Redline Review: 2014 Kia Cadenza

Redline Review: 2014 Kia Cadenza

Its striking good looks, luxurious cabin, and potent V6 make the all-new 2014 Cadenza “impossible to ignore” in the full-size sedan class. If you’re shopping…



2theRedline says:
Roy Diedesch says:

they should remove all the KIA badges like Hyundai did with the equus so
people will more likely be duped into a purchase.

Djonkie Bonk says:

I just priced one of these new here on Canada. It’s almost $45k and for
that I’d prefer a used MB E350 with extended warranty. 

Benjamín Valenzuela says:

And this is not even the flagship, the flagship is the k9 (k900) in USA.
This is the k7 in the korean market.

KenniTheKid says:

sounds really loud on the highway. 

n777ua says:

They really looked hard at VAG when building this one. The exterior has a
VW understatement to it, down to the A8 esque spoke wheels. The white/black
INTERIOR color scheme is out of a CC/Jetta. The problem with these Korean
cars is that they still haven’t found their own soul, I had this car as a
rental and while it’s a refined car, it doesn’t have the planted refined
feel you get in any Audi or VW. Also the white seats were already getting
dirty, at 6K miles…there’s no free lunch, you want the real deal, buy a
used CPO A6 – better in every way 

flexor212000 says:

Wow reallyl noisy at 8 minutes. I realize it’s the road but it shouldn’t be
THAT loud.

Torrey B says:

Sorry Kia. Still a seniors car

Ryukachoo says:

yay, the handicam is back!

ShaunMMX says:

Friend of mine has a 2007 Kia Amanti, yes I know its more or less “knock
off” Mercedes. But over all she loves the car, its very quite on the road,
drives really well and she’s getting pretty good gas mileage considering
the size of the car.
I’ve ridden in it and I have to say, even in the back seat it was one of
the best cars I’ve ever ridden in.

EnzoSlayer7 says:

Audi A6

David Cuccia says:

Nice wheel chirp at the end. :)

Kristoff Kristoffersun says:

And people complain about the Acura RLX for lack of styling?! The exterior
of this Kia looks like a Volkswagen Phaeton from 2005!

Land Of The Free Media says:

Very impressive & informative review Sofyan. I definitely like everything
that the newly introduced Cadenza has to offer as it definitely makes the
car a good competitor against the similar offerings that are out there 🙂
– Michael Land

flyingcow 32 says:

Could you do a review on a 2014 Santa Fe limited with tech package? Love
your reviews by the way.

Robert Bryant says:

Curious, does Kia state why they have no fold down rear seat, yet the
Hyundai Azera does?

flexor212000 says:

Enough with the Kia’s….. sheesh. The style of this one looks like it
stepped out of the late 90’s…

Kristoff Kristoffersun says:

Review an Infiniti Qx80 (Qx56)

n777ua says:

The intro EDM music is a little annoying, and immature. /Drive has some
good contemporary tracks. 

Paul Connolly says:

You mentioned you’re not crazy about Infiniti sound systems . I’m curious
what brands you like?


Does it really cost that much more to have both driver and front passenger
seats ventilated? Come on Kia. Oh, and Great Review Sofyan!

Joseph Rogers says:

It’s still a Kia. Not exactly known for their luxury, performance pedigree.

Mercedes Fan Vids says:

What car do you rev up for the start credits? It sounds so familiar, but I
can’t put my finger on it……

justokay says:

Love your reviews Soyfan. Wish this had been done on your normal route
though… a freeway is kind of blah. As for the car, why would anybody
choose this over a Genesis R Spec?

MuffinHatred says:

Good review, awful, awful car. 

CHANNELgr says:

U did it great reveiw u put both ur review styles in one

Umed Wynn says:

What’s the name of the song in the beginning of this video? Thank you

UndgrdCustomCruisers says:

The front reminds me of Infiniti Q50. But it’s never gon’ be that car.

David Oros says:

I like this car. So much to offer for the price and especially when
compared to the competition.

Heather Barley says:

wow, that looks awesome!

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