Redline Review: 2015 Hyundai Genesis 3.8

Redline Review: 2015 Hyundai Genesis 3.8

After seven years on the market, Hyundai proves it can build a value oriented luxury sedan that has the potential to run with the best from Germany, America,…



David Ferrari says:

Hyundai is the cutting edge in terms of technology.

For the same price, Hyundai cars beat Toyota, Ford and Nissan. 

KHD says:

I own bmw n mercedes…I did tried this car.. believe me guys it rides like
bmw n benz … its really good .. I may get one soon …for who complaining
n judging …stop it we’re in 2014.. hyundia improve so much and for me it
killed Toyota

n777ua says:

I hate to say it, but the optics on this “review” are worrisome. I
understand Hyundai is the first mass market to start giving you review
rigs, and you’re excited, but you don’t exactly sound impartial. In fact,
starting from the first sentence of the description (not one credible
journalist would ever say something like that), you let it be known that
this isn’t an unbiased review, but a cheery rah rah for Hyundai. I am
disappointed. You were rising so fast, but you’re being too transparent
about ll this, 

flexor212000 says:

I like how they purposely rip off winged logos from bentley and aston
martin to attempt to give it luxury. They leave off “Hyundai” and just put
the model name on it. HAHAHAHAHAHAH 

Tony Nguyen says:

Ton of plastic….how come hyundai call this’s luxury car

omarrianowilson9 says:

Instead of the K900 which is considerably more, I may go with this really
beautiful car next June. It’s perfect. Im not a fan of that 4 spoke
steering wheel, but the tech on this thing would spoil me way past that. 

Ford Fan97 says:

I still can’t believe that its Hyundai daily building this car. It way out
of what Hyundai really, its luxurious which I like, Hyundai is really
stepping their game up one notch and I think Hyundai will do a good job at
the other offerings.

mluu510 says:

4 spoke steering wheels are so ugly. why not just put a 3 spoke? doesn’t
cost anymore money to produce.

flexor212000 says:

Sorry Hyundai. Just because you add some features, jack the price, and call
it a “luxury car” doesn’t mean people will buy. 

Koncealed says:

Review the 2015 WRX STi!

Михаил Зиновьев says:

Nice! Review the dodge viper)

Jonathan Washington says:

Very nice car. I would get my mom to trade in her lexus LS for this but
some things doesn’t work with her. Instead of Hyundai taking off all
Hyundai badges they should have put them in a lot of places even in the
center of grill it makes me feel like they are ashamed of their brand name
and scared to go and slap their badges on.

RickyTomatoes says:

“There’s still no Hyundai badge in the grill…”

Hyundai does not want it’s value driven brand tied to this luxury car yet
it still hasn’t done the obvious: segregate the brand.

It’s still a Hyundai, but there’s no “H” logo anywhere on the car. Or, are
they turning the brand into a luxury centric manufacturer like M-B and BMW?
What gives?

They should just create a new luxury division called “Genesis” and get it
over with. Create as many luxury vehicles as you want, focus explicitly on
that market, but for the love of god, don’t call it a “Hyundai”, because it
sure as hell doesn’t appear to be one.

I also suggest KIA follow the same route.

Kristoff Kristoffersun says:

You said the ride is like no other in its class, but other journalists are
saying different…. some mentioned the ride reminding them of the Lexus
GS… and to really be honest, I like the Genesis but Hyundai is not the
game changers they set to be, other manufacturers have caught and is
actually walking all over Hyundai again. The sonata for example it change
the game with its striking style back in 2010, but now the 2015 Sonata is
just bland, while Honda, Mazda, Ford, Nissan, Chrysler, AND EVEN TOYOTA and
SUBARU is turning up with stylish midsize sedans and reliability to back it
up too. 

kerron suber says:

This is car.. Is like yaaaassss bittcccchh yyyyaaaassss 

Daniel Blaney says:

a nice design ruined by that awful single frame grill. I wish this trend
would stop.

Sam Mehta says:

One of the best designed cars by Hyundai. Looks really good. 

King says:

Do you have any reviews of an rsx 

Jonathan Altieri says:

I personally think this new generation is a million times better overall
than the previous. Looks and everything. 

David James says:

looks like a 2014 Ford Fusion Sedan in the front and a 2014 Honda Accord
Sedan in the back… prefer the new Kia Optima …

Brian Green says:

Great review, I would buy this Hyundai Genesis over the Acura RLX. The RLX
equipped the same way would be 65,000.

Paul Connolly says:

no Hi Def video?

moderndesignworks says:

I think Hyundai should just spin off Genesis as a separate lux brand all

Royalorgans says:

How does this car compare to the Chevrolet Impala Limited. Which out of the
two drives better in corners, Which has a best audio system,

ovaltine224 says:

I thought the designer previously worked for Audi not BMW?

Cyril George says:

Why would people get this “luxury car” over a BMW or something like that.
Spend 5,000 more and get a 5 series,an E class, or an Audi s5 with a ton of

Victor Munoz says:

Looks like a fusion to for some reason

Felix Tran says:

Not trying to put down the car, but the exterior looks like a blend of the
Fusion, Optima and Avalon. The center console kinda resembles BMW’s. That
shifter looks a lot like BMW’s. I like the new Sonata better, it doesn’t
look like different cars smashed together like this one.

mrmysteriotx says:

As beautiful as the new Genesis is ( and it truly is fetching), I would
ALWAYS choose a CTS V-Sport or V over it!

robert johnson says:

it looks like a bmw
i hate it

Keith Merrill. says:

A lot of people are trashing this car. Hyundai used to represent the
laughing stock of automakers. Sorry boys.. This car/company is the “loser”
from high school that came to the reunion years later, well heeled and
respected. You need to get on board or get over it.

MrNick98 says:

hyundai’s designer actual worked for audi.

Ben Norwood says:

Is he SURE the genesis doesn’t have LED DRL? Isn’t that what that piping of
led’s is for in the headlight enclosure? 

Bradley Price says:

+2theRedline Will there be an all new Equus or Azera? I haven’t heard much
about those 2 cars lately

Djonkie Bonk says:

If they hold up well after several years then I’ll be convinced. Hyundai
has done a great job with their compact cars and SUVs and continue to
improve but for a car of this price there has to be some real world testing
done here before I can group it with an MB, BMW, Audi or Lexus. 

Elliott Manning says:

Besides it being RWD, I think the main competitors of the Genesis are the
Cadillac XTS, Lincoln MKS, and Lexus ES. 

TonyTube407 says:

Nice review. Can you tell me if the throttle blips and rev matches when you
downshift via the paddles?

Jake Gant says:

I think you need to make a video with the Subaru Legacy 2015 and do a test
to see if it stops when you are close to a wall with that awesome camera

Land Of The Free Media says:

Awesome review Sofyan. I’m really impressed with how #Hyundai was able to
make such a vehicle like the Genesis a much more competitive luxury sedan
than ever before. In addition, the beneficial technological features, like
the lane keeping assist you mentioned & featured at 19:20, including the
lane departure warning and forward collision warning should definitely be
some of the key points that will help the vehicle sell very well too.
– Michael Land

718hudson says:

This dude is a fucking hater.. If your gonna do a car review, don’t take
jabs at the car just give the aspects of the vehicle and your opinion. All
that “Fake Bentley Look” etc is uncalled for.. 

Ganbala says:

For me this car is a 1010 . Acura is a luxury sedán and don’t offer
something like this ,remember that .

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