Nissan Patrol vs Toyota LandCruiser: Video review

Nissan Patrol vs Toyota LandCruiser: Video review faces off the new petrol only Nissan Patrol Y62 against the diesel powered Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series.



Adam Haidar says:

have you seen the video when the NEW Nissan Patrol pulled a 170.9 TON cargo
plane 60 metres?!?! the Patrol has been named the best 4WD oof 2014, and is
in the guiness world record for heaviest towing for any production vehicle
on earth!! 

svg571 says:

…. or the up comming 5.0 V-8 cummins diesel engine is far more powerfull
than any pc of toy… i like although the 5.6 V-8.

bigfella65 says:

Terrible audio..

Salman Sater says:

This vs that

thickthighsluv says:

at the end they should have said “in partnership with Toyota”

Whaza23 says:

Should be comparing the other patrol. The Y61


listen up all you cunts living in them sand fucked places, nissan made this
new patrol for you kids soo its pretty good if you like diving up and down
dunes and crashing into your mate that has a towel on his head and i guess
going to the shops to get some more white robes, but yer she is pretty shit
for any thing i can think of in Australia but you cunts wouldnt know
fuckall because you just buy a car because some dickhead in a fake american
accent said it was pretty cool, any way have a good time with your mad jdm
ride in that sand and shit

sultan K says:

Nissan is better

Lurker 8675309 says:

the voice over is too low and unclear, I had to go back every now and then
to try and hear what he says. 

damieg82 says:

Wouldn’t the full spec LC have been a better choice for this test?
Especially when it comes to price…. apples to apples folks, NOT apples to

Chris Samurai says:

speak UP!

shahryar siddiqui says:

i think both are best because i have both of them.i live in doha qatar
thaths y i have both of them

MFaraz97 says:

yea full option of petrol and basic diesel of landcruser nice 

Ju Jubi says:

Why is he whispering??

Jordan Solomon says:

old nissan patrol look nice than the new

Kalahari Willis says:

Wait what country is this australia beacuse in america we havent recevied
nissan patrol

Flipodahippo says:

I like both cars better than a range rover and land rover lr4.

Sean Zappulla says:

I think Nissan Australia made a very big mistake not having a Turbo Diesel
motor in Australia and now no ute but Toyota is loving this. Water
crossings and petrol motors don’t go very well if the water gets on the
spark plugs.

Patroller Patt says:

The secret of manufacturing of real cross-country vehicles is lost by both

shutdown101 says:

These new Patrols are an insult to the quality offroad vehicles that the
Y60 and Y61 were. This is nothing more than an over-sized softroader. IFS
on all 4 wheels is all that you need to say, thats not a 4×4, thats a
shopping trolley. Gutted that Patrol have released this thing, lets just
hope they keep the GU Y61 available in Parallel like Toyota do with their
70 series. Head to head, the LC200 beats this patrol, One live axle is
better than none.

kroll52 says:

What’s nice the nissan luxury brand infiniti qx56 or Lexus lx570?!?!

pedro abreu says:

toyota y lexus y mejor que pa patrol

mark Gallentes says:

yeah your right but its the new 2013 model nissan patrol

Maad Dan says:

Obviously it’s less reliable, it’s got 10,000 extra things to stuff up. But
then again if I was going out into a totally isolated place I’d take any
old 1980’s Toyota and a lot of spare parts over a 200 series or Patrol.

Yuriy Dudchak says:

look like it is Toyota advertizing, why did they compare diesel Toyota with
petrol Patrol. Anyway – in most cases – Patrol is much better, and this is
cheap Toyota advertizing

Jassim Ali says:

Fully agree and i dont understand why they arent comparing the petrol
version of LC

Maxk99 says:

the Toyota looks like a shit sandwich without bread

garynz345 says:

nissan should throw the v6 diesel from the Navara Utes in as an option,
they are about 195kw with 550 nm torque, be a close match for the v8 diesel

alieninsurgent says:

A real bush vehicle is as low technology as possible while still getting
the job done, ie. 70 series Cruiser. No other vehicle comes close. The
dickheads in this ‘review’ claim an all-new design is a good thing!? The
secret to the LandCruiser’s success is the evolutionary, not revolutionary,
approach taken to it’s engineering and design. It’s been incrementally
improved over the past 40 odd years, based on what works, not some over
complicated BS that sounds good to fuckwit motoring journos.

australianmade74 says:

sorry, last patrol was ugly, low tech, outdated and no way as good as a
jeep or land cruiser offroad.

Erwin Racho says:

hahahah lc always win..patrol with their shiity machines

shutdown101 says:

I dont know where to start with that comment. You obviously have no idea /
clue about what makes a proper 4wd. The fact you led with ‘ugly’ shows your
a poser who thinks parking on his front lawn is hardcore offroad. The only
Landcruiser worth a pinch of salt is the 70 series but even that suffers
from leaf suspension and an overly electronic dependant motor. The 105
series at least had live axles but underpowered motor and weak diffs. The
LC200 is a joke. Auto only? IFS? I don’t mind jeeps tho.

mohammad zohorul says:

Nissan patrol is the most powerful suv in the world. It has genus world
record for towing a plane

Maad Dan says:

There is no more capable 4×4’s that’ll take your family off road with the
comfort these two offer, apart from a 200k+ Range Rover. Hyundai Santa Fee
or Holden Captiva are shopping cars.

rob8878 says:

The new Patrol doesn’t have a diesel option. Stupid decision if you ask me.

Mint Gecko says:

Neither the looks or how fast it is on road is important at all if you are
using these 4wds for what they were designed for…

rocknrollax42 says:

…..both of these = luxury that’s it they’re shit off road. go back to the
80, 105 series and the GU&GQ patrol all of them =durability/offroad
capability. with Toyota taking the lead in luxury.

Jason Carpp says:

The Patrol may look more attractive than that of the Land Cruiser, but I
prefer the turbo diesel from the Toyota Land Cruiser.

rocknrollax42 says:

wait I just read your comment again. are you saying in stock form the 200
series and the new patrol is better off road than the 80 series 105 series,
GQ&GU patrol jeep xj and wrangler stock ? now I know you’re full of shit.

rocknrollax42 says:

but is that what you meant? do you really think these two cars are better
than the 80&105 GQ&GU? seriously now.

Michael Nugara says:

Hardly what you’d call an offroad test. I’d go the cruiser any day. What is
Nissan thinking not putting a diesel in? You can see that the aussie Market
isn’t important.

Maad Dan says:

Stuff me… Can everyone on here stop talking crap. The 2014 Range Rover
has maximum of 28.5cm ground clearance but the Land Cruiser has only
22.6cm! Australians have this negativity towards anything that isn’t well
known. The Range Rover is better at everything else too, only down side is
the complexity of the vehicle and replacement parts cost. And obviously
with it having 1000’s of extra parts the reliability is worse.

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