipping it is still half the usual price.

Park Brian says:

How much was the shipping price for you?

JMCporsche says:

It’s still not a bad deal considering the car originally costs around 130

Dominic Apolona says:

Whoa Cheap price!

Nikhil Bhandary says:

The seller,s name is scarecrow30

BJPLambo100 says:

Great deal!!!

jonrenegui says:

Nice model car

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