PowerPlug Hyundai H1 CRDi 0 – 100kph

PowerPlug Hyundai H1 CRDi 0 – 100kph

Hyundai H1 2011 van, 2.5L CRDi A/T. 0 – 100kph acceleration test with POWERPLUG. Times to speed were measured by RaceLogic ‘PerformanceBox’ GPS system (not b…



Matti Nieto says:

Minut 0:15 to 26 is 0-100 in 11s very faster!! SPARK GT 0-100 in 11 seconds
jahajaja very slow spark! 

상훈 박 says:

No fake your eyes is fake it is fast

Paweł Skupiński says:

looks like fake. Second run was made with Traction Control OFF. that’s why
it was faster. and it spun wheels.

Don Corleone says:

dude these kind of car doesnt have traction control. well the indonesian
version doesnt

Ahmet Kirik says:

Slow…. My İveco Daliy 35C11 3.0 HPI 180 hp is faster…11.5 sec to 100 km.

joaquin sierralta says:

lol get a manual…

chriscbts says:

that is impressive but what does it do to the milage? what is the
difference between with and without the powerplug?

Eggxpress says:

You compare 3.0 180 hp between 2.5 99 hp seriously? of course it will be
faster .Tell you what my Ford Econoline 0-100 does it in 8 seconds.

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