Regular Car Reviews: 2002 Toyota Rav 4

Regular Car Reviews:  2002 Toyota Rav 4

A “Family-First” Sport Utility vehicle that understands Catholic Values. Put your shoulder to your wagon and change your oil. I take a chainsaw to Church. I …



Jacob Hill says:

I just realized…this had nothing to do with the Rav-4…oh well.

kuttadid says:

Mr Regular looks almost like what I imagined him to look like.

NotBen101 says:

This was back when RCR went HAM. 

Voivrenetwork says:

Bible as a colouring book.. Love it! Went from worst fiction ever written
to a good time for all colouring book!

Mike Cronis says:

That last bit.. “It’s a coloring book now.” started to get a little dark,
eh? Good job!

Macdaddy5539 says:

Woah woah woah, and what’s so bad about an Isuzu or Geo Tracker? If Mr.
Regular is ever in the Pacific Northwest I would be more than happy to let
him drive my Rodeo Sport

TheMackLyons says:

You have a lot of anger issues to work through.

Have you considered counseling?

unidentifiedbomb says:

Plot Twist: Not actually Mr.R driving.

Tyler Wehner says:

@1:36 Hate it when people do this- getting into the far left lane as soon
as they merge onto road. Bad drivers.

RC Antics says:

wow this must have offended so many religious people..

sabhacker101 says:

4 seconds in and already laughing my ass off XD

Daniel Reyes says:

I saw his FACE

Voodoo says:

what the fuck was that?

the real mcoy says:

do a buick grand national review

Chris Cole says:

DayZ lol

BanaN0 says:

I thought that the video was funny

Brian Sizemore says:

What the hell’s wrong with Isuzu? The Rodeo was one of the last mid-sized
truck based SUVs, and the fact it came with the option of a manual was
awesome. (And I’m talking about Isuzu pre 03ish when they started shilling
GM rebadged stuff.)

shoe the maker says:

voice reminds me of gta1 

spiloFTW says:

do a fiat seicento xD

visioneerone says:

still don’t know WTF

also, this generation of Rav 4 looks really good in olive drab

CountryMusic52 says:

FACE 1:34-1:39

qco6281 says:

Excellent review! I’m gonna go find me an ’02 Rav4 TODAY!

Jon Mopar says:

Best beginning ever…this is brilliant 

Nick Amato says:

At 1:35, is that Mr. Regular?

marauding vacuum says:

You showed your face! 

Robbert P says:

I love the car parts of your reviews but your jokes aren’t funny.

Julio Coello says:

Uh… what the f*ck?!

Xiones11 says:

I have that same green chainsaw

Nick Webster says:

I love Relient K haha

Santa Six says:

I want to say South Park

TotalNekro says:

I don’t get it.

I dont care what my name is says:

Woo! Dayz

UltraPic says:

Was the last bit a dead milkman reference ?.

Garrett Carpenter says:


Eddie Adorno says:

How do you have a picture from my book of bible stories? Lol

SuperDeadNoob says:

One of your best “reviews”

mchaggis1994 says:

For now on, every time someone talks about the church I’ll tell them
“duuuuur Im a protestant.” Thanks for making me see the light RCR!

Dale McElhaney says:

“I’m not even Asking you” *shows picture of Asking Alexandria* hahaha

Shawn Sham says:

dude! your videos are so entertaining 

RicoAtPublix says:

Should I be slightly confused when comparing this to theology?

ened123 says:

Skydiving podcast

nerfiks says:

what did i just watch

darkcoeficient says:

The fuck did I just watch? Now my neighbors must think I am on drugs.

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