Real Videos: 2013 Kia Soul ! (Exclaim) – The Small Party Vehicle

Real Videos: 2013 Kia Soul ! (Exclaim) – The Small Party Vehicle

Here we are with another Real Video, the Real Review featuring the 2013 Kia Soul !. Technically called the Exclaim, our host couldn’t help but call this the …



simpleplankidd4 says:

nice review =) I have to laugh though at the lady in the red car next to
you around the 5:30 mark, she seems to be very interested in your review as
well lol..

Gregory gregory says:

hot bulge!

Ess Sleeter says:

Just a correction on what the testor said (at marker 6:10 on his
video)..the SOUL Exclaim he’s test driving is not a leaf spring as he
said..per KIA “At the rear, Soul’s suspension is sub-frame mounted with a
transverse torsion beam axle with trailing arms, coil springs and gas shock
absorbers for a smooth ride and minimum intrusion into the cargo space.”

OverdrivePill says:

Oh wow just noticed that I know EXACTLY where you are driving! Down the
street from Sams

Danarius Miller says:

I’m thinking about getting one

Carol Babcock says:

I love my 2013 kia soul 4u luxury car stunning red with black leather.The
sun roof is a great feature along with all other features. AWSOME.

Helzyeah99 says:

i wish it was a v6 tho.

Carol Babcock says:

did you mention sun roof ?

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