Regular Car Reviews: 2000 Toyota Celica GTS

Regular Car Reviews: 2000 Toyota Celica GTS

This is the 7th generation, so it runs on the T230 platform with the Front-engine, Front-wheel-drive layout, using an engine similar to the one that powered the MR2 Spyder, which adds a certain…



FutureSEAL23 says:

Vehicles that came out of Japan between 1991-2000
Toyota Supra
Toyota MR2
Toyota Celica All-Trac Turbo
Honda/Acura NSX
Honda s2000
Honda/Acura Integra Type R
Mitsubishi 3000GT vr4
Nissan 240sx/Silvia
Nissan Skyline GTR R32? R33 and R34
Mazda RX7
And Many More, that being said, I’m going to assume it was American
Economists who called 91-00 the “Lost Decade” in japan. (I’m not gonna
bother going into 01-10)

crazyviolent69 says:

how in the hell did you manage to get me to like this car?
i literally have hated this car for the longest time and now.. after this.
i kinda appreciate it

willthefuneverstart says:

Mental process.
“oh a celica, neat little car, kinda girly.”
“damn it’s auto, must be a girls car”
“flower backpack…. girls car right?”
“girl gets in car. Yup.”

Tman5293 says:

In the 90s the Celica was basically the Supra’s retarded little brother.

Grman Rodriguez says:

Come on, it’s about time someone lends him a Juke to review

Charlie Murphy says:

I knew a guy that tried really hard and loved this car. He bought one as
soon as it came out and was so proud of it. The next month after purchasing
this car, he got a crazy girl prego, some where in the following 9 months
he traded his GTS for a dodge caravan. The End

Bobber WCC says:

My favorite car for a reason

TopHat Fabrication says:

The 2ZZ-GE is the same between the Celica GT-S and the Lotus. The 2ZZ is
basically the 1ZZ with a head redesigned by Yamaha. Lotus bought them from
Toyota just like that. The couple horsepower difference is from a
different ECU and a slightly higher rev limit.

camryt says:

1:50 The 2ZZGE anywhere aroud the world but America HAD the Yamaha head and
that means more power (192bhp) and higher redline (8200 and 8400 for JDM
models). Cool engine, might burn some oil, but when maintained properly,
it’s really good fun.

3:30 This is a partial reason. Kids didn’t want to be seen in douchy
coupes, young people suddenly realized SUV’s were “cooler”, that’s why the
sales of cheap sport cars dropped and sales of cheap small SUV’s rocketed
to the sky. There were loads of coupes or roadsters, pretty much every car
maker had one in 90’s/early 00’s, but by the end of 00’s I can think of 2,
maybe 3: Scion tC, MX5, RX8. I really wanted the GT86/FRS/BRZ to success
because I want small coupes back, especially RWD ones and if the GT86 was a
flop, that would mean the concept of a small sport car was dead. That’s why
I think it deserves all the hype it got.

quintessenceSL says:

Nope. Nope. Nope.

Toyota had long ago said a big fuck you to the US market, refusing to bring
to 90s GT-Fours to North America, basically giving away the sports car
market away with a bow and a blow job. And as Subaru, Honda, and Mazda are
showing them the full depth of their folly, Toyota releases this final
kiss-off to seal the deal, having to wait until the release of the FR-S,
which is what the follow up Celica should have been in the first place, to
realize that there is money to made in selling cheap driver’s cars.

And apparently Nissan is due to learn the same lesson with the cancellation
of the IDx.

A STI, S2000, Miata, and Celica GTS should be parked in the front lobby of
Toyota North America as a daily reminder of what underestimating the US
market brings you.

Gear Head Haven says:

I have waited for this video forever! I have an ’01 GT-S 6 speed and love
that little car

SpaceManDawn says:

I think the demise of this car was due to the fact that, if you wanted a
sporty two door FF, the RSX and Focus were just better. In every way.

Andrew Gallardo says:

Finally!?! I waited over a year f hoping this car to finally get a review
and have its day in the sun, poor gts never got the attention it
deserved,l. Wasn’t the best car in it’s time but damn it ! It did try its
best. Maybe people will give it damn look into as a moderate fun
daily…and if not well oh well more for me to pick up in the future when I
run mine until the wheels fall off.

justsumguy2u says:

I know it goes without saying that driving a manual is alot more fun to
drive than an auto trans, but in the Celica, the difference really is
profound–the auto box changes it’s whole personality from a fun to drive
car to a commuter car. One thing to note about the Celica; the non GTS
models used the same 1.8 engine as the Corolla from ’99-’02—these engines
had problems with bad piston rings from the factory, and they would burn
oil. I don’t know if the GTS was affected in those years, as I’m not sure
if they used the same short block.

Amesie's Corner says:

Broh, Hey Broh!

Josh Guillot says:

The Celica as a name was dropped, but the platform itself was not – at
least not entirely. The 7th generation Celica was merely replaced by the
Scion TC. Scion’s are catered to a younger audience of drivers as evidenced
by their over enthusiastic “It’s ok if you mod your car – in fact we
encourage it!” marketing would suggest. I think that Toyota felt that their
sales would flourish more-so if the car were to sport a Scion badge. Hell,
I remember when TC’s came out……seemed like half of my friends went
and bought one within their first few years of production despite the fact
that they were really dramatically different (or better) than the 7th
generation Celica. Furthermore, the TC’s name is somewhat of a play on
words. Think about it………TC……Toyota Celica……smell what i’m
cooking? Although the Celica and the TC may be quite different mechanically
(but also very much the same in alot of ways too), the “idea” behind the
two cars – a fun, sporty, decently quick FWD coupe designed to appeal to
twenty-something’s – is essentially the same. So in short…..if you really
wanted an 8th (or now 9th) generation Celica…..go buy a TC.

Kyoto-Moto says:

2ZZ was used in the Sportivo Corolla. 1ZZ was used in the ZZW30, not the
2ZZ (tho it should had).

Trevor Reis says:

I always liked the look of the Celica… I was sad when it died

rockinchimp says:

Try and find a 1987 Pontiac Sunbird GT, always wanted to know what that was
like given it had 2.0L turbocharged engine making 165 HP.

GT6SuzukaTimeTrials says:

Integra Type R > Celica GTS……only problem is the ITR is rare as fuck,
thus expensive.

qmto says:

I approve of this video.

a2xd94 says:


TheS2Guy says:

I think of Toyota as Hondas older brother. Initially it was having fun, but
then it decided to mature and give up it’s childish ways. Honda then saw
the success of its older brother and tried to hope aboard the “mature
train” to not as much success and has since then been trying to say “I’m
still cool, I’m hip.” While Toyota gave up on the childish notions of
“being cool” and decided instead to just make “mature” cars for “mature

(although, Toyota does seem to want to be “hip and with it” again with some
of their new cars)

nanobug says:

FWD Celicas are just the worst shit ever.

Anybody who ever owned a RWD Celica.

DZEMAG says:

As someone who was a huge fan when I saw this car in the Toyota showroom in
2001. This car looked really good at the time. I have to say that the sales
figures might have also tanked at 2003 due to the horrible facelift it got.
I hated that redesign.
Also thank you RCR for doing a good review of this car.

In_a_Trance Studios says:

Toyota needs a hybrid sport coupe in the US. No one is doing a hybrid coupe

Evan J says:

I thought you might be getting too mainstream for a real fart segue, I’m
glad to see you still care enough to send the very best. Great review

Obietch says:

Dat front bumper . . 😀 😀 :D

Demetrius Lolos says:

This reminds me of the period when GM used Quad 4 motors that were pretty
awesome in power and gas, but extremely rough on the ride. 

nyansugoi says:

Have always loved these things. Glad you took a more informative and
educational approach for this car. It deserves the thoughtful writing.

JChaos1120 says:

The auto tranny is so bad that an auto GT-S is as slow as a manual GT. I
love my Celica!

Brad Hansen says:

Best opening ever. Automatic aawwwhhh….

inudude15 says:

I think this car’s real problem is that it was basically Buzz Aldrin to
Neil Armstrong in at least the U.S. market. There is lots to like about
this car, for one it was a good looking car when it was new and it has aged
well, this particular car’s bar fight front bumper not withstanding.

And in GT-S trim and with the six speed it could rev, it was light, it was
actually capable of “quick”, and the handling was well sorted. But that’s
where this car seemed to run out of steam.

The enthusiasts would still fall back on a proper Miata, or pony up some
more money for an RX-8 if they really wanted a backseat. As Mr. Regular
points out, there were cheaper and crummier coupes ala the Sunfire that
gave the looks without the driving dynamics, and indeed even this tier of
the Celica wasn’t without fault.

The GT-S was the top trim level, and the highest performing (though
apparently the slushbox GT-S is actually slower than a manual GT…) and
that meant it carried the heftiest price tag. The GT especially with an
auto was slow, so even though it handled nicely for a FWD it wasn’t a
serious enthusiast’s car and those that might have known the capabilities
of the almost identical GT-S would be hard pressed to pick it over the
other options out there.

It’s good looks and whatever Celica/sporting Toyota loyalty was still out
there likely sold the fifty some thousand units the first year, and the
abysmal 2003 sales that followed likely represent the fact that the final
line of defense for Toyota’s enthusiast cars had simply been too middle of
the road to really be all that enthusiast except in its most exclusive,
expensive trim…

spraynpray says:

If there’s one thing I took from this review, it’s that the FWD Celicas
were so good that they lost out to Cavaliers. That’s some suicide material
right there.

David F. says:

7:01 you can see him wearing the gopro on his head in the rearview mirror.

Skyler Russell says:

Shows picture of Pontiac sunfire GT… Hoping hes gonna review one.

The Hawke says:

Ah yes, my first car. 

texan176 says:

It was over for Celica after the 6th gen (94-99). The All Trac never sold
in the US after 1993 so it became a generic FWD car. Still, the FWD 6th
gen in the US at least offered buyers many styles (coupe, lift back,
convertible). The 7th gen was built cheaply and it showed. The interior
was Korean economy car looking with matte plastic everywhere, engine power
was good but not great (domestic cars with a V6 were making around 200
ponies during that time), and styling was strange. I had a 91 GT coupe 5
speed in college and ran it up to 200K miles when I sold it. It was very
reliable and high in quality for an economy coupe. They just do not make
car like that any longer for the reasons you mention and how people got so
fat they do not fit into these kinds of cars. 

klarusboy says:

Thanks, now I really miss my old gt-s. I named it Yogi :-/

Paul Cuenin says:

2001 the RSX came out and this car seem even crappier. 2002 wrx came out
and suddenly this car sucked for the money. Peopled didn’t buy sunfires
they bought WRX’s and RSX’s.

Mr Anderson says:

When people pronounce Celica as “Sellica” UGH

Kavish Ramharakh says:

The last thing he said made me sad

BluDog35 says:

The crown prince of all

SimonTrent8000 says:

How can you say this isn’t the same engine as an Elise. Both of these cars
use this 2zz-ge engine as a base the difference you fail to point out that.
But yes lotus does modify the engine they use becuase they wanted to get a
little more out of the engine. Now the 2zz-ge has VVTL-l. That is variable
valve timing with LIFT! This engine has a larger cam lobe that activates at
the higher rpms to get you that 180. Its very much like Honda’s vtec.

darkcuda1 says:

I heard a phone in the video and i checked mine smh

Tom Poole says:

The only Toyota I would consider.
The rest are just paaaaainfully boring.

vanoscrap says:

what the hell?? in Europe it’s 192 hp at 7800. Is this because of higher

AShotgunZ says:

This one is pretty battered. my 04 GTS is in pristine condition. I dont see
how people let their cars get like this. Every little thing that I notice
has to be almost perfect. And yes the auto is much worse than a manual gts.
I cant believe he didnt mention anything about lift after 6k rpm. Its
pretty addicting. That and I think the new-er modle celicas should have had
an AWD option like the generation before outside the US. 

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