Off-road challenge: SVT Ford Raptor, Toyota FJ Cruiser, Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Off-road challenge: SVT Ford Raptor, Toyota FJ Cruiser, Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

We get it: most people aren’t hard-core off-roaders. But they—and we!—love the performance and look of such machines. Count us as weekend warriors, I guess. …



TheMegjake says:

If money is no option just get a Range Rover. And no, im not Britisish or
european even. 

NotsoJoe Rogan says:

I’m not sure if dirt roads are really consider off roading destinations,
how bout you take these stock hunks o junk to the Moab desert and see how
far y’all get

JULIUS K says:


Phillip Swanner says:

The raptor is overrated and overpowered, it brings nothing to the table
except horrible gas mileage and minimal towing for an f150. If you pay that
for a gas ford your retarded. It will more than likely break down even
before the jeep. Jeep is capable I give it that but, that is all. Fj needs
no competition it’s the clear winner. It’s a Toyota!

edward z says:

iv been looking at an 07 fj cruiser i like the look of it and how it drives
but im not sure how it would handle off road in stock form its a 6 speed
with full time 4×4 witch is odd to me any opinions 

Steve Oh says:

The FJ is clearly the obvious winner when it comes to offroad
capabilities…..then the Heep and then the Ford.

Gary Keith says:

That was the most idiotic test I have ever seen…the reviewers did no test
that I saw. This video is a waste….glad to see the Raptor can spin tires
in someone’s garden. lol!

Alec D. says:

Is it true that a lot of guys have broken their Raptors by jumping them?

dan collins says:

the rubicon will go anywhere! slowly but it will.

Mo7d 886 says:

All cars have their advantages and disadvantages and people buy what fill
their needs there’s no best.

Tallal Salim says:

Fj all the way, but the jeep is awesome too

Nathaniel Heath says:

Land Rover Defender… Try to top that

Nelson J says:

Fj was the best. Landcruiser would have been better

Derick Passmore says:

for real? A dirt road. Weak. Show us some offroading.

charles powers says:

Power Wagon is the one true go anywhere truck! Raptor is a sand box toy.
Jeep is the best off roader if you don’t need to haul anything with you on
your off-road trips. 

guy proulx says:

put a bombardier atv in the box of the raptor or dodge ram and you have a
losing combo lol

KnightShadey says:

@thetruthrock You still haven’t posted supporting data, just repeat your
baseless statements and hide replies. If you think your comments are so
factual, then you’d actually be able to provide at least a single bit of
supporting evidence, instead of hiding behind the throwaway phrase that
“you deal with manufacturers”.
That you going to 4 car shows a year doesn’t make you anywhere near an
expert it just makes you a spectator, especially compared to those
reviewers you wish to dismiss, whom have far more credibility than you ever

If you actually had a leg to stand on you’d actually back-up your statement
with the facts you demand of others but you fail to supply for yourself,
what a hypocrite !

Harold TheTubeman says:

lets be honest guys, FJ cruiser made in JAPAN, the best and only quality.


You answered zero questions about which one was better for any reason at
all. Other than spinning the wheels in flat dirt in the Raptor, you did no
testing either. Find a new job chumps.

Dakota Ortiz says:

I wish the FJ looked cooler.

Benjamin Sun says:

You can’t really compare the raptor with the others, has a v8 and it costs
as much as both the FJ and JK. 

laskocwp says:

Terrible comparison, all they did was bash the other guys, they barely
talked about the trucks or even covered the fact of which one is better;
which would be impossible because the Raptor and the Jeep/FJ are made for
completely different kinds of off-roading.

Roy Batty says:

The Raptor is really good………… at guzzling gas.

Austin B says:

The jeep was born an OfRoader the ford a Carrier the fj is fat week and NOT
mericin so shut up

pXnairsoft says:

That is not correct , the raptor is an amazing daily driver , it handles
very well on road with hardly any body roll, it hauls anything and u could
go fast on the back roads for miles , a lot of fun

Fortress: Personal Defense Solutions says:

Wrangler can do 98% of what the Raptor can?? LMAO!!
OK, I would wheel any 3 of those vehicles proudly, but day to day and to
the trail, nothing is on par with the Raptor. BUT, with a 4″ lift and some
bigger tires…?? Honestly, that Rubicon is gonna go places those other
vehicles will only see on postcards!! The FJs are “ok” but need some $$
invested into them before they’re really worth taking that
seriously….That’s my 2 cents as a marketing agent for Ford and as an avid

Michael Broska says:

I’m on Jeep #7…. Enough said…

Michael H says:

brians words mean nothing anymore, he’s saying the shocks are giving him
16″ of lift… shocks don’t give you any lift. Also they were in areas
that a ridgeline could do so yeah

AdogT Thomson says:

Come on off-road yes but the trails you were hitting anyone could do in a
Nissan Sentra. Not
Much of a test 

Levi Gray says:

Real Comparison:

Raptor is the top of the line F150 offroader, is the biggest, most powerful
and most expensive. Best to haul things (people inside, things in the bed
and/or hauling a trailer) and best at high speed offroad. Too large and too
long of a wheel base to do most slow speed crawling and to avoid damage on
most “jeep” trails and worst mileage of the group. Powerhouse work and play
do it all truck.

Jeep Rubicon Unlimited: is the top of the line wrangler, least powerful,
second most expensive, least comfortable for passengers. Only one that can
remove doors and top, by far the most capable crawling and on trails, has
the best live front and rear axle setup with locking differentials and
swaybar disconnects. Slowest and least comfortable to drive daily, cold in
the winter and gutless (slow). But a truely legendary and unique offroader
and piece of american history.

FJ Cruiser: This is the basic FJ cruiser model with street 17inch tires.
Cheapest of the 3 by a lot! More powerful and faster than the Jeep, quieter
and more comfortable ride then the jeep, better mileage than both the
raptor and the jeep, more reliable, smallest wheelbase and most civil to
drive on the street. Will go 95% of the places the jeep will go and will
out crawl the raptor easily even with street tires. Haul more weight and
heavier trailer than Jeep. over $20,000 cheaper than the raptor. Built on
the land cruiser frame which is the offroader of the world (jeep is the
offroader of the USA). Best buy of the bunch, most relaible, most capable
all around, smallest, best mileage, most comfortable on the street (if you
don’t put big people int the back). Is 10 years old and still competitive.

If money was no object I would have the raptor AND the jeep. Since money
matters, the FJ is the only choice to do everything offroad with a
realistic budget as a daily driver.

mambac7 says:

Wranglers are awesome until the transmission takes nice dump at 50,000
Reliability: Awful
Dependability: You and your mechanic will spend more time together than
your significant other
Safety: Almost certain death in side-impact collision above 45mph
Comfort: Worse than awful
Do yourself a favor and buy an FJ Cruiser. Kelly Blue Book best resale
value of any car sold in North America, Unbelievably reliably and
dependable (c’mon, it’s a Toyota), outstanding safety ratings, just as
comfortable as any SUV on the market, and just as capable off-road as the
Wrangler for 99.9999% of what anyone who owns one actually takes it (soccer
moms cough cough). The Jeep brand has changed ownership 7 times since 1941,
so the only thing original about the brand in the four little letters
J.E.E.P. So, if you think you are buying a Jeep for tradition, you are
buying a product of a 7-time failure of a brand. Guess how many times
Toyota has changed ownership since 1937 when it was founded…. a whopping

mapleblackdrums says:

Where’s the Tacoma TRD? 

HyperFuztion says:


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