Regular Car Reviews: 2010 Toyota Prius

Regular Car Reviews: 2010 Toyota Prius

A Prius is political correctness on wheels. We’re in an age where it’s impossible to tell the difference between someone who’s genuinely offended and someone who’s sarcastically ridiculing…



Edel Seriman says:

With Top Gear UK gone, you’re all I have left. Keep doing what you do.

Tank Spooners says:

Loved this one! My favourite part of Nintendogs is the secret peanut butter

hugh richardson says:


WarinhulAirsoft says:

Venom symbiote latched onto your honda fit.
Venom gt is the fastest production car, worth $1 million.
‘Venom symbiote’ and ‘Venom gt’ share half their words.
Silicon sally is worth $500,000…you can thank me later.

Pawan Chandra says:

You should review some older cars like the Nissan S30 (Datsun 240Z).

I want to buy one but after watching so many of your videos I feel like i
need a green light from you before I buy any car.

TheBlindAndDeaf says:

I like how Nissan loves throwing around that the Leaf is the number one
selling electric car, but their only competition real is the Chevy Volt. We
know if Tesla was affordable, Tesla cars would be the number one selling
electric car.

TheDudeWithTheBoomStick says:

You should review an old Mercedes. 

The Trammell says:

I have a jar that I put a dollar in every time I see a prius it’s my race
car fund

wet says:

Is this Matt Farah’s million-mile Lexus?

Chris Mathy says:

This is by far my favorite youtube channel right now

Matt Dungrich says:

That thing is filthy!

Andrés Suárez Rodríguez says:

We Sink of Chvrches at the end… Roman we need a cover RCR album now!

Brad McClaren says:
rockinchimp says:

Been a passenger in one of these (no idea what year) but the interior felt
so cheap and it still doesn’t make sense as something to own…

Cameron Dean says:

Supra review when?

Ryukachoo says:

And this is why i most look forward to the tesla model 3
it will be the anti hero.
all the greenies will flock to it but it will actually be a fantastic, fun
to drive car in its own right. you’ll want to hate it, until you drive it

rotaryfreak3 says:

I’m sorry, but the whole hybrids are worse for the environment because
nickel mining BS has been debunked many times over. Also, diesels only tend
to do better if most of your driving is on the highways. Nevermind that
they also have their own environmental and cost drawbacks. I have zero
desire to own a Prius, but lets at least get our facts straight.

elwulfo666 says:

Currently Toyota recycles 91% of the batteries and it’s getting more and
therefore the dirty mining is reduce. Now you should look at how aluminium
is produced. It’s not a very clean process either but noone cares because
it’s not used on a Japanes eco car. As you said: everyone needs something
to hate on yet people chose the Prius for no reason and make wrong
arguments about it.
Also if in a normal petrol car the engine or even the starter motor breaks
you’re equally fucked as when the E-motor in the Prius goes fucked so
what’s your point?

khlash says:

Damn Dave clean your friggin car….

Calum Crowther says:

You want good mileage and lots of space. Buy a Skoda Octavia VRS diesel…

hawkermustang says:

How much does a new battery pack cost?

Juan Lara says:

My schools regular Spanish teacher ( I say regular because there are 2
Spanish teachers one is an AP teacher and the other is a regular), and she
is the stereotypical Prius owner, white, vegetarian, and worked at

Pokey Minch says:

The Prius is old and outdated. It has been relatively unchanged since 2004,
and needs a face-lift.

I mean, seriously. If we’re really in the pursuit of MPG, we’d give this
thing a major overhaul.

NoBrakes23 says:

If it wasn’t for the Bloodhound Gang and serving with Marines from PA, my
Californian ass wouldn’t know what the fuck Sheetz and Wawa are.

Colin Chambers says:

Ok… Everyone, hear me out. For me, the Prius represents one of the worst
cars to have ever been produced. I feel like it brings out a very
hypocritical and often dishonest side to eco-conscious people out there.
They claim they’re saving the environment by using less fuel, but they’re
really not. If you factor in the amount of toxic waste you’re left with at
the end of the car’s life from the batteries plus the pollution generated
by the mining needed to get the batteries… You’re left with something far
more detrimental to the environment than, say, a Volkswagen Jetta TDI
(diesel) or Mercedes E350 BlueTec (also a great diesel). It’s not even like
someone can say that the Prius doesn’t use petrol at all- IT DOES, just
slightly less than a regular car. And if these Eco-conscious people are
really concerned about the environment, they’d buy a diesel or a
small-engined car like one of the three-cylinder Ford EcoBoosts. They
clearly don’t care as much about the environment as they do about the money
they’re spending. That’s been very obvious to me.

Johnathon Conner says:

You should review a Chevy Suburban. The amount of stereotypes you can pull
from that car is unbelievable. Easy car review 

Alexander Chavez says:

I like the prius. I average around 2000 miles a month using my m0p@r
propelled 94 ram. . My wallet would love the change in miles per gallon a
prius offers.

Kevin Smith says:

Mac and PC are not really 2 sides, to have a side you actually need people
on a side.

n0sfreak says:

I wonder if that Ford Fusion behind the Pri-ass at 6:50 is gonna be in the
next review?

FTIdeas says:

best opening line ever

bfchang says:

I just want to point out that the large amount of Prius drivers I have come
across while working the drive-through of a popular fast food chain are
extremely horrible drivers and you should avoid them at all costs. As soon
as autonomous cars become widespread, all Prius drivers should be forced to
trade in their Prius’ for one.

peter sisco says:

I would prefer to ride a hot pink vespa while wearing a tutu up to a Wu
Tang Clan concert,than to be seen in a disguise even appearing to get into
one of these ! Yes if i was walking in the middle of nowhere with a
tornadoe barreling down on me and a Prius came to my rescue , I WOULD

Justin Key says:

All these Prius drivers increase the global levels of smug. I think that’s
the real reason gearheads rip on it so much. There have been plenty of
small and crappy cars that get good mileage through the years. But none
gets the hate this one dose. I think that’s due to the increase in smug
they cause.

Andrew Saturn says:

crappy ford turning radius at 6:50

michaelovitch says:

So,you have to buy new batteries after 8 years or the car can’t start
anymore ?
mmhhh…clever japanese.
they oblige you to spend crazy money on spare parts or on a new car.
Remind me the boss of PSA saying” not more than 8 years old cars on the

Alberto Knox says:

I was hoping for some real driving impressions. I hardly drive my car (STi)
any more and I hate to see it just wasting away. Here I Texas I can commute
by motorcycle pretty much year round and with a collection of bikes I
always have an option to get my go-fast ya-yas. I was thinking maybe I get
a Prius as, you know, an ironic thing. Besides, it’s less likely to get
stolen from my driveway when I’m at work.

kd1s says:

I’ve driven the Prius through Zipcar. It is a very refined product. But not
for me. I’m thinking of picking up a used VW Golf TDI. 52MPG and diesel to

Kenny Starling says:

Is it just me or do you sound like Trevor from GTA V sometimes?

sean german says:

Toyota prius, the car that cant be taken out of “park” when the electric
motor goes……….also can’t be towed behind an RV

Jason Wou says:

Politics set aside,

Prius is an engineering marble on its own right. Toyota set a goal (of
building a car that can achieve highest MPG in EPA testing AND in the hand
of customers), and they NAILED that target SPOT ON. Yes this is one of
those car.

Its like the Dodge HellCat series. Dodge set out a target (of building a
blue-collar 4 door SuperCar)… and they nailed it.

We dont like mediocre cars – something that tries to be everything but
achieves nothing. WE have plenty of those around… like ACCORD, CAMRY,

Fast forward to 2099, I guarantee you that the name PRIUS will be in the
list of the most significant vehicle of the century. You won’t find S2000
or Supra or HellCat there.

Charsept says:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,
If they made a pure gasoline version of this car, I’d buy one no question.
(Well as long as they got rid of the CVT)

Nandish Pathak says:

That was such a Pennsylvanian comparison list.

CEOkiller says:

Nothing says “flaming Liberal Socialist” like a Prius…

genericname342 says:

You can tell that’s a woman’s car.
Not because it’s a prius
Not because of the floral seats
But because the inside of that vehicle is absolutely filthy.

What the fuck, women. Step it the fuck up

billyhatcher643 says:

I knew the prius was a bad piece of shit I hate electric motors I’d rather
have a hyper car 

BolianAdmiral says:

Ahh, the Slowyota Prius. Slowyota… let’s go places… eventually.

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