Redline Review: 2014 Hyundai Equus Ultimate

Redline Review: 2014 Hyundai Equus Ultimate

Its standard V8 power, plush ride, and luxurious cabin allows the 2014 Hyundai Equus to feel like a true flagship luxury sedan in several areas including tec…



SKFlo says:

equus starts at 61k!

daniel55645 says:

im sorry but if i’m spending 60k for a car, it’s not gonna be a hyundai,
i’m gonna spend it on 2005 Bentley Continental with 40k miles on it… Oh
wait, that is what i did. 

bmwmsport11 says:

what i think hyundai needs to do is create its own signature design
language. Kia is heading somewhat in that direction, but there are still
some hints in the new K900 that look stolen from its competitors. 

richard evans says:

I think a lot more people would buy this car if they realized that the cost
of ownership would be much less than its german competitors. Let’s face it,
you’re going to spend much more maintaining a bmw than a hyundai.

n777ua says:

Also Sofyan while the material and fit and finish may seem nice at first
glance, they are simply not as good as the more expensive German cars –
there’s no free lunch here. Not just materials, but advancement on
industrial design – Hyundai is still a generation behind, it’s very clear
to see. Compare door trim form between an A8 or Old/new S class – Eqqus is
generic and forgettable. Same with exterior, a generation behind. 

WoZIMoo says:

Last I checked a well equipped Acura RLX is almost 61,000 dollars so for me
this car is well priced. Also, I’ve been in both the Equus and LS460 and
the Equus felt just as much, if not better built than the Lexus. Give them
time, Hyundai is already gaining quite a reputation here in Canada.

Nikki & Eryonne ;) ♥ says:

Oh yeah, go buy a 2014 7 Series, A8, S Class, or whatever for $61,000…
Tell me when you find that on one of their price tags for a BRAND NEW top
of the line one…

Djonkie Bonk says:

I’d still take a Lexus or European equivalent though this car is a very
good attempt by Hyundai. The thing is they should stick to making more
basic affordable cars because they do that very well and offer a ton of car
for the price. Hyundai should focus their efforts in that area of the

zech007 says:

Come on your not suppose to make cars look like other cars that your
competing with, and that Hyundai badge just makes it a tragic design…

Tamer Fakhry says:

What you do for a living?

tavi921 says:

S-Klasse copycat.

Grammar Police says:

I paused this video at five seconds and read the description. “Does anyone
remember the …” AHA! Let me finish that for you. Does anyone remember
the parable of Lazarus and the rich man? Luxury? Plush? Refinement?
Interior space?
Sportier driving dynamics?
To me, that sounds like the way the rich man was living. (spending on
luxury and refusing to give even a crumb to Lazarus who begged) We all know
what happened to him when he breathed his last breath. The rich man was
begging Lazarus for A DROP OF WATER TO DOUSE THE FIRE!
But guess what? Lazarus COULDN’T give the rich man any water, because once

Be careful how you spend your wealth!


Legend21 says:

Rather buy a used s550 and a 7 series over anything from Korea or Japan

Mario dablife says:

it looks so retarded. looks like a chinese car.

camargo2012 says:

Hyundais and KIAs are really cheap to maintain and super realiable, its the
only cars to be considered for me to buy. all others are badgefag

tee duke says:

this car sucks but i like the way the tv monitors are in the seats and not
looking like its about to fall off the seats like how Mercedes and BMW put
there monitors.Thats all i like about this car and i think it is a insult
when they compare this garbage to the BENZ S550,BMW 7 SERIES,JAGUAR XJ,AUDI

Austin O'Neal says:

stop talking and start driving.

CmanCorporations says:

I’m not even 10seconds in and i’m already excited for this review!!!

jason born says:

why doesnt this car have a moonroof

Lancelot Moore-Yorke says:

it looks alright but, i dont think id spend 60k on this, id rather get a
bmw or an audi

Ryukachoo says:

to be honest im sort of missing the usual 2theredline review style with the
handycam walk through, poking everything
of course this might have been paid for by hyundai….

2JZBobby says:

Although it’s a Hyundai, it’s a lot cheaper than all the other competitors
and certainly a lot cheaper to maintain than the 7 series and S class. If I
had $70,000 I’d definitely get one 

AMDGamer says:

6:46 wait? if the rear passengers can control the front seats , wouldn’t
there be a problem if you know , people were sitting in the front seats? To
Kids , it would just be back and forth ( literally ) if one of them is the
front , and one in the back just playing with the controls 

Hank Hill says:


pedrof830 says:

You have a lead foot? the understatement of the year!

Mr. Preston Simms says:

Nice, but EXPENSIVE!! 

2Kriss2Kross says:

I can never forget the Excel. It was my cousin’s first car in the late 90’s
that she kept for less than a year until she bought a Sentra. I believe
Hyundai has improved greatly since then. I see a lot Hyundais from the
early to mid 2000’s still on the road, can’t say that about early Hyundais.
Great car but I’m more interested in its sister car the Kia K900, hope you
guys can get a chance to review it.

Arnold Schwarzenigger says:

bad editing

Jay Ryn says:

Fake of the Mercedes S-Class? ^^

David James says:

no.. they got the name right…. it does kinda look like a horse! 

letsbefreaks98 says:

the styling is nice but kinda plain

flyingcow 32 says:


mrkongsimr says:

Very handsome , but the car , not really !!

Elisi Camost says:

I hope you don’t have metal on the back pockets of your jeans otherwise you
will scratch the car when leaning on it.

n777ua says:

Great review Sofyan – only suggestion is to try and not sound like you’re
reading from a script – you’re better when you’re speaking your mind 

Ray Cheng says:

2014 bmw 335i not even fully loaded is around $60,000 and it does not even
have heated seats or a back up camera yet. This Hyundai is a a bargain at
$70,000. You get a lot more for your money buying this Equiss

Erik N says:

Damn, won’t play for me.

marc1093280 says:

For 60 grand, I’d rather get a used Maserati or Aston Martin. Heck, I can
get a Jaguar XJ with incredibly low miles for that price.

Alex V says:

Should do the Kia Cadenza

Eduardo Sosa says:

What happened to the video quality 

rick pettry says:

OMG. HYUNDAI rated lowest by JD POWERS. Hasn’t got any awards. And every
thing I have heard is all hype. HYUNDAI is the worst cars built in my book.
And was considered a throw away car. HYUNDAI has to lie ABOUT the MPG’S.
And is being sued again. HYUNDAI says they are better than HONDA. BMW. OMG
Lexus. Mercedes. Really. Were is the proof. Its all hype. To make sales.
Check out the resale Vaule of a HYUNDAI before you buy one. OMG. You think
a HYUNDAI is worth as much as a BMW. Or a Lexus. Not even a little Mazda.
All’s I see are employees making comments. Were is the proof. Were are the
awards. Dont fall for the HYUNDAI hype. 

Peter Flynn says:

you said the excel was the first Hyundai offered in the states. I thought
the Pony was the first Hyundai sold in North America.

kdu8004 says:

My infiniti g35 has the adaptive cruise and i find it very annoying. It is
nice in construction sites though.

Moby Dick says:

Actually, the Hyundai Pony was the first vehicle they offered here, not the

free doms says:

i would like it more if this was under 50k….if it was..this will sell
like hot cakes… i just cant get over the price…not because its a
hyundai…but because the exterior looks like its just worth under 50k ,
but the interior is nice…for 70k they should of kept the massage seats
and added 4wheel drive and and option engine…like a diesel so it can get
30plus mpg like its competitors..

Rick Stylus says:

this car is such a limousine which need a chauffer but with a redesigned
front grill would look even better.

Douglas Nicolas says:

LS460 hands down.

Heather Barley says:

people who complain about this band name, they can’t even afford BMW or any
other start up cars even. and plus, BMW or Benz .. around or over 100K.
yeah it is nice but you paying for name! just like same size house in
different location..

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