Real Videos: 2013 Toyota Prius Five Model — The Luxury Prius

Real Videos: 2013 Toyota Prius Five Model — The Luxury Prius

Here we are with another Real Video, the Real Review featuring the 2013 Toyota Prius Five Model. The Five is the top of the model range in the Prius family and offers their SoftTex seats, heated…



Mahmoud Saber says:

An advice, I believe the video was boring, to improve that, 1st there’s no
point of talking about the car while driving, stop the car take the camera
and move it and point it towards the things you’re explaining like the
material and the seats, be organized on the subject, don’t jumb from the
material quality to the motor then back to the material, i think your
knowledgeable though, but didn’t continue the video was boring

Bjsimon says:

Oil will reach 200dollars a barrel, this is the future. Ideal cars to save
you money, and drive your truck or muscle car on weekends.

TechGently says:

Ok so yes $35,000 to about $36,000 if you don’t negotiate. For a top of
the line Prius, that includes the leather like interior, headlight washer,
lane assist, automatic parallel parking, etc. But for a general Prius in
2015, let’s take a Prius 3 model. with the Solar Sunroof, navigation it’s
about $28,000, then possibly a few thou off of that, so $10,000 less, with
the fabric interior. I still get the basic safety features standard (ABS,
Traction control, smart stop, etc), full stereo/navigation system, only
without the JBL, (fix, buy better speakers, $150) and a sunroof with the
air which here in California is a godsend.
My only gripes with this car after having spent a few months with it: 1 USB
only control either your ipod or your iphone, can’t control both. So
either choose running the apps like Pandora or get a smart phone that’s got
at least 32gb or more on it.
Awkward underneath storage, good for a ballcap, and no change drawer like I
had on my Camry. The controls to change your settings is a bother too,
you need to hold down the trip or display button and change with that and
it’s a bit confusing on the settings a bit Japanese/foreign of a reminder
that the car was not made in the US. It isn’t explained well in the
The navigation system is stellar, but the voice commands are not, you’d be
best just to enter the data before you drive. 

derbigpr500 says:

50 mpg is not really impressive when a 2.0 diesel will do 70+ mpg easily,
and offer MUCH better performance. BMW 320d does 0-60 in 7 seconds and top
speed is 145 mph. And it still easily does 70 mpg. In fact, when you drive
it in top gear at about 60-70 mph, it only consumes about 2 liters of fuel
/ 100 km, which is like 120 mpg.

spyder64 says:

If you want the higher end Prius, your best best is to lease the Plug-in
model. They plug-in models don’t sell well because most people don’t
understand that you DON’T have to plug it in. Toyota offers very
attractive lease rates on the Plug-in Prius. The base Plug-in models
offers many of the model 5 features.

The Prius steering is electric, not belt driven – that’s why it feels
different. Remember this is a gas saver, not a sports car or a luxury car.
Most of the technology in the Prius is unseen, but it is far ahead of most
of vehicles in the same price range.

mysqueeker says:

I have a gen III pkg 5 and i get 51mpg. how he got 44 is beyond me. this
generation will get 50 not even trying.

Erte 27 says:

I think the Prius had its day,
That’s why I got a Honda CRZ
Next step up , on our way to an BMW I eight . 

Dave Salvador says:

Good review!

xjrhythm says:

Eyes on the road, please. It makes me uncomfortable.

djclown7pb says:

Where do you do your testing? In what state? 

Yusuf Badirov says:

can you talk ANY……. SLOWER?

spyder64 says:

The plug-in Prius model qualifies for the tax rebate, just like the Volt
and is a much larger interior vehicle.

elviscash56 says:

So Prius owners, I know you think you’re saving the environment but you’re
not, you’ve been suckered into one of the greatest marketing schemes of all
time. Let’s break it down shall we? A prius is made of steel and aluminum
which is created by first mining ore out of the earth and then using oil or
another fossil fuel to form it into steel and aluminum sheets. The
interior is plastic and synthetic fabric which are both made from oil. It
uses rubber tires made from oil. It still uses gasoline which is refined
from oil. The electric motor uses electricity generated from a power plant
most likely burning coal. And you drive it on a road made of asphalt which
is made from oil. You’re not saving the planet, you’re paying 25 or 30k
for a car that would be 16k as a gasoline only car with the same
environmental impact, and to top it all off, you are not going to save any
money on gas. Do the math, the increased gas mileage will never make up
for the price tag when compared to something like a Mazda 2 that gets less
gas mileage but is also far cheaper. 

Chris Durst says:

The base prius plug in makes the most sense as after rebates it’s around
25k out the door with taxes and everything. It’s mileage for me has been
in the mid to high 80’s, with some tanks of gas I’ve gotten over a 100
MPG. Given I drive ‘better’ than the author of this video who only got
44mpg on a regular Prius. Really depends on your driving patterns on
which vehicle makes the most sense (volt, prius, or other). If you have a
garage, and a means to charge on a easy regular basis the Prius Plug is not
a bad option. Keep in mind the Prius Plug-in has some HOV advantages in
some areas and TAX rebates which the regular Prius doesn’t have.

Blitz4000 says:

“Very ginger with the accelerator”…WTF does that mean??? LMAO!!!

spyder64 says:

Go to NYC – the cabs are about 40% Prius and Prius V. That alone should
tell you how good a vehicle the Prius is.

S. McCloy says:

You want to SAVE MONEY to drive this car. It is great for emergency
preparedness. You have nearly 600 miles range on a tank of fuel. That is
not joke in a disaster.

Ivan Vojt says:

The Prius 4 is the sweet spot.

manjot sandhu says:

You can turn that beep off when you backing up…I just bought 2014 prius
the model three…go to setup button you will find it

Real Auto Reports says:

Welcome back for another Real Video, the Real Review. Today, we have the
detailed review on the 2013 Toyota Prius Five Model. We will tell you what
the Five means and our thoughts on why you might look at a Prius. Check it
out, and thanks for watching.

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