Redesigned! – 2011 Kia Sportage Review

Redesigned! – 2011 Kia Sportage Review

This is a review of the all new 2011 Kia Sportage by Ron Doron of



Damehuri AD says:


Auchie Thomas says:

why dont pp like kia??

arfer says:

He’s right. It does look better than its competitors. Still does 3 years
after its launch. I’ve been driving one for 2 years now and it’s holding up
really well. People still give it admiring looks, until they notice the

Rallusernamesunavail says:

if u hid the badge and said it was a lexus u could charge ppl 75,000$ for it

pizzian says:

This guy is big ! and he sits confortably :))

westcoastbcj says:

barely any interior images…


This guy is so right….can u overcome the perception of driving a KIA ????
KIA should consider changing the words to just a nameless logo.

forestgreen98 says:


JonathanD90 says:

@Just4Laughss The fact that we live in America matters. It’s called
conspicuous consumption: the image that you are living well by three
materialistic possessions. Expensive house, expensive car, expensive
clothes – You must have a great life. Obviously, that isn’t always true,
but it’s the American dream.

Brian Rokosz says:

@vicmackey1268 i’ve test driven the Sportage twice, Tucson once, almost
bought a Forester and a Mazda CX-7, my mom has a CR-V, cousin has a RAV-4,
work friend has the Escape and I drove a used one. I ended up buying a used
SE Camry cuz I knew i’d get a lot of resale value out of it when I can
afford the car I really want. I also think the SX4 is a great little hatch
AWD, and if you wait till next year the Wrangler and Escape will be all
new. The new Compass is my current favorite small SUV.

Hamza Hassan says:

honestly its a great car but i have a couple of points , i went to the shop
and sat in it for a while i noticed a couple of things 1 , the driving
wheel is small , and its not as wide and roomy as it looks thats all

Brian Rokosz says:

@if7ate9 I think maybe since I thought the Sportage looked SO good from the
outside that I would be as impressed with the drive…really my opinion is
the interior is more important cuz you never really see the outside of your
car. None of the cars in this segment were really terrific with how the
inside impressed me except that the Tucson was gorgeous at night with it’s
bright blue gauges. Im driving the compass soon but i heard its miles ahead
of the old one i rented and sucked.

rnorred86 says:

Great Review! Kia & Hyundai are really stepping it up with their designs &
quality. My brother has & 2005 Hyundai XG350 & it’s a pretty nice car.
Bought it last year for just 8k in really good condition with only 36k

ideaynojodas says:

I love this vehicle.

das2190 says:

He is so big he makes that car look like a toy lol

bodhisattva99 says:

where’s the radio/CD go when you add the nav function? or is it integrated?
I drove one (rented) and wondered what would happen because the nav system
they gave us was an add on and the radio was where I imagine the nav system
would be.

OneOfOne says:

you need to do a follow up demonstrating the uvo and also the other
interior features.


chrome looks so cheap….just knowing ur driving a KIA logo doesn’t win at
coolness points

Mahmood Zaid says:

I had a one and the only problem I found with is the suspension it’s really
stiff and especially on our roads, I’m from Iraq and our roads are very bad
so I found it not comfortable at all but on high way it’s very stable, I
managed to 170Km/h and I don’t find any problem at all. Thanks guys for
this amazing review

srvumup says:

i was a detailer at a kia dealership, and all i can say is that kia has
really up their game.. great cars

gary blake says:

i have 1 in bronze color i love it

yeotmugrajp says:

Poorman’s Audi ? eat shit with you jerk,,, What age your primate head
belong to? Kia is gone ahead of BMW, Mercedes, from 2011 in reliability,
durability, Hp/weight, IT tech’implements.. fits & finish, Ulterior design
quality etc…going par with Porsche & will kick it’s ass in another months
counting.. You ignorant uninformed dullard …, Update yo monkey brain~

Caleb Priday-Jeremiah says:

im getting a sportage in 8 months thats a big waiting list

Maaz Ashraf says:

@remustintoi yea that explains a lot

if7ate9 says:

@vicmackey1268 Have you tested other cars in this class? People say the
acceleration and handling is also lacking in the Mazda CX-7 and the
Mitsubishi Outlander Sport. The CX-7 is too firm, and the Sport is too slow.

John Arredondo says:

Great info!

yong lee says:

thx for the awesome review.. luv ur shoW !!!

whazmanameletsgo says:

poor man’s audi? I wouldnt mind to drive this car! My gf might be getting
it as her first car ! Hopefully , i love how safe it is !!!

Av987 says:

@MOUSEBOWEN Luckily US made cars are famed worldwide for their excellent
use of premium plastic all throughout their interior and superb safety
rating, not to mention those unmatched feul economics… :’)

zungaloca says:

now everybody copy the design of cerato optima (camry) sorento (edge
landrover) etc

Maverick8898 says:

Thank you!

cpwallz says:

@MOUSEBOWEN Go learn how to spell first man before talking.

Max Najimy says:


jerseytoman1212 says:

they need a new logo.

LovinMeReally says:

this is going to be my next car =) black on black fully loaded, I think
31,000 is cheap for a brandnew top of the line suv… it is the best
looking then crv… im in love with this truck, its so cute for women =)

Av987 says:

@Lithiumgtr You honestly must be a real dumb fuck if you judge a car by
it’s badge…

Hasan Kabeer says:

Real sporty look!

Minccioshawott says:

puedo subir grandes cadenas de montañas con este carro?

Atmos says:

I want to like Kia’s but like Ron mentioned I can’t get past the badge!
Kia, don’t make your badge an oval, it just looks so horrible. Ford can get
away with it but you need something more edgy and angular, anything but an
oval, even just the letters and no oval.

rstarkeytn says:

Great review of this great car. I overcame the perception of KIA and
couldn’t be happier. Ride is quiet and smooth. Just an all around good car
and the warranty is a strong selling point as well.

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