Redline Review: 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

Redline Review: 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

Easily one of Hyundai’s best-selling vehicles, the third-generation Hyundai Santa Fe now comes in two sizes: the 3-row Santa Fe and this smaller 2-row Santa Fe Sport. A stylish new design,…



n777ua says:

First thought: BLEH

Last thought: BLEH

David C Schlesinger says:

+2theRedline I’m not sure when you’re going to go back to reviewing used
cars yet, but may I please request a review on the 8th generation Civic Si?

Brandon Friesen says:

“I’m going to put my car enthusiast away…”
*Full throttle accelerates*

Djonkie Bonk says:

I like the design but what I’m not convinced about with Hyundai/Kia
products are the longevity of the parts on the vehicle. They’re offering a
ton of car for the money so it makes me think they had to cut somewhere.
I’ve read so many complaints about the Elantra and other models suffering
from premature brake wear, needing new struts, control arms and wheel
bearings at very low mileage which means the nice refinement of the vehicle
degrades rather soon requiring replacement of parts. 

Jflux69 says:

Dude, Your Wrong More Side Wall like more Cow Bell.

JPalm says:

Why do you WOT from every turn or stop in every vehicle you drive?

Austin Causey says:

Hey man, you should consider doing a car review on your personal car? I’d
love to watch it. Great videos, keep up the good work. I’ve learned alot
about cars now that I’ve watched your videos.

Michael Hollon says:

My mom has the SUV and she loves it….

Njderig says:

I love all the hand gestures when he talks about the center stack and how
disappointed he gets when something is hard touch instead of “soft touch”
and one touch automatic windows. lol

r1pster says:

Mickey mouse

pedrof830 says:

Not an all black interior, yeepee! says:

Your shorts are cute.

Majed Al-Salem says:

I prefer outlander sport

Davidscarreviews says:

Can yall please check my video on a nissan altima it helps a bunch thanks
and please sub and like!

Ford Fan97 says:

Our Santa fe Sport has the same rims. I find them too small also. I’m not
at the engine part but your tester is the 2.4L 190HP 181LB-FT torque.

oscar trujillo says:

I’m a bit curious on the Hyundai Genesis coupe would be cool if you guys
did one. As I trust you we have pretty similar tastes in how we want our

Darren Loke says:

The Hyundai Santa Fe Sport doesn’t really deserve the “Sport” badge…lol

dchawk81 says:

I can’t stand a poor sense of center. It makes those long highway commutes

Wenxi Zhai says:

Review the 2014-2015 scion tc

Mohsen khalid says:

Epic car!!


Santa Fe Sport is to Ford Edge as Tuscon is to Escape, making the CX-5
compete with Escape, Tuscon, Forester, Sportage, and other small-midsize

levaranoia says:

Centre stack looks like a cobra

German Jimenez says:

Are you going to try to review the new Mustang when it comes out?

Erik Söderlind says:

Good looking!

ChiangMoney says:

now i cant unsee the mickey mouse/elephant dash haha

GVGVIT1993 says:

Hard plastic? What a shame for this price. *facepalm*

Young Knives says:

The “Sport” badge actually means a vehicle has been decontented from a
higher trim. The trick is knowing whether or not the full-contented version
is a sporting model or not.

Range Rover vs Range Rover Sport
LR Discovery vs LR Discovery Sport
BMW sdrive vs xdrive (sport being only two wheel drive vs all wheel drive)
Lexus F-sport vs F badging
Cadillac V-sport vs V badging
BMW M-sport vs M badging

Because sports cars are viewed highly as content is taken away, (and you
“enthusiast” reviewers prove this true with the fact that practicality,
safety, visibility, passenger comfort, amenities, material quality, and
etc. are all written off if the vehicle is great to drive), the marketing
guys realized that saying something is the “Sport version” allows all of
the “cheaper” versions to hold prestige. Hence also why sport is a mid-trim
usually, above base (price point) and below the fully-loaded/tuned models.

Epic Jameson says:

And a 2014 gmc terrain denali

Alex Cantú says:

Not first 

rope rider says:

Nice, the design style is cool

Zehua Liang says:

please do a review on the new c300 or c400 

hxper34 says:


E GBH says:

Would love to hear your opinion on the new chevy ss. 

Friendly0Dan says:

I love it.

howardmike95 says:

Saw your cracked iphone. That sucks!

james215 says:

Cannot unsee elephant now lol

Valentino Lanier says:

+2theRedline Youtube i watch these all day 

Govin Jodha says:

Nice review! I’d love to see you do a review of the 2.0T model, just to see
the difference in performance.

Martin K says:

When will you review Lexus IS F Sport?

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