Review: 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser

Review: 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser

Go to MYRIDE.COM for more car videos. The FJ Cruiser is the coolest, most unapologetic vehicle ever built by Toyota, a bold SUV not for everyone but it could…



supermerc911 says:

@homeslicery92 hay fuck nutts i bet canada is better than any shit hole
that you inbreed fucken dritbag comes from

LineRiderPro333 says:

i doubt it

WorldOfIvillis says:

I literally don’t like japanese cars but this is too awesome. I love the
design… I would consider this for my first car. Heo yeah! Lowlolol

CourtyardPigeon says:

I test road one and couldn’t get over the blind spots….really heard to
see out of if you’re tall

abl78 says:

we just got one..same color and loving it !

EatmyDust1311 says:

wrangler. shorter wheelbase, more clearance and cheaper

panchovilla84 says:

FJ originally stood for ‘foreign jeep’ with the original fj25 built just
after WWII, called a jeep because it was built for the US occupation forces
thats also why the original looks so much like a jeep.

Noah Philson says:

@TCB1468 this is better the fj can go up to its wheels in water stock and
its also a very well built car its a toyota too meaning that it will likely
run for a long time and toyota was originally the rivals of land rover
meaning their cars are some of the best offroaders

hendragster says:

FJ rules!

Bee LeRoux says:

@nizmo128 me too the back seats arent bad, i would know i got FUCKED there

Corey Jordan says:

@ripstikman96 Hogwash… I can take a bone stock Wrangler places you would
have to airlift the FJ Snoozer into… It’s a nice truck for daily road
use, but you would have to spend vast amounts of money on aftermarket
hardware to even approach a basic Wrangler JK in off road capability… We
don’t allow stock FJs or Xterras to go on our Jeep Noobie trail runs,
because we spend too much valuable time winching them off of obstacles, or
towing them in when they break.

iggibars says:

@rivengle, I like the FJ, but for someone to say the FJ looks good, and the
Hummer looks ugly, is like the pot calling the kettle ugly. Both look good
for what they are.

Corey Jordan says:

@ripstikman96 LOLOLOL Wranglers are not about speed… And yes, I’ve driven
several Snoozers, and winched out many more. The FJ is a nice SUV, but
without investing a lot of money, that’s all it is.

LineRiderPro333 says:

shhhh Government Motors can hear you!

charaderaptor says:

dont forget china 🙂

homeslicery92 says:

@riverdave7 canada sucks

Jeremy Rhodes says:


mauricio giron says:

the fj cruiser is the boldest suv out of hummer and jeep..great car and its
a toyota! i love my fj cruiser.

Mark Hudson says:

Just bought mine yesterday… Fun as hell !!!

giancarlo favretto says:

yes man I now! but tha land cuiser is based on the land rover and the
willis! but you see tha fj cruiser like a hummer

Corey Jordan says:

@Matlow63 Lets see, in October of 2010, Toyota sold 1,240 Snoozers. That
same month, 8317 Wranglers were purchased. Meanwhile, a redesigned Wrangler
will be released in 2012, with the 290 hp Pentastar engine and a six speed
automatic. Also, Jeep expects to introduce a scaled down Wrangler-like off
road vehicle before 2015 to join the Wrangler on dealer showrooms.
Seriously guys, if you want to go where the Jeeps go, you’ll need a Jeep or
very deep pockets.

chevysucksfordrules says:

does FJ stand for Fighting Japanese cruiser?

Adrian J says:


Corey Jordan says:

The street oriented Wrangler Sahara is better off road than the FJ (Fake
Jeep) or the Xterra. The Sport S is better than the Sahara, and the Rubicon
is the ultimate off road Wrangler; the best off road vehicle you can buy in
an American showroom. I’d take a Hummer H3 over the FJ Cruiser.

okaydude090 says:

(2:10) Did he say that it weighes 2 TONS?!?

YouTubeYouTube says:

at least FJ dont copy hummer

zimman56 says:

I don’t really know what to call my dad’s FJ, but I love it just as much as
he does. He bought his to replace his old 80’s 4-Runner, and he’s told me
he likes the FJ wayyy more. My advice though, do like my dad did, get the
stick version, more control when offroading, especially downhill.

ripstikman96 says:

@CoreyCJordan f.u the fj is not a fake jeep, i have tried it against a
wrangler, and its better, and in a highway it is a lot faster than the
wrangler, stop saying stupid things if you have never drive an fj

Mike says:

I hate toyota, this is just a cheap knock-off of the Wrangler. No car
company can even come close to a wrangler. Jeep FTW!

zimman56 says:

I think the FJ is even better than the Wrangler, hands down

smileynirvana2 says:

sure if you look up how many axles are powered by the drive train on a
trophy truck. the ifs on those bad boys are aftermarket and there is no
turning drive train components within to break in the front. the ifs is
there for a smother ride at high speeds. go 4x4ing at high speeds lol

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