Raptor Rescue: 2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD vs F-150 Raptor Snowy Misadventure

Raptor Rescue: 2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD vs F-150 Raptor Snowy Misadventure

http://www.TFLtruck.com ) The 2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD and the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor are two pickup trucks that are very off-road worthy. But what happens when there are several feet of ice…



Ara J says:

Tacoma with 6 speed manual ,locking rear diff , ARB front locker and a
winch …NOTHING can stop it 

D0hv says:

I hope to have a Ford Raptor someday, they’re so beautiful. And why the
hell are Tacoma’s so damn expensive ? I’ll never pay that much for a small

Due North says:

imo it would have been a whole different ball game if the Tacoma had a rear
diff locker (i thought all “off road” models do) and some decent tires.
Those Bridgestones really aren’t all that good when you compare them to a
real winter/all terrain type tire. I guess it was a fun type video but
not really informative in any real way. Whats with you guys wanting to tow
with a Tacoma so badly? lol

Brah Sumatra says:

The Toyota Tacoma is ISIS approved.

Trevor Roth says:

Why no rear locker? I thought the off road version had it standard?

david heming says:

I don’t care what anyone else has to say but a tacoma 4×4 with offroad
package is the best factory off roader made. yes the raptors faster in a
drag race and uses way more gas but I’ve never ran into the situation that
I needed to drag race in the woods or found a gas and go 5 miles off the

The Fast Lane Truck says:
Nib Riddan says:

The Tacoma isn’t sold around the world WTF.

Sadpants McGee says:

Is there a reason you decided to use a TRD Sport with fake Off-Road badging
on it instead of a real Off-Road or TRD Pro? Seems like quite an

wantsanewvehicle says:

Finally got to use the winch! What is this, the first or second time? I
know you guys only planned to keep the raptor for a year, but I think you
should keep it longer because if you get rid of it then more than likely we
won’t have videos like this 🙁 Although, I guess you did just get the
wrangler.. put a winch on it so we can continue vids like this :D

Hunter T. says:

Don’t you just hate having to pop the hood to operate the winch?

Mark Reagan says:

I Like you TLF Car And TFL Truck ( For Now) But Getting Tired of it Being
the FORD RAPTOR Channel. Starting to wonder if i can get a honest review?
Maybe you should change the name too. The FORD Lane ! for TFL. I may have
to Unsubscribe?

jesse johns says:

thats not a real OFF- ROAD package on the taco. it’s a TRD sport. the off
road has 16″ wheels and no hood scoop, lockers come on off-road package

ReginaSirens says:

Stuck or not the Raptor is still BEAST <3

Julian S says:

Really liked this episode!! Great editing and “script”, great job would
love to see more of it!!

T Ritchie says:

Instead of totaling it you can bring that Tacoma down here to Kentucky and
sign it over to me. If your that desperate to get rid of it I’ll be nice
enough to take it off your hands free of charge.

Corrosive says:

That wench setup is awesome! What brand/setup did you use… I want to get
one for my Raptor. 

Jaegr Wolf says:

The older trucks and even gmc jimmy’s used to push snow up over the
bumpers, newer vehicles are kind of useless and cost 50 g’s more and don’t
provide any better gas mileage…it’s kind of sad really.

jensen bud says:

I think it would be more amusing to over load the tow rating when doing the
like gauntlet to see if the truck will break or not. 

Chris Reese says:

200 or 300 pounds in the beds of those trucks, might have made a

Brian T says:

I hope you don’t normally winch cars from the safety chain loop.

Yo TF says:

lol even the dog has good taste in vehicles 

headcas620 says:

You guys should take the Raptor on your mpg circuit for shits and giggles.

TreeThunder says:

The Toyota may be at the end of its lifecycle, but that certainly doesn’t
mean that it’s not a quite capable stock truck.


I like the 2015 TRD…Tundra…much better.

Franny June says:

Wow that video editing dooooo , really bad just saying

MrKeyboardCommando says:

When a truck rolls up and it dwarfs a Tacoma, all you can say is the Ford
F-150 is too bloody big.

drunkpolak wontreply says:

Pretty cool video; The Tacoma TRD was a little disappointing in the snow.

bigfoot1310 says:

sold internationally? I thought the Hilux; it what u see in all the war
zones, not the Tacoma.

blubb7711 says:

To rescue the Ford you need a Tatra. ^^

greygoozz says:

disappointing by both trucks

Anton Hetz says:

Ф-150 это кусок говна который через 5-7 лет станет разваливающейся повозкой
которая нихера не стоит, а Такома – это неубиваемая машина

zzsuprazz says:

The trd sport is a great truck and very capable . the one they had was miss
labeled with a trd off road and the tires on the trd sport are good but not
ment for off road. Wish they would have used a true trd off road for the
snow trail with the raptor. It would have been a better video. Still
looking forward to the towing/ect video coming.

Theodore Nebosky says:

The Raptor’s BFG tires specifically state that they’re NOT snow rated, yet
you use them to snow-test a Raptor? And portray that as a test of the
truck’s off-road worthiness? That exhibits about as much truck expertise
as the Raptor driver had in snow. Pretty much zero. 

ColonelRadec246 says:

Why didn’t you guys use the SVT’s 4×4?

Johnny Chan says:

*Now that is snow. Thanks :P*

shneargin101 says:

In what world is that a TRD off road? It’s literally a TRD sport with
different decals.

rax188 says:

More raptor videos!!!

MrKeyboardCommando says:

The F-150 looks the business, the Tacoma IS the business !!!

Eric Dicaire says:

lol :p how to put yourself in trouble! …and we like that! It would have
been interesting to saw how both trucks had perform with proper snow tires
and a rear lock diff on the Tacoma. But, on the other hand, it was a very
tough trail. Awesome. 

LoneSpartan says:

Are you guys going to do economy runs with the trucks, like with the F150?
That would be awesome! I want to see the Titan’s real world mpgs. I know it
wont be very good, but no one seems to say exactly what it can achieve.

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