Review: 2006 Hyundai Sonata

Review: 2006 Hyundai Sonata

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Darkdash90 says:

whats better? Toyota Camry 2006 Honda Accord 2006 Hyundai Sonata 2006 plz
tell son

ATARI800XLfan says:

would this be a good car for northern Indiana.

vscales61 says:

I got the Sonata 2006 GLS V6, it has a very smooth ride.

studpuppy69 says:

I think the new Accord could have been styled better, single exhaust?
Halogen head lamps? It went from LED to incandecent brake lights including
the center lamp? I like the older Accord better. I pick Sonata. The Camry,
it doesn’t look bad, but I just don’t care for it.

patrick jackson says:

@Shadow24569 yes get it its a very good car i got the 06 one with over
100,000 miles on it

palebeachbum says:

Well, Camry was rated lower in reliability than Sonata, so I’d have to say
maybe Accord on top, then Sonata, and Camry at bottom. Camry doesn’t look
as good as Sonata either.

patrick jackson says:

id rather buy the car and get a 100 dollar tom tom or something and save
money cause ot have a nav system in a car its alot more monmey then just
100 bucks

John O says:

I guess if it suits your needs. It’s rather cheap and reliable, and it
definitely isn’t a terrible car.

koolbull007 says:

@kaunasprince LoL

Oneeightseven325 says:

For some reason, I’ve always wanted one of these cars.

John Doe says:

I drove a 2006 Sonata through the streets of San Fransisco (Rental).. At
first I was frowning at the thought of driving one but at the end of the
day I wanted to take it home with me. I remember being surprised to find a
four cylinder under the hood too because it certainly did not fell like it.
Very nice car for the money..

thebonefish says:

I was going to get a Altima or Maxima from the same period, 05 to 09… But
I need to seriously reconsider.

Castlestoney says:

The resale on Hyundai went too crap! My 2008 went down to 8300.00 from
16,800.00 new in two yrs with 26,000 mi. “clean”. Over 8 grand for only
26,000 miles? Best of luck to you if it gets totaled like mine did. Lost my
butt. I went back to Honda’s and Toys. They keep thier value. If you look
at book value on these you’ll see they lose over half thier value in just
2.5 yrs. Awful resale value. By the way the 100,000 mi. warrantee you have
to buy,not free! last 50,000 is drivetrain only.

studpuppy69 says:

It’s good. I put an aftermarket head unit, and sub in the trunk.

ClassicPistons says:

i don’t like the wheels

studpuppy69 says:

I bought a $100 dollar TOMTOM. The v6 only takes loses a few miles per
gallons, but its so smooth, power is there when you need it, especially off
the line. I wasn’t impressed with the 4 cylinder, not smoother enough for
my taste.

TheCarArchives says:

the 2004-present Hyundai Sonata is assembled in Asan, Korea Montgomery,
Alabama, United States Chennai, India Beijing, China ─░zmit, Turkey Cairo,
Egypt Thonburi, Thailand Khartoum, Sudan

RedBullVlad says:

i have a 4 cylinder version the chassis is amazing for this kind of car
handles very well and thats all i care about in a car

studpuppy69 says:

I agree. Brake feel is awesome even though I need my rotors turned, car
handles excellent, I have the V6 much smoother than the 4 cylinder, average
25-26 mpg driving 75-80.

UlyssesBreckenridge says:

I have a GLS in a four cylinder, got it used for almost 75% of the price. I
have has 0 problems with any aspect of the car.

Trancemaster2052 says:

I’ve wanted this car for several years now. Such a beautiful car. Is the
sound system good in this car?

scaremengaviation says:

I thought it was an Accord.

ATARI800XLfan says:

Is a2007 Hyundai sonata a good car in the long run? found one with the V6
and sunroof for only 5,900 with 130,000 miles.

palebeachbum says:

The brakes are probably the same as what my Optima has. They do feel really
good. They grab smoothly, evenly, and are very responsive without being
touchy. I’d love to have the smoother sounding V6 Sonata, but it eats A LOT
more gas than the 4cyl. The 4cyl. is enough power for my taste, but prefer
how a V6 sounds.

palebeachbum says:

The V6 is pure excess in this car and I’ve never been one for excess. The
4cyl sounds good for a 4cyl and gets much better mileage. Up to 35mpg for
me. People are lucky to even get 30mpg with the V6. The power is also good
enough for day to day driving. I don’t have a lead foot, so it’d be a waste
of burned fuel to be cruising around in the V6. It’d probably encourage me
to drive much harder too in order to feel all that extra oomph. People need
to take it easy and separate wants from needs.

Bill DeKeizer says:

Bought this car today. Fell in love with it first time I drove it. (It’s a
manual, btw) Price was around $5000 (used). the other owners of the car
must have loved it too and took really good care of it. However, there were
only a few scratches and a bump from a small car accident. I’m really not
that picky so I didn’t care about that too much. The car’s acceleration is
excellent. Gas mileage is excellent. If you are looking for a reasonably
priced car, definitely consider one of these.

palebeachbum says:

Seriously, it seems obnoxious to spend $2,000 on a built-in GPS system
versus buying a really nice aftermarket $500 unit. Sure, it looks nicer
integrated in the car, but is that really worth all that money for
something most people don’t used very often? I say, no.

palebeachbum says:

I opted for a used ’06 Optima instead of Sonata, since they are cheaper in
my area and are basically the same as Sonata. I got the LX 4cyl. with 5-spd
manual. It’s a nice car and has all that I want, except for ABS. Quiet,
smooth, comfy, stellar MPGs (34 at best so far), and a price that makes the
competition look like an obnoxious joke. I like mine so much, I’d seriously
consider the new ’09 body style once I’m done with my ’06.

starlock554 says:

this cars is great, very fast witth the v6

MsSikara says:

I loved this car when i rented it threw enterprise

sedohrj87 says:

looks just like mine XD

vaguy78 says:

The 4-cylinder is entirely adequate for this segment. As far as GPS Nav is
concerned, go buy a $100 Tom-tom and save your money for something else.

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