Premium hatchbacks Hyundai i30, Ford Focus, Volkswagen Golf – Is India ready?

Premium hatchbacks Hyundai i30, Ford Focus, Volkswagen Golf – Is India ready?

We’re discussing three premium C-Segment hatchbacks today, the Hyundai i30, Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus and their chances of making a difference in the C-…



Shubhodeep Das says:

This is probably the only car review that does not have any of the cars in
it! Please write all this in a blog next time which consumes a lot less

sukhjinder dhanoa says:


Reddylion says:

vw golf cool 

Sharanpreet Singh says:

y did u not mention the Jazz?? missed out?

mayankhbgt says:

is he gona fuck his mother in the car itself………

Vickramjason says:

I guess it won’t be same as vento or polo… in terms of standard as you
mentioned… it’s a car that goes 0-100 in 8 sec…!!!! it will be unveiled
with a more than expected price… I have been to Japan and they said VW
dealer said they make universal product… Polo their and here are exactly
the same…also passat and jetta.. even phaeton.. Golf R…they won’t
release that in India…that is like…Supergolf…lol

rowdyjeet says:

Plz hyundai india……launch new i30……i’m waiting for u ♥

Anudyuti Kar says:

Please golf.. Please come to India.. That is what we need! Any idea about
Kia Cee’d?

MrFireykid says:

caddila89 SHUT UP

Happy Duhra says:

when wil it launch in INDIa ?


waiting for hyundai i30…awesome hatchback

Alex Thomas says:

Poda pulle

jandj Godwin says:

hHii can u please confirm about the launches rather than speculating on
their chances in market?


This was nothing but talk, talk, and no torque. We were looking to see some
cars not a dhadiwala


yes ready…….

Gaurav Saharan says:

I will definitely consider buying VW Golf if it comes to India

wanderer4818 says:

Trust me…the VW Golf is the ultimate hatchback. I drive the 5 cylinder
2.5 version in Canada…it is well built and absolutely perfect.

rowdyjeet says:

Launch hone wale hai bhi ya nahi……kya india hai bey……abhitak 800 ke
picche lage hai……jara premium hatchback ki mang karo……thoda kam
features diya toh bhi chalega

dongodsmanna says:

joker to joker

appson wheels says:

I think gradually the premium hatches will become more acceptable, because
people have begun to buy cars by their dimensions- can it fit my house and
still offer me sedan class features, if the answer’s yes, then why not!

Nitesh Kashyap says:

Please cut short useless talk and just discuss the features of Car

Kaustav Guha says:

Indian people always buy their first car as a hatchback and from the next
one they go onto sedans or SUV . In our country hatchbacks are still the
ones you learn driving on . This is the scenario because most of the
hatchbacks that we have are easy to afford and none really stand out in
their segment . If you check the video of the new i30 that has been
launched in Europe, it looks as if it is from out of space . so i think
India needs better looking hatchbacks . These fit perfect .

Caddilac Wong says:

If 3 of them were to come, their price should be around 12-16 lakhs.
9-11lakh is too low for them to be profitable. But then Hyundai should be
focusing on Elantra instead of i30 because car buyer seems to be thinking
that sedan feels more upscale than a hatch. If Focus were to come I believe
they will be focusing on the sedan model.

ameya karnalkar says:

indians think sedans are better than hatchbacks coz we really havnt seen
good hatchbacks which can compete with sedans. sometimes i feel the
c-segment sedans ( vento swift dzire ) by pulling the ass of the polo and
swift. the premium hatchbacks are much more stylish than their sedan
counterparts ( and i think will have better handling too). i would buy an
i30 anyday over the verna

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