Regular Car Reviews: 1991 Toyota MR2 SW20 Turbo

Regular Car Reviews: 1991 Toyota MR2 SW20 Turbo

This is the most dangerous car ever made and it is also a perfect expression of The Human Condition. We want to know where “The Limit” lies and damn self-preservation. This is the most dangerous…



martinshoosterman says:

I want one!
my dream car:
this, with an ls1 swap and a transmission swap to a quattro (which is
actually compatible with the ls1)
plus a reasonable spoiler and new tires.
maybe new brakes and new springs too. 

Kangwei Tan says:

I really enjoy the songs, its something special.
Thanks for reviewing the 1st and 2nd Gen MR2.
Now, review the MRS. haha

splewy says:

It’s crazy to think that Toyota made like 4 sports cars at one point in
time. Now they just make toasters and washing machines.

Kevin Minato says:

I own an sw20 turbo. its my daily driver here in canada. Best car ever

SmileyLegoGuy says:

Is this your favorite car, Mr. Regular?

Christian Gotsch says:

So I drive the most dangerous car in the world. Got it. 

18iser says:

I guess this is why the Porsche 911 is dangerous as well.

Kyoto-Moto says:

92 Turbo here. I’m still very much alive.

Mario Hennenberger says:

Same Bridge you reviewed the Aspen ??
some nostalgic reason for that .. or you just getting lazy ? 😛 

burnzy3210 says:

man, the way popup headlights come up and the lights flash on… its just
so stunning, i’d buy an mr2 just for that. sad people aren’t making popup
headlights anymore :(

hotelkilo006 says:

A friend of mine bought one of these years ago. One thing I didn’t hear you
mention is how “floaty” these things are at highway speed. No weight in the
front end makes highways a little scary especially when

PantomimeHorseMusic says:

Interesting fact about the MR2: They never sold well in France because the
way they pronounce the name, em-air-duh, sounds a lot like merde, which
means shit. So to the French, it was the Toyota Shit. True story. :)

KrypticCliff says:

Okay… can someone please tell me if the SW20 NA is more safe and stable
than the turbo… I need to sleep with this car, but i’m nervous it might
get mad and throw me into a tree

Angel Loeza says:

mad that Roman speaks let alone sings better Spanish than I can
and I’m half Mexican for fucks sake 

Amesie's Corner says:

Saab Sonett broh!

Jonathon Payne says:

The weight isn’t actually shifting as nothing is moving, except for maybe
the gasoline in the tank and that empty beer bottle in the backseat, but
those only add a small amount of mass to the equation. What you feel
during “weight shift” is the car’s resistance to acceleration as per
Newton’s 1st law of motion. The car is being accelerated through the tires
and the car resists the change back through them causing a force to be
exerted on those two wheels as per Newton’s 3rd law. The reason why snap
oversteer happens more often in MR and RR configured cars is that under
braking most of the mass is to the rear but the front wheels are feeling
most of the force of the acceleration (there is no deceleration in physics,
just acceleration in the opposite direction). The effect is like trying to
balance a pencil by its tip; it’s difficult but possible as so long as you
don’t try to move the pencil that fast, but a sudden lateral movement will
cause the pencil to tumble off your finger. At that point, slamming on the
gas to accelerate forward only makes the problem worse. This is why having
a 50/50 weight distribution is so important, although being off by a little
bit doesn’t really affect the handling that much.

Scott D says:

in the words of BILL STRONG someone that has been racing MR2’s for a vary
long time says then only time snap over steer happened it was his fault
this is not a first car even the NA. alot of people try to make out like
it’s all the car it’s not oh my vary first car was a 91 MR2 turbo and the
age of 18 i still have it im 29 now i do not plan on selling it ever. it
can be crushed when im dead then i wont care about what happens to it,

liam doherty says:

also was there an MR1?

Fribox says:

I hope you’ll eventually review the 3rd gen MR2 / Spyder. I know it’s not
quite as “hardcore” as the old MR2, but they’re now really affordable cars.

peter graves says:

THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMGILOVEIT!!!!!!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
we mr2 owners appreciate your love of our toy’s, and you seem to “get” them
so well, why are you not one of us yet!!!

tankninja1 says:

The bottle example is a little more accurate if you view the car body/frame
as the water and the wheels/brakes as the glass jar. The jar wants to stop
but the body/frame wants to keep moving. But since everything is bolted
together the whole thing will move like the water, which is why the front
suspension compresses under braking.

TMD Mr T says:

i don’t know if it’s me but after listining to a few reviews i’v noticed
your accent really sounds south african

Matt G says:


Adam Largaiolli says:

I want Mr. Regular to come to Australia so he can review my Prius lol.

CarBastard says:

Hey, you humongous faggot, how about a RCR about the Mazda MX6?

PS: I love your videos faggot.

paradoxdesigns says:

Speaking of which, any chance you’ll ever get your hands on a MK3 Supra? 

TheNormalberries says:

32 valve manual Porsche 928
944 S or Turbo
C4 Corvette
3rd or 4th generation GM F-body
Nissan Z31 or Z32
1979 – 1993 Mustang
MK3 Supra (lol)

There are so many interesting cars you haven’t done. 

OtherworldlyFoe says:

Stop it! I hate Craigslist! It’s an MR2 snuff site.

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