Review: 2014 Toyota Rav 4



Tardisius says:

How safe is it? Or is Toyota still lying about safety??

Autofocusca Canada says:
Maad Dan says:

Such a bland economy looking car. I’d never buy it.

Old Mill says:

You guys are really good at your reviews. This Toyota is still bland on the
outside and is already looking dated to me. I do love the dash and hope its
styling carries over to the Tacoma.

MrKikoboy says:

I looked and test drove the 2012 before I ended up buying a Hyundai Tucson
over this – less space than the Rav but the engine and powertrain are quite
a bit smoother and I think higher driver’s seating position gave a better
view…both both can get quite pricey optioned up to the max…AWD was more
of a necessity so ended up with Hyundai same or more options for a better
price ( also longer warranty ) YMMV….I know some people love the Rav’s
but the one I tried just fely cheap on the interior ( which is where I
spend the time in my car…)

Ivan Vojt says:

You probably won’t like the drivers seating position in non-power seat
models. The 2nd row has plenty of space. The screen is a glare magnet.
Looks very “plasticky” on the exterior. Engine is loud if you get on the
throttle. Recycled engine.

FoodyTunes says:

By far the cheapest looking vehicle in the segment, regardless of trim
level. And is just not nice to look at 

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