Review: 2007 Toyota Prius

Review: 2007 Toyota Prius

Go to MYRIDE.COM for more car videos. The iconic Toyota Prius receives a new trim level for 2007. Known as the Touring Edition, this model receives some prem…



FanaticGuide's Video Game LP's and more... says:

This can be useful for people who are looking for these types of used cars.

SonnyPoYo says:

looking on craigslist for this exact car but cant find it with the stick
shift (manual) do they make it or do people not like them anymore?

Eskimo Mania says:

Repairs is a major hassle today in cars. It’s causing too many
complications in this type of system. Should the car be made more

youmils03 says:

That Steve Hammis guy does all of the reviews. He’s got an akward voice.
And it doesn’t get 60mpg. It gets 48 city 45 highway. God damn it, I HATE
how people exaggerate their MPG numbers. They just do it on purpose. Or
they must be driving slightly down hill.

adams1696 says:

sorry bud.. a new prius is acutally half a second faster to 60 than your
buick… and it gets 10 times more mpg.

broloda says:

The Prius needs a better sound system and a sunroof.

freedomwarrior43 says:

Idiot reviewer.

coolerdude44 says:

224,000 kms is only 140,000 miles. you have gone 40,000 miles over without
replacing it, good for you. eventually it will need replacing. i also have
a toyota with 140,000 miles on it (98 camry), but i have been in prius’s
and they don’t feel like they are made with the same level of quality.
anyway, i’m 6’5” and can barely fit in the front seat of the prius. i
wouldn’t buy a hybrid if i was in the market for a green car, right now i’m
looking to buy a bmw x3. good luck with your hybrid

margix says:

shit looking

Robert Lemieux says:

Carbon Footprint Annual Tons of CO2 2010 Prius-3.7 2004 Prius-4.0 2010
Insight-4.5 2009 Smart-5.1 2009 Fit-6.1 2009 Jetta Tdi-6.4 2009 Land

TeamYankee2 says:

I changed from a stinky diesel to a Prius and I’m saving 50% of fuel costs
each month as I drive short journeys.

Rabi Ahmad says:

is it ok to set up HID bulbs both, in headlights and in fog lamps, in the
Prius hybrid? I hope it doesnt effect the batteries,does it?

DarthMai says:

Environment Activist..a.k.a. environmental nutjobs.

Robert Lemieux says:

EPA, fueleconomy(dot)gov New MPG (tests are more realistic)
City/Hwy/Combined Prius 2010 – 51/48/50 Prius 2004 – 48/45/46 Insight 2010
– 40/43/41 Smart 2009- 33/41/36 Jetta Tdi 2009 – 29/40/33 Fit 2009-
27/33/30 Land Cruiser- 13/18/15 When you own one of these cars, except the
last one, you no longer care how much gas is.

Malcolm Shaw says:

Me too, I even made a video showing this.

bigeverett135 says:

my dad just got a prius and we have a 6 week wait… cant wait till we get
it though

shane caufield says:

My Nissan Armada doesnt even get 20 MPG. Fuck you and your shitty economic

kirbyswarp says:

@425i Plus you’re just one of those stupid Prius drivers that go 55 on the
freeway. I bought an 2001 Oldsmobile aurora 4.0 for 4 thousand dollars, and
all of the money you spend on the hybrid system, i use on gas. So I really
end up spending less monry, and geting a pretty fast car and luxury. while
you don’t. btw: you probobly dont know what an oldsmobile is because you
only know two types of cars: Prius and gas guzzlers.

Chris Boulden says:

its actually a midsize, and its got a lot of features. i got the same car
for 26,000, though

tipoomaster says:

ugly, but i think its one of the most efficient hybrids out there so that
counters its ugliness. also, there are leaked pics of the new prius, it has
solar panels on top!

ooooeeeeooooeeee says:

You spelled neutered wrong, genius.

Robert Lemieux says:

Fueleconomy(dot)gov Energy Impact over 15,000 miles Barrels of petroleum
2010 Prius-6.9 2004 Prius-7.4 2010 Insight-8.3 2009 Smart-9.5 2009 Fit-11.4
2009 Jetta-11.9 2009 Land Cruiser-22.8

coolerdude44 says:

amazing, but i dont care how it was engineered, it’s still really really
cheap inside and really underpowered by anybody’s standards. its ludicrous
because unless the prius is going 45-55 mph, any other car can do better
with mpg. and somewhere around 10 years or 150,000 miles, the battery pack
needs replacing, and this does cost several thousand dollars. i believe in
keeping cars for about 15 years and to about 250,000 miles, so the prius

hawkermustang says:

Sorry genius, u probably drive a Prius, I know nerds love them. If you win
enough spelling b’s maybe you could win another


There is evidence, the Prius has the same CARBON FOOTPRINT as a Toyota
Landcruiser V8, when everything is taken into account. Sourcing,
Manufacturing, Running & Disposal. What do you expect from a company that
uses a flaccid phallus as its emblem.

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