Regular Car Reviews: 1985 Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno, Part 1

Regular Car Reviews: 1985 Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno, Part 1

Weeaboo! Weeaboo! Weeaboo! Weeaboo! Watch part 2 The AE86 is the king of internet-window-shopping and message board fact battles. Raaaagh!



RegularCars says:

did not

Venny says:

The American Corolla GT-S WAS an AE86. AE88 is just the VIN. It’s got the
same chassis, drivetrain, motor, and everything else as well as being built
on the same line.

Also the SR5 trim had “AE86” in the VIN. 

CrazyBuzzy1 says:

Is it so difficult to take off the fucking steering wheel and turn it maybe
10-20 degrees to the left and put it back on so you can have a steering
wheel that is straight?

edge21str says:

I would’ve bought one if the fucking weaboos hadn’t inflated it’s price so
horribly. Who pays 10k for a 30 year old ecobox?

wryyysespieces says:


Brian J says:

I think it’s fair to call the owner of this car a major league weeaboo.

Odyssey Eurobeat says:

The first 55 seconds of this were pure, glorious magic.

Kitsune91 says:


Jaris Witham says:

This channel never disappoints, this guy is a genius 

nintenking10 says:

What happened to the 60fps videos? I noticed you’ve stopped doing them. I
was personally a big fan of the higher frame rate look.

jagenigma says:

RCR wins the internet with this one!!!

bfchang says:

I actually have a friend who drives an 86 corolla but it isn’t an AE. He’s
a massive weeaboo to no one’s surprise.


Falbere ♥~ says:

Review this car. You go ahead. You won’t be surprised to find loads of
people with anime avatars in the comment section.
I am still waiting for that guy who will come and be like “EHMYGAWD THIS IS
+Bobber WCC 

Weirdo2107 says:

Um… You based your rant on the live action Initial D, which was terrible
and boring. The anime is pretty fucking awesome!

stukinit says:

Both dicks! That’s a special occasion indeed…

Marcus Slater says:

I fully expected this episode to be full of eurobeat. Only minorly

scrooglemcdoogle says:

You went full Ross Scott in the beginning, I love it.

Brad McClaren says:


deмarc says:

It’s so unusual that this car’s price was inflated by a bunch of weaboos
because of anime. 

Steven Gilbert says:

Oh I hope ur doing that yellow cavalier

Kalsonic says:

Can I just say…

As a kid who grew up with the Initial D cartoon…

I like it, and hate it too.

It was probably due to this fucking cartoon that got people into believing
the R33 Skyline GT-R was a … what was it? Oh yeah.

“A disappointment”



Bullshit. It was MUCH faster than the R32 Skyline in the Nurburgring.

It was the first production sports car by Nissan to break the 8-minute
barrier on the Nurburgring.

The R34 Skyline which precedes it, was only a few tenth of a seconds faster
than the R33 on the Nurburgring. But that’s only in the perfect condition.
In most cases, the R33 and R34 would be absolutely similar in terms of

Trades46 says:

Cars and Anime are my #1 and #2 respectively favorite things in the world.
3 guesses if I love this car or not, first 2 don’t count.

osheathedj says:

blah blah blah, attempt at wit, blah blah blah complain, blah blah blah
worse attempt at wit, blah blah blah UNSUBSRIBE

EvilJ069 says:

…Though I can not tolerate smacktalk of JDM

RacerBest says:

AE86 is the greatest car ever made

sajzilla says:

I first learned of the AE86 from Gran Turismo 1 back in the 90’s, because
it was the best starting car… among all the other shitboxes.

mundotaku says:

I than you for calling all the AE86 fans waebos. They are.

crazy1russian says:

I usually like your reviews but you have gone about it all wrong for this
car. You need to understand what this car means to the car culture.Sure its
slow by today’s standards. But 128 hp in the early 80’s ? How is that even
bad? That was amazing from a 1.6 L engine back then. Especially on an
engine that revs to 8000 rpm. This was a car you could daily drive AND have
fun. IT IS A FUN CAR! You didn’t even mention that in your review. Where
today can you buy a 18K-22K brand new, japanese reliable, RWD, fun car
which is practical to drive every day. No where, they don’t make them. That
is what this car represented. That is why every car enthusiast wanted one.
And the balance of the car made it ideally suited to the touge and high
speed drifting done by street racers in japan. No questions, for its time
and for its status it is the best car ever made.

FokkerBoombass says:

Questions about wrong… ugh, LEFT hand drive cars:
1) Are the pedals in their usual order, or are they mirrored?
2) Is the first gear in the usual place (upper left) or is it mirrored?

thetreeshaveads says:

Mr. Regular, bare my children!

818Guero818 says:

Review my penis. 

Eggly Bagelface says:

Initial D?
More like Initial Dick!

mik995px says:

Just want to correct some information. opening all 8 runners in the intake
at low RPMs will have a considerable drop in performance in the low end
RPMs. this is because of the air speed velocity in the intake. the early
generation 4AGEs(Bigport) has a considerably big intake port for every
cylinder, and at low RPMs, the air velocity going to the cylinder is slow
because of the big intake port. this resulted in loss of power. to fix this
problem, toyota introduced the TVIS. according to physics, reducing the
cross section area while drawing the same amount of air will increase the
air speed -> thats the whole reason for TVIS. “The idea behind the system
is that in the lower engine speed band, the speed of the intake air will be
increased because the intake runner cross section per cylinder is smaller.
However, when engine speed increases, the second runner is opened,
decreasing airflow speed, but increasing the airflow volume, better
matching the engine’s airflow needs at higher revolutions.” -from wikipedia

Draϟa says:

Konnichiwa Senpai, Please notice me,
I watch Asian cartoons, I’m a weeaboo,
I live in my mom’s house. I’m like thirty two,
I collect swords and throwing stars, yes I’m a weeaboo,
Sticks and Stones may break my bones,
But I will always be one step ahead of you,
‘Cause I read the manga,
(You’re such a fucking pleb, are you even even japanese bro)
I haven’t showered in like sixteen weeks,
All my friends and peers are ashamed of me,
‘Cause all’O’sudden, I think I’m japanese
Yes I’m a weeaboo x4
A filthy weeaboo (snorts Naruto is SO Over-rated)
A dirty weeaboo (You wanna see my katana collection)
A fucking weeaboo (I’m learning Japanese on Rosetta stone)
A disgusting weeaboo (So I’m like basically Japanese now)
i sit at my computer desk, and argue with teenagers on the internet,
about atheism, and how japan is superior to other countries,
i learned a bit of japanese,
so now i’m qualified to be a part of their community
so i made my avatar a kawaii waifu
yes im a weeaboo x8

Ghos7N54 says:

LOL the AE86 in initial D had a $20k racing engine in it.

Fudge You says:

please make everyone hate the car so I can fucking finally afford one! 

Jacinth Gudetti says:

Hey Mr. Regular, the AE86 is a fanboy car through and through but the
Delorean is EVEN MORE SO!!! Just some food for thought :)

Kubeanie Gaming says:

The sho taurus. Had dual stage intake runners also above 4k she opened. Up
a sweet song

jarad antwine says:

i had a 1996 corolla base model with the same engine (i think) and damn did
it fly for being a 4 banger. i topped the car at 113mph , thats 23mph
faster then what my kia soul can do with more power…. I WANT MY TOYOTA
BACK :(. sadly at 290,000 miles the rear sub frame was to rotted thanks to
NY winters and had to be taken off the road.

xxxMittens (卿ミトン) says:

I’ll have one some day, I hope ;___;

Ian McLeod says:

Epic Fact Battles of History!

agrippa1234 says:

a popsicle in a lawn mower catch bag….priceless……this was a cleverly
rant filled response to the JDM’ers of America…..well done sir, now on to
part 2!

Jonathan Ryan Tung says:

That’s “Dickensian”. Your reviews consistently entertain.

RCPro Driver says:

This car is like a civic EF but better…cause it was RWD. The EF is
light, just over 100HP and was practical. Same fore the AE86 ( or AE88)
but RWD cars seem to require even less HP to be fun. A 160hp Volvo 740
turbo weighs close to 4,000 pounds, but it a blast to drive. So, 110ish HP
in something nearly half that weight is nice. I like how accurate Initial
D was….sure the AE86 will only beat a GTR when in the hands of a godlike
driver, but they did say it has shorter, rally gears in it. A obviously
needed mod for the car to be quick and stay in the right rpm range. 110hp
might not seem like much, but modern cars weigh a lot more. The era of
lightweight/balanced and affordable cars is gone.

David Tsung says:

Actually, we do have USDM AE86’s………. Sadly they are not the GTS, but
rather the Sr5’s. Everything else you said is pretty much spot on.

Nick Wilburn says:

You are a GOD!

Bryce10011 says:

You… never actually….reviewed the car.

timothy huston says:

All my friends growing up in NZ had old turenos

Colin MacNicoll says:

Where in NY were you with this AE? I’m from Saratoga Springs, and I have a
friend who is an AE86 fanatic. He owns 6 or 7, with three running, two of
which on the road currently

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