Redline Review: 2015 Hyundai Sonata

Redline Review: 2015 Hyundai Sonata

After such a radical redesign in 2011, Hyundai takes its successful Sonata and adds a touch of refinement, luxury, and technology. The company also promises …



DevPack says:

buy a ford fusion. Much better car!

ahmed mido says:

would you be amazed if i told you that in here you can get a Hemi V8 5.7L
Dodge Charger R/T Full house for 32 thousand bucks !!!

dave dunn says:

Hyundais have gotten WAY to expensive with WAY to many option packages that
are pricey. They are getting cocky over their success 

omarrianowilson9 says:

I’m really digging the new modern uptown elegant style of the Sonata. It
looks really nice. The looks of this vehicle just makes me want to buy it
in soo many ways. BUT, I too am a car enthusiast. I have to have a fun,
Comfortable, Engaging, Different, fast, and Memorable car. To me this is
something just a regular person would get just to get from A-B-C-D And if
they have the Eco all the way to F. Just a regular driver is what this is.
I’d rather get a Chrysler 200s V6. Noway the 200 V6 is slower than this. NO
WAY. Its not very engaging but I would sacrifice that for the sake of
differentiality and speed. All around I’d pass and go for a 200. But if the
Sanota was more engaging and faster, Id get it. 

David C Schlesinger says:

Do you guys have any plans on reviewing the 2015 Chrysler 200 yet? I am
very interested to see where that falls under.

flexor212000 says:

Drove one as a rental. Holy moly the thing felt like shit. The steering
felt like a golf cart and was completely numb. The transmission was
absolutely dreadful and there was no effort to even make it keep up with
the competition. Panels didn’t fit and the hood over the guage you could
actually move it (didn’t seem to fit). Awful. I really despise how he now
has some sort of deal with Hyundai. Now they are trying to charge more for

Jonathan Altieri says:

I’ve been seeing the new 2015 Sonata here in Mass, on the road, and it’s
really nice. The new styling is much more pleasing and not so, out there,
like previous. The interior is way nicer to. I’ve seen one, with the orange
paint outside. 

Wren Dart says:

I really dig the interior design. It looks much more expensive than it
really is. To me only the Accord and this car look very classy inside. Most
other cars in this segment are just too bland.

Lancelot Moore-Yorke says:

The interior looks amazing!

John Canlas says:

I would appreciate some input. I’m stuck between Mazda6 touring or 2015
Sonata Eco w/tech package. I test drove them and both have pros and cons,
and both really like them. What is your opinion on both of these cars?
Which do you prefer to pick? I’m kinda waiting for Febuary for the refresh
2016 mazda6 so maybe it’ll be a better buy.

fanowner12 says:

I personally think the new Sonata is generic among its competitors… even
the new toyota camry looks better. 

talldude123 says:

Eww those seats are hideous and the fake wood doesn’t look too nice in this
car Roi Wassabi 

pedrof830 says:

You can’t go wrong with any of the mid-size sedans available today, even
the 200 has stepped up its game.

ahmed mido says:

you were known for your signature intro and outro of 2theREDLINE that
always makes me excited to watch your videos. How on earth would you simply
ditch that and replace it with this lame boring one instead ???

Huss Ali says:

Loving the new intro’ much better than the screaming car lol 

gaivoron says:

does the 1.6 eco model has that same roof package? 

King Jack says:

I didn’t know the host Soybean Fey was editor-in-chief.

Ivan Vojt says:

An Accord EX-L V6 is $31,315 with destination. Yes you’ll lose some of the
tech gizmos.

heroheroic says:

Looks like this could have been the next Kia Optima. I bet Hyundai will be
planning a revamp soon much like the Camry did. This current generation
needs a lot more gloss to shine.

carguy812 says:

Great Review…I actually like this car much better than the previous one
as well.
I especially like the all new interior…
My biggest gripe is the transmission and lack of power with the 2.4. Also,
since the 2.0T has been detuned, the Optima now seems a better option with
the turbo.

Daniel Gutierrez says:

Really interested in the Sonata, but not sure if I should get the 2.0t or
1.6t. The 1.6t is cheaper and seem to be kinda quick (not saying fast). So
is the 2.0t worth the few extra bucks? Or will the 1.6t do the job?

Imad S says:

Quite impressed with this thing

Lord Trini says:

You guys never did the 2013 -2015 honda accord sedan… What gives…. 

marc1093280 says:

2015 Malibu is better

Veyronp87 says:

powertrains are really disappointing. i’ve read the 2.0t does 0-60 in
nearly 8 seconds which is inexcusable. but it looks cool i guess. 

t Harris says:

Redline Review: 2015 Hyundai Sonata:

Arslan Khalid says:

Those guages look right out of my 2008 Toyota Avalon

Rockstarriot says:

I like the new Sonata, I think it’s a very good looking sedan. I think it’s
almost as good looking as the Fusion. Great job, Hyundai

GBraidi78 says:

I have the same one 2.4L Limited with the tech package and I love it!

DHGroove says:

I’d love to see you test the 2.0t Sport. On top of the extra power, I hear
its steering and handling are improved over the 2.4 models. 

MrStylx says:

Hi Redline Review. Can u pls do a review on the Volkswagen Scirocco be it
the 1.4 or the R variant pls?

niuhuskieguy says:

If this 6 speed auto is the same one found on the Sante Fe Sport, I’m not a
fan. The one I drove felt jerky kicking down for passing maneuvers. I
liked the car itself, but the feel of the trans killed it for me. 

motormusique says:

That engine sounds like it is groaning and suffering the entire time

RawFoodRock says:

U always pick great music for the intro!!!! ;)

6824096 says:

Why did you change the name to “Redline Reviews”? 

Ryan Langmuir says:

I don’t like your post-processing filter on this video… too contrasty.

bikephil says:

Drivers seat looks pretty worn out for being brand new!

lemony sneaky says:

accord altima and mazda6 are not sports sedans. just no. The M5 is a sports
It’s also obnoxious to say that these competitors will smoke the sonata lol
(4 bangers respectively). 

Redline Reviews says:
Hammad Alam says:

Great review…. thumbs up
And if possible then also do a review of all new camry and hyundai

9535342h says:

i like the refreshed look of the rear with the led tail lights and standard
on all models led drl even the elantra looks good with the new taillights
too but what i have read is the engine makes some certain clunky noises
therefore i have to stay away and keep my 2014 honda accord sport .

Aintnoballz says:

You’re a fucking beast at this ily. Also sick quads brah.

Gunther925 says:

Will you be test driving the 2015 Ford Mustang?

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