Review: 2014 Hyundai Genesis 2.0T Coupe

Review: 2014 Hyundai Genesis 2.0T Coupe

I review the 2014 Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Huge thanks to Mike (@pgh_stark13 on Instagram) for letting me review his car! What do you think about the Genesis C…



Xenios9 says:

relax..your driving a car with 270 hp car…you talking like you driving a
hellcat jeez

MRACPD Alpha says:

You should do some 0-60, 0-80, 0-100 runs on your mustang, would love to
watch that, no one has done it yet!

Ruben Torrens says:

Do a Infiniti G37S coupe Review ! :D

647killa says:

First gen wasn’t a bad looking car, but this second gen IMHO is very ugly.
The back looks much cleaner but the front has to go. I’d still buy the
first gen just for the looks alone. At the end of the day, as long as the
owner enjoys the car, none of these comments matter. I would prefer a
proper 6 speed manual (I would in any car actually), but I suppose its not
for everyone (insert “sucks in traffic” and “wife/GF can’t drive stick”
arguments here). Great review nonetheless and I do love the color, along
with the interior being better than the first gen GC !!

Imad S says:

I had a 2013 3.8 A/T and got rid of it after 10 months, stay away people.

harpella says:

Mike FAILED! No true car guy gets this kind of car with a fricken automatic!
He must have meant Michelle, not Mike.

Haris Qureshi says:

I need one.

cAyou says:

testing a not stock car is not very relevant.

Paul Whited says:

The best part of these reviews is always when he says “So let’s turn on to
this little back road here….” lol

Tj Hunt says:

People can hate on this car all they want but, I think this car looks and
sounds amazing. 

maximus9401 says:

This is a decent car, but it’s not the best representation of what this car
can be.

This is an automatic, base trim (without the sports package) 2.0T.

If this was a manual R-spec or Track trim (includes sports package), with
the V6 engine, it would be even better.

The reason it feels so good is probably because it has a stage 1 flash with
maybe some suspension upgrades

sengthor84 says:

You can tell the owner of the genesis is a fucking ricer. Green painted
calipers? Come on lol

Will S says:

To be honest, this car sucks. So glad i got rid of my 5.0L genesis. Driven
all of them by the way. This car is so outdated for a 2014 and gas mileage
is terrible for a turbo 2.0L. I had 2004 BMW ZHP and it was faster than
this car with the same gas mileage and looked good for its age. Engine is
not putting out enough power for such a large engine on a 5.0L. Don’t get
me wrong it was fast, but not fast enough compared to its competitors. Then
again, it is an affordable car so you get what you paid for. 

Eddie says:

Tail Happy?
Front wheel drive with probably summer tires in snow
Were is the sitck??

HingleMcCringleBerry says:

“what’s up errybody suberduberexfan huar”

MrGovenator1 says:

I have had my 2011 3.8 R-Spec for a little over a year now. Was very happy
with the car for several months, but after owning it for 7 or 8 months, I
couldn’t wait to get rid of it. I currently still have it, but that will be
changing soon. I think these cars are quite good looking, and with some
noise modifications, they do sound very good. The biggest issue I have with
the car is the steering and transmission. My steering for some reason is
all sorts of messed up. A lady rear ended me several months ago, and that
might have done it (collision center refused to do any sort of repairs that
involved front suspension). And I have talked to one other person who has
the same issues with steering I do, but was never in a collision. And I am
sure every one who drives one with the manual will tell you its complete
junk. Doesn’t bother me that much, the steering is what really bothers me.
All so, the leather in these cars scratches very very easily.

Einstein Tesla says:

whats that swosh sounds??? 

imtrill07 says:

whats up everybody suvuruduverex fan here with another car review..

darkpill says:

Definitely looks like a Hyundai.

z33ny says:

Matt, You Shouldve drove my 14 Rspec spd. Better suspension, Torsen LSD,
Better seats etc. The LSD almost gives it a an AWD feel (power being
redistributed when you should be sliding) when you get to that point when
the Base model would start sliding, Oh and brembos. 

INumba1Stunna says:

Great review, will probably own this one day. Love the design. ;)

Xmvw2X says:


Genesis or 350Z/370Z?

John Vu says:

I think he likes this car….imagine your reaction in the 3.8!

Wasiu Adeyeye says:

I’m not 100% sure but i heard that they discontinued the 2.0T for 2014 and
i just checked truecar just to confirm and all i saw was the 3.8L V6 for
automatic and Manuel someone please explain….

McSnikel Fritz says:

Maybe you think its twitchy because you’re driving on wet/icy roads?

Bradford Chow says:

Hyundai = Poor man’s Honda ergo generic brand automaker i.e No Name!

Kenny M says:

Why’s it sound like it has a Toyota chime when you start it? Hyundai can’t
just make their own? Hate Hyundais for these types of things lmao. People
like original. I know it’s not a big thing but cmon

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