nissan maxima vs kia cadenza – YouTube.flv



Brian Kemper says:

Im a maxima owner 2010 no doubt and I didnt know the Cadenza ad a lil get
up. Im impressed but ultimately my baby will win! Put it in sports mode
and dip!!

John Pierro says:

Which motor in cadenza??? If its 2.0 no wonder vs 3.5 v6 of course 

shoeheadsoldier says:

How could you say nissan can’t keep up with kia… Have you forgot the
infiniti line? Have you forgot the skyline gtr? What does kia have compared
to that?

julian251403 says:

Smh seriously making fun of nissan

Orlando Ortiz says:

u think nissan won cause of the transmission?

Robert Goudreau says:

Cadenza is heavier and the Maxima as more torque because it’s a 3.5 and the
cadenza a 3.3.

AMERIS2 says:

حبيبي الماكسيما سبورت افهم

alasad aliraqi says:

اشششششششششششش الكوري عيب هه مايجي للياباني

Baghooli Channel says:

yeaahhhh nissan! 🙂

M Alnasser says:

Good look for cadenza next time

jcxero says:

Maxima smokes cadenza

Yung Chan Jin says:

??Are they really racing? They don’t seem to having a race… and plus, how
could they race on a highway? Oh, and one thing i see wrong is that how
could nissan be faster than kia? it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE for japan to catch
up with koreans’ advanced car mechanics…

hmnieu says:

You see the reason why the Maxima is faster than the Kia is because it is a
“4Door Sports Car” and the Kia is a luxury car, the Maxima also has a CVT
which adds even better performance.

Toryon Davis says:

Koreans defeat Japan never will happen!!! lol

Mohammad Adnan says:

yeah nissan baby nissan glory japanes cars in love with maxima <3

عبد الله هاشم الجيلاني says:

مايصي تجيب المكسيما بلكانديزا جيب مع الكانديزا ازيرا سوناتا

Jose Olvera says:

Is the camera guy in a Cool Altima??

Blackhact kurd says:


g35sedandriver says:

What’s the chaser car?

Joe MG says:

Yesss my Car ♥ Maxima ♡ Yess babe u r the best

khalid ak says:

كادينزا وزنها اثقل من المكسيما

Basil Johnson says:

The person videoing. Should of raced that Altima he/she was using. I love
my maxima but cvt tranny sucks and that Altima would of smoked those two
cars. Used to have one before I down graded with this new maxima. Should of
stayed with there original transmission. 6spd manual or even 6spd auto.

ujive turky says:

Kia cannot fuck with that Nissan motor

للورانس تبوك says:

المصوور باينن علىى سيارتكك تعبانهه ولاكانن رحتت علىى هالخجما الكوريهه &_^

eddie rosa says:

max win!

Daban Yaseen says:

i would still want the Cadenza, cuz it has a much better look than this
shityhole maxima

قـيصر رومــا says:

1-المكسيما سبورت
2-المكسيما اخف فـ الوزن
3-على حسب السواق (&_&)

طبعاً من ناحيه اختياري اكيد الماكسيما والسبب حب منذو القدم ههههههههههه

لكن من ناحيه الرساوه اتوقع الاثقل بيكون ارسى اللي هي الكادينزا

والكوري الصراحه ابدع فـ السوق وصار يقارن بغيره

اللي مادخل مخي ((كادينزا= لكزس 350 اي اس)) شوفو مين قام على مين هههههههه

Moath930 says:

لبى المكسيما 

abd arhman alharte says:

مابقا إلى سيارات الطفرانين ذي تمشي مع ياباني وين يبو
هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه:'( =D 

Moath930 says:

لبى المكسيما 

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