Regular Car Reviews: 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo

Regular Car Reviews: 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo

The Veloster is to Hyundai in 2013 what the CB750 was to Honda in 1969. The Hyundai Veloster is the gem of the company’s new Premium Youth Lab sub-brand, fil…



Matt b says:

i remember back when i was 4 or 5 i thought hyundai was a direct rip off of

That Dodge Guy says:

Try to review the Plymouth Prowler. 

DubRighteous says:

This things cost more than a Focus ST, a WRX and almost the same as a V8

Who in their right mind buys this?

splewy says:

Lol, “Marty and Moog”. Someone watches Mighty Car Mods.

Ryan Richards says:

Veloster is revolting. Who in their right mind would buy one, oh wait,
Pontiac Aztek owners. They think it’s “unique”

Kugel says:

im conflicted, i had my sights set on this car, but is it really that bad?
on the other hand its hard to take this review seriously, especially with
criticisms that were clearly meant for poking fun. Good for a chuckle, but
not informative.

justsumguy2u says:

The problem I have with Hyundai nowadays is that they went upscale with
their pricing strategy….they really don’t make cheap, entry level cars
anymore. Case in point; the 2014 Accent starts at $14,600….for that kind
of money, there are better alternatives.

RevengeofGothzilla says:

>”classic sports car configuration”

GeorgeMaj15 says:

I enjoyed the MCM shout out at 4:10~
I love their show, and now, while working on cars, speak only in Australian
accents and convert everything to KW…
and everything is for ‘under fifty bucks’

Shaun R says:

Just buy a Fiesta ST not this cheap piece of overpriced garbage. 

J Michael Barrett says:

I’d honestly rather have Kia’s Forte 5 SX. Better looking in my opinion,
more space/practicality and the engine/tranny combo seem to work better as
it’s consistently rated faster both in manual and automatic form then the
veloster. (6.5-6.9 0-60)

John Fisher says:

Marty and Moog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MisterBrauner says:

Yikes… I hate these things. Look terrible…

Kosovaboy B says:

All you people that think hyndai sucks, take you bmw or benz and vs the 450
hp genesis 4 door and then say hyndai sucks gayrods

Bryan Ramey says:

Getting this car because of the price. I love cars that are different than
the rest of the boring cars out there.

sofakingfresh97 says:

Hey are you from around west reading?

ComradeDoge says:


-Marty & Moog

Axel Trainwagon says:

Sup Marty and Moog! This video is m

Charlie Ross says:

lol Mighty Car Mods

Terrence Dabere says:

POS review for a POS car

PocketDrummer says:

I want to see the compressor map of that turbo. 20lbs is great and all, but
how much CFMs and where does it land in the efficiency chart?

Also, Hyundai has a GRC racing team. That’s probably what the owner was
trying to mimic by blocking off his blow-off (which is ill-advised).

Arvind Baskar says:

Yay Mighty Car Mods!

OtherSyde says:

Man, these videos are so much more than car reviews – they’re like total
introspective journeys or analytic musings on general and cultural concepts
with a nice little occasional sprinkling of spastic insanity peppered on
top. The cars are almost an afterthought… Sort of reminds me of a more
neurotic version of Drift0r’s CoD gaming videos where he mutes the sounds
of the game and just elaborates on his crazy dreams about vampires for
eight straight episodes. I think I actually *learn* stuff from this

Marshall Kell says:

Mighty Car Mods!! hahaha

94XJ says:

This car tries to be a jack of all trades and just fails at everything.
It’s like the designers went through every feature people want in a car and
found the bare minimum to incorporate it. All of the Kia/Hyundai vehicles
I’ve been in feel that way. They may have all the gadgets on paper but the
overall feel is just “meh”…I can’t really describe it any better. Just
the integration and feeling of everything working together isn’t there.
It’s more a bunch of little things rather than an entire experience. Does
that make any sense or am I just rambling?

sofa king low says:

i got my 2014 for 20,000 and i know it was worth every penny!

burnout1256 says:

hahaha nice MCM reference, I just found this channel and love it

team0blackmanner says:

This car is designed for the youth? A kid at my high school had one.Myself
and all my friends hated his car. It’s a slow car trying to be fast. I’d
take a Tiburon over this thing anyday. My friend had a Tiburon, and guess
what, we loved it. The thing is, ALL people I know would take my $4000 99
Sierra over the Veloster, because it’s equally if not more reliable and its
RWD with a 5.3 V8.

John Smith says:

If it was awd I’d buy one…..

Aaron A says:

The ham fisted correlation to Honda in this video is a bit silly given the
success their cars at the time. The 90`s is when Honda peaked in innovation
and performance, a better conclusion would have been to assume that by
early 2000 their vision diminished. Most would say that this was largely
due to Shigeru’s departure. 

imthebully says:

Moog would ask if the turbo would fit in his honda

Scott Walker The Assimilator says:

4:25 Was that a picture of Centralia?

Ryan Hill says:

wanna review my 2005.5 Audi s4?

Michael Garrison says:

Props for the Mighty Car Mods plug!

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