Regular Car Reviews: 2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser

Regular Car Reviews: 2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser

This is a car for someone who wants a Hummer H2, but who also reads The Huffington Post, and folds the word “sustainability” into every conversation.



Leap Of Faith says:

270 hp from a 4.0 liter engine?

What the fuck?

SpaceManDawn says:

I agree, it’s fucking hard to describe this car. You can clearly see what
they were trying for. But pegging it is difficult because of the diverse
nature of its drivers. The context of masculinity is hilarious. Because
here in SoCal these are driven by soccer moms and dentists with garage gyms
and mountain bikes that they mostly use to hang stuff on. To me, it
embodies a form of pseudo masculinity that says “I LOOK LIKE I CAN DO

It’s never a choice for real off road people, because the idea of building
a sweet jeep for less money will always appeal to those guys. And anyone
with real money buys a Land Rover. So where does this thing fit? I don’t
really know. Somewhere in middle class mediocrity I guess.

TheS2Guy says:

Cars getting smaller?
No, not really.
Cars are getting lighter and better and gas, but if you take a look at
modern versions of older models they’re larger.
My ’91 Civic, half the size of a modern Civic, but hey, those are different
cars, what about the Fit? The ’91 is still smaller.
90s Rav4s are tiny, new Rav4s big.
Early to mid-2000 Ford Escapes, small, 2014 Ford Escapes, sorta big.
But all of those are lighter and better on gas.
Cars are getting bigger, but more efficient. 

Rex Jow says:


why, why vanity plates.

ravesilly says:

They still made these things in 2012? 

RedSweater says:

I can’t quite put my finger on the intro song parody..

fellowship of the goat says:

Has to be one of the ugliest cars that you can buy. So hideous

Jordan Lerner says:

4 am here and I’m watching RCR instead of getting some sleep for school 

crazyviolent69 says:

I have 2 comments. You should have reviewed the better car ( Nissan xterra)
and why on earth did I completely understand what you said about the
simulation and simulacra. And remembering the last time you remember a
I strangely understood that…

Great job as always

B Fuller says:

I wanted to be an author and journalist until I ran into this stuff being
spewwed by my English professor. All very interesting to the point that it
hurts and I know it makes for an engaging read but I couldn’t help but
thinking through every single lecture “no one cares!”. Yet oddly this is
one of my favorite RCR’s to date. Keep it up regular car reviews guy. 

s50201 says:

“…modern masculinity as filtered through a crucible of misunderstanding.”

olbear303 says:

How could you not mention the fact it has 3 fucking wiper blades!? Japan’s
subtle nod to Americans love of excess? I believe so. 

GoodTimeBuddies says:


Gaming 4 Ohio Gameplay's & More says:

Best ground clearance? My Land Rover has better ground clearance and this
weak piece of shit can only tow 5000 pounds my Land Rover can tow 8000


Oh god, the shutter roll on the camera is terrible! :(

Flabbypanda says:

Just found out my drivers ed teacher watches RCR. I found out he had a
focus st. We started talking about cars and he told me how his girlfriend
didn’t realize it was a stick until after he bought it. I said you could
have told her st stood for supple trim. He responds with, “see Tanya.” Made
my day. It made me realize how great the RCR community is.

Dana Lee Gibson says:

I always wanted the new FJ, but knew if I got one I’d hate myself.

Diego Ruiz says:

The FJ Cruiser was Toyota’s throwback offroad vehicle. The problem is that
they tried to keep a modern point of view and that is when it got fucked in
my opinion
The old Landcruisers are not too big, not too powerful and damn
offroad-capable. It is like if Suzuki now tried to redo the Samurai, that
car (small softop/hardtop lightweight offroad car) cannot exist anymore, it
has gone out of this World
So, yeah, Mr. Ames, you are completely on point. It is a memory of an
experience and it is also original, although in a bad way for the latter.
Fucking great video, damn!

Alex Becker says:

My contribution: My hairstylist/barber has an FJ Cruiser and asks me
constantly if I want to go off-roading, possibly because I have an old
4Runner. I’ve accepted his offer multiple times but he always seems to
find an excuse to not go. He’s a nice guy; hell, I’d even call him a
friend. But I’ve never understood his reasoning of purposely buying a
vehicle and then setting up ‘just kidding’ offers to take it on a trail. I
chalked it up to small talk until I noticed that he asked me every time I
got a hair cut. And he’s even said, “Hey, do you remember when I asked you
if you wanted to hit up a trail”, quickly followed by a smile… almost as
if he’s recalling our imaginary trip like it was a genuine memory. 

Yossi Lipton says:

The more I watch RCR, the more I realize that Mr.Regular is an English

fpsevanj says:

H2 > FJ

Shlomo Wassergoldbergshekelowicz says:

dont dis my conscript rifle you gook stain fuck!

quintessenceSL says:

Probably best review you’ve done, and the simulation/simulacra bit
described is easily summed up like this: my dad drove a J40 Land Cruiser.
He would never, ever drive a FJ Cruiser. They don’t accomplish the same

Daylan Chapman says:

Yeah the guy that ran the JROTC program at the high school I went to drove
one of these painted almost that same desert tan color the military uses on
all their vehicles.

Brian Sizemore says:

In a lot of ways isn’t this similar to the “new” Beetle. I mean it’s a
derivative work of the original, but nothing like it at the same time.

And if RCR doesn’t know what to do with an FJ I’d love to see them review
an Isuzu Vehicross…

Direraven says:

Why would you buy a FJ when you could buy a Prado, other than to farm
attention? (don’t know if Prado’s are in the US). The FJ is like a giant
toy car and I can never take it seriously when I see it…

SergioLambo777 says:

07:06 next review is a Prius? :D

Alex Zevallos says:

Mind blown beyond repair. 

chunky soup says:

The way you describe the car remind me when I first saw the fifth gen
mustang in 2005. 

Pipnorcali says:

Real Landcruiser had straight axels..haha

abeismain says:

XD Well put, my friend.

nutnfan1 says:

I love the “Creep” inspired outtro! XD

Joseph Whitley says:

That reverse camera footage though xD That works too, i suppose xD

Ibrahim Mohammed says:

This channel just keeps getting better and better. 

kop4321 says:

Its a hunk of shit. I don’t want it and I want the third/second
world/Australia Lc70s. The high trim models are comfy but have a lot of
grunt and are durable as an outhouse made of old soviet tanks. Also solid
front axles, as all real 4x4s should have.

Viktor Doberstau says:

Hey i remember seeing this digger before.. Are they still not done yet? 

Float says:

He covered Marcelines song :D

DirtMcGirt BBJ says:

+RegularCars Try wipe your ass with my cat and I’ll fuck you up…

Tat2Dragons says:

2:07 Look at the radar detector mounted at the top left of the windshield
pointing to the left and practically aiming at the sky. Now that’s a crappy
location to mount a radar detector. 

usmcportes says:

This is the most beautiful, thought provoking video you guys have made to

solunasunrise says:

seems like a jap. hummer attempt from the front … oversized tires narrow
lights .etc.

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