Review: 2006 Hyundai Accent

Review: 2006 Hyundai Accent

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quuaa1 says:

So they may have changed something in the newer models. Either way, I’m not
calling him a liar because you saw something different, remember my example
of a Focus demolishing a Durango, I’ve heard people say how weak focus’s
are in crashes, doesn’t necessarily mean both are wrong, some cars have
their own individual quirks. Maybe some cars are stronger than others
regardless of being the same make + model.

NoNoSpice says:

This is not the matter of your favor, this is the reality. Why don’t you
ask Hyundai workers not the dealer guy? You will realize what it be. Korean
companies are still the developing companies as same as your tiny end of

dizzy885 says:

@hako2004 i can agree with u to the point yhat hyundai has come along way
in last 10yrs since the hyundai x2 accent/excel was released, but i wouldnt
go as far as saying that teyre a great car. theyre as exiting as a fridge,
they appeal to people who view cars like an appliance,which is why sales
are climbing. if i told u more people are eatind Mc donalds evey year,would
you conclude that it is becuse theyre food is geting tastier/ healthier?
no. many people eat it simply because its afordable

dude198player says:

i like it. it looks pretty good. hate the interior though.

mobsta10th says:

wow, i bet u feel so cool with the way u wrote ur message “sayonara,
sucker, DISMISSED” and geez man, get a life, stop sitting at home reading
books about company car politics. lol! talk about nerdy *snort snort*

Bangelibangladesh says:

No Dice.

mawiebie says:

That’s my car, i love it. It’s perfect!!

buckamoona says:

yeah all i do is play wow and diss hyundai

wtrdogg20 says:

I work for a global company, I know about business, very well. Let me tell
you something, Your Country needs things from many other countries, things
you dont produce, as well as many other countries do it, So I dont know
whats your fucking point. If they cant supply the steel demand by now, that
means they have a very high demand, they are in the business, PEOPLE IS
BUYING THEIR PRODUCTS. You wont have great production if there is no
consumtion. Just Shut The Fuck Up, Mr. Sushi Hyundai Hater.

Mr Eighty says:

@firedragon689 check out the 2011 models you dick monster

subzero92MK says:

it doesn’t seem a bad car but i don’t like the interior

xsf908 says:

James May favorite car Hyundai Accent 3 cylinder diesel

wtrdogg20 says:

Japanese market?, They have the WORLD MARKED, which is better, idiot. Dude,
Japanese people dont even buy Lexus or Infinity when they want a Luxury
wannabes… according with your profile you are Japanese, you should know
that. Read carefully, shitty hater, Hyundai is the 4th major car makers in
the world, with sales going up, not like Toyotrash with serious recalls,
sales loses and crappy quality. it hurts, eh? LMAO!!

ReliveTheDream says:

If you are poor, a car for transportation is… well …. a car for
transportation. Well this particular product achieves its purpose, those
who want something more will be dissapointed.

wtrdogg20 says:

Just buy the H&R or B&G lowering springs for Accent 2006+ and you will see
how the handling and riding performance inproves. Dont forget to install
wheels not bigger than 16”, this car doesnt like something bigger. I love
my Accent 2007, It was the best option I could take after visiting dealers,
test driver cars and making some math about what I was getting for the
price, Accent was the winner. Lancer was not bad, but wasnt the best,
either, and Yaris was so stupidly Ovepriced for what it is.

wtrdogg20 says:

Sorry, dude, but what you said is a comment with no fundation. I did have a
fucking bad car accident, I got a broken rib and some other injuries, drunk
driver hit me like a crash test, and MY ACCENT 2007 SAVED ME FROM SOMETHING
WORST!!…the other car was a Lancer, it got totalled, my car was fixed by
insurance and is parked at my garage, working fine…So, next time you say
something, say it with base. BTW, there is no safe car over the 110 km/h,
not even BMW or your beloved Toyota.

dhrk2k7 says:

the sad thing is , parts are not available.

Jack Kennedy says:

i agree…cant Fu$# with hyundai…..most bang for youre buck….quality
rating of a porsche!

JuventusAAR says:

يا لبى الاكسنت

palebeachbum says:

I don’t see many Accents around where I live. I like them though, so when I
rarely see one it always catches my attention. On my commute to school I
occasionally see the same lady pass by me in her lime green Accent hatch
and I always twist around in my seat to get a good look at it.

quuaa1 says:

That’s spelling, not grammar, stupid. Okay that sounds convincing enough,
although one last thing – it sounds like you’re in a lot of accidents,
maybe you should consider driving school. I’ve had close calls (cruising
along the highway 140km/h come around a corner and slam on the brakes to
avoid rear ending a cabbie doing 10km/h down highway, road not shoulder).
But I’ve only been in one accident personally. You’re talking about the
newer accent, the guy I talked to retired years ago.

Ryashon says:

just got a 2009 hatchback model yesterday .. it handles great and the price
was awesome! .. i only paid 11700 for the car and it came with the first
package upgrade “air conditioning, floor mats, mud guards, tilt wheel” ..
and it really doesnt look to bad in black. i am very happy with my purchase
and you cant beat the 100000 mile coverage

citizenXSA7 says:

We call it hyundai verna here

fastfingazz says:

buckamoona u suck u fucker!!!!! i have this fxxxx car n its awesome! u
sucker! u aint got nothin on me!u redneck, go drive away ure piece of shyt
ford truck!

Brooklynizmine says:

this is easily the worst car i ever driven! i cant wait till my car is out
the shop so i can get rid of this pos rental . & the mpg sucks there is no
way in hell i should be filling this thing up every 3-4 days so far i
already spent $40 filled it up on sunday had to refill it again yesterday
and the way things are going im going to have to fill it again on sunday .

soboboo says:

Perhaps a difference in the way the American dealerships work (I’m assuming
you’re American), because just last month I visited the dealer (here in
Ontario, Canada) and the parts department verfied (face to face, not over
the phone) that they did NOT have any mods for the 2006. I was really
disappointed because they have mods for the ’07, and I don’t think there’s
that much of a difference, but they seem to think so. 🙁

wtrdogg20 says:

say Korean cars has Japanese components, you really speak shit out of your
mouth!! hahahahah! Read more, fucking ignorant, Korean make THEIR OWN
special gear boxes come from Europe!! FYI, it was Mitsubishi who asked
Hyundai for help making the engine block for Evo X. Reard more and do your
homework before saying some shit. Sayonara, sucker!, DISMISSED!

ZiggyMosquito says:

I just test drove one. Horrible. Bottom line. I know you have to factor in
the price, but I would rather take the bus until I can afford a real car
like the Corolla or civic or even the mazda 3.

soboboo says:

I own this piece of shit car. Here’s why it’s a piece of shit. You can’t
customize this car at all! Not even the dealer sells any accessories for
this car. You can customize the 2007, but not the 2006. It’s nothing more
than your everyday run in the mill cookie cutter econo-box. Don’t get me
wrong, my car still runs great but had I known I couldn’t customize it just
a bit…I wouldn’t have bought it.

wtrdogg20 says:

WOW! A GRAMMAR TEACHER!!..hey dude, “somebody that told you something…”
nice, you did not see it, cant talk, I did was in the accident, nobody told
me about it. You are one of those guys that hates Hyundai because some body
told you to do it. Is that car good?, I did hit a 2007 Yaris in the rear
bumper, I destroyed the bumper and the trunk door, my Accent just got a
scratch, Need more?, Corolla 2005 hit me in rear bumper, my car: no damage,
Corolla: needed a Bumper and headlamp repair.

عامر ادريس says:

I have a problem in the Hyundai Accent 2007 at eps quick fix reason that
piece motor parts are very expensive about 1100 this motor is located at
the bottom of the steering wheel



meanubeanu says:

Is it me, or do I see this car on the road a lot

adrianbrien automotive says:

great car, great price!

NoNoSpice says:

That’s not our decision. Koreans loudly announced us to take over Japanese
Market 8 years ago. Then just a few months ago, Koreans declared giving up
Japanese market for their poorest sales(only less than 1000 a year) in a
very small voice. There is no meaning to make cars in Japan for Koreans.
Korean labor is cheaper than that of Japanese and Korea is only a half day
distance from Japan by a ferryboat. For us, Korean car is nothing but cheap
inferior copy of Japanese cars. Nobody buys it.

wtrdogg20 says:

Is it your fault when somebody hits you in the rear bumper while you are in
a traffic light?. Yaris case was a stupid lady that changed lanes without
turn light and stopped suddenly, and about the big crach I had, I told you
already, it was a drunk driver that hit me in my lane, frontal crash. I
declared not guilty of all accidents FYI, ENGLISH TEACHER, or better said,
FREAKING IDIOT! Show more respect if you want some, too.

benchod94 says:

@GPaulDiddy Hey man I am a huge fan of japenese cars but I must say that
their reliablity is nowhere near what it used to be.Japense cars went
downhill after y2k. The accent is a much better value than a civic.

Bangelibangladesh says:

while i don’t doubt the quality of honda and especially Toyota, i have to
disagree with the car just “falling apart” i have a family member with one
that was used, i will have a look at the odometer next time i get a chance
to, it’s nearly 6 years old now and still going strong, best way to make a
Hoonday last is to service it every 6 months, halve the service time when
it comes to budget cars.

Clai R says:

this accent has a good a/c

palebeachbum says:

That’s insane. You could buy both a new Accent AND a used Civic for $5k for
the price of a new Civic. Beside, why would you want to drive a dustbuster?

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