Redline Review: 2016 Kia Sorento SX-L 2.0T

Redline Review: 2016 Kia Sorento SX-L 2.0T

As the top-selling SUV in the Kia lineup, the all-important 2016 Sorento gets a thorough redesign to go head-to-head with all-new versions of the Murano and Edge. With three different engine…



Redline Reviews says:
Jonathan Altieri says:

I really like Kia’s build quality and style now

soulo love says:

Id rather have a Ford Escape

motormusique says:

I just drove a Santa Fe, and I have to say that Hyundai-Kia still has some
ways to go to convince me that they can make a car that can handle. The
car was fairly agile but it also felt much too soft and as if it was going
to roll over, IMO.

Veyronp87 says:

definitely digging the looks, but 47k for a kia suv is pretty insane

Friendly0Dan says:

Don’t buy a Kia.

n777ua says:

It looks like the minivan (Sedona), because it’s all but the same unibody

David C Schlesinger says:

Thanks for the review of the new Kia Sorento; however, this channel is
missing reviews of minivans. Are you guys going to eventually review the
2015 Kia Sedona?

Csab says:

Don’t worry New York roads are equally shitty!

waynerm002 says:

I’ve driven the Sorento and was really surprised! Interior quality was
great, ride quality and noise level felt like the last generation X5
(haven’t driven the new one) however, it does lean a bit in hard corners,
which I’m sure they will improve now that HyundaiKIA snagged BMWs M
suspension guy. Since the 2010 models they have been steadily improving
their quality, finding out where they fall short and stepping it up. This
is not KIA of 10 years ago, they are vastly improved. In the last 5 years,
they have been changing people’s perception, in another 5 they will be much
different company. The company have been getting some new blood to change
their design and performance. Can only mean good things for the future.

Csab says:


Kobe Yang says:

Can you please so a review on the new 216 mazda 6. Thank you 

Oscar Sun says:


ghosts12333 says:

Thanks for the review 🙂

Can you please do a review for the new 2015 Ford Edge 2.liter ecoboost?

Eaton Uter says:

+Redline Reviews I am not surprised that the Toyota Venza and Honda
Crosstour would discontinue, but the Kia Sorento is still a competitive
vehicle alongside the Ford Edge and Nissan Murano. It’ll do people some
good when buying so that way they know what they’re getting into. Great
Review Sofyan! 

AgentPig007 says:

I like it ! very impressive
people stop bashing them and give them a chance

Bosco Butterbear says:

On the plus side, your opening music is so much better than the previous
roaring engine theme.
Lose the “fisheye” lens for the drive-by shots…makes the vehicles look
distorted. Finally, please settle-down your interior shots…induces
motion sickness.

DoubleD 613 says:

Jag headlights, jeep tails…seen those rims before somewhere 

luc1drenegade says:

The SX-L 3.3l v6 model has heated rear seats and rear A/C for the 3rd row.

Bright Ivan says:

under 301 club? meh… under “No views” club b*tches.

DoubleD 613 says:

Kias/hyundais are overpriced now adays. They have bad reliability for
electronics not covered under the 100,000 warranty 

Ivan Vojt says:

The base engine has even crappier MPG numbers in the real world.

Chris O says:

Soyfan, please do a QX80!!!

-a long time viewer of your videos

antinomie2009 says:

“lot better than a lot of more expensive cars I’ve tested for example that
range rover sport had a much crappier looking display…” haha telling it
how it is!

Gee hessy Takeabitetofapple says:

Your awesome. Best reviews ever. Thank you!

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