Real World Test Drive 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser

Real World Test Drive 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser

It’s subtle but strong.. sophisticated but not stuffy. Grant Winter takes us for a Real World Test Drive of the 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser:



Ara J says:

80% of the cars in my country are Land Cruiser and we have the 4.0 l V6
version as well

Mohamed almaqtari says:

Thank you for information because land cruiser is my favourite one in

Darkzxi says:

I remember my family 1999 land cruizer best car ever and i have been in
many luxury cars 5 series bimmers mercedes G wagons and the 85k range rover
yet for some reason i find the land Cruiser much nicer, sadly my family
sold after 13 years of going all over the country one hell of a car and
totally worth 80K

LarryC213 says:

I really don’t give a damn what the environmentalists have to say about

Andy King says:

What you guys need is the 4.5 Ltr Turbo Diesel version awesome milage and a
mountain of low down Torque. 

Jackson Berger says:

My mom owns a brand new 2014 Land Cruiser. She says it was worthy every
damn penny.

barnabas luka says:

I like Toyota model

LaMidrange Aldridge says:

Why is this faggot talking about the luxury features? We want to know the
beastly skills offroad.

Ali BK says:

FUCK YOU MAN. you’re voice is just soooo annoying ” Bodybuilder with a tank
top” will you fucking eat my dick? DORK.

TheLucasrussell says:

You put the Landcruiser down in a way Grant. In the Australian outback,
every second car is a Toyota, mostly being a Landcruiser. Something that
you did fail to mention was how reliable and tough these vehicles are. They
aren’t designed for the city, but have luxurious features and refinement
that you’d find in a Mercedes-Benz, for example. 

Danny Yousif says:

you are more boring than a mother fucking robot u stupid ass punk

Absolu green says:

U have to ride on it or leave in afrikA or midle east to no this car it is
the best suv in the world ….. Owners no what am talking about .

loblolly777 says:

You review a 4WD and spend 25% of your review on Bluetooth? Really?

mderoller says:

My dream car.

Sadee Salman says:

3:15- 3:28 Lmaaaaooo :D

V.C. says:

why would you have a 2wd button on a landcruiser? stupid review…

amy muro says:

Does this car have 8 seats

top china says:

In Pakistan its more than 1.5HundredThousand. 

niel vanhollon says:

great .. but 

John Doe says:

Absence if H2 on the dial is not a down side – learn how different 4wd
systems work before you say that about LC. What about KDSS, the type of
4wd, body on frame, over engineered parts to compensate for off road abuse,
aftermarket support. Like another comment said here this is what happens
when LC gets reviewed by a Prius owner.

Jatin Bhatia says:

Gonna buy a betty white landcruiser…..LOL. funny.

Muhammad Tariq says:

you tube is not right speed

niel vanhollon says:

classy car

yot pwe says:

my dreamcar

muhlis sultoni says:


Raju Encharla says:
Sitti2300 says:

In the U.S., if you want to have full featured Land Cruiser, you need to
buy Lexus LX570. For US market, they removed some good features from Land
Cruiser to differentiate LX570.

Fernando De Pinho says:

Jeez you suck so much a hore would be ashamed, just stick to walking if
everything about driving irritates you.. and fuck that was the worst review
to such a good car.

John Scott says:

The Bluetooth in my Land Cruiser 200 works just fine.

eddy fernandez says:

80K uff hell no

Andy Tan says:

Why does this stupid commentator spend 1 minute and 13 seconds talking
about a STUPID HEAD SET?!?!?!

AreEssScape says:


Faisal Alkaabi says:

for the record, in middle east the sandy roads and hills are the real exam
for the SUV cars, well our experience say that there are only Land Cruiser
and Nissan Patrol cars can overcome to this challenge and no fucking German
car was able to walk in these roads you can check this on youtube

Vv hese says:

ugly looking for the price range..

wise1134 says:

If you’ve never owned one don’t talk crap. These legends are worth every

Aaron Murray says:

A 4 and a half minute reviewing the Land Cruiser and the the first minute
and a half is whining about Bluetooth?

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