New Toyota GT86 TURBO vs McLaren MP4-12C

New Toyota GT86 TURBO vs McLaren MP4-12C

The Toyota GT86 has beautiful handling, but Steve Sutcliffe thinks it needs some more poke. Luckily Fensport has built a turbo version… SUBSCRIBE to Autoca…



Autocar says:

New Toyota GT86 TURBO monsters McLaren MP4-12C on track

matthew clouser says:

Lol all that 86 did was over steer and the mp4 wasn’t even being pushed…
This video is dumb 

dvspot says:

Just change the Mclaren 12c’s road tires to racing slick and add a better
driver. No competition.

Woo Cheol Shin says:

Since that GT86 was a full-on race car, let’s bring out the race car
version of the 12C and see what happens, shall we? 

TheOne42 says:

He missed the point… its not because the tuned GT86 is a fast car, it’s
because it has a better driver behind the wheel!
As Ayrton Senna said: Straights are for fast cars. Turns are for fast

KidWeazel says:

tune gt86 with a professional racer driving vs a stock mclaren with a
youtube host driving lol not fair in my oppinion

cornholio777 says:

Common now. TOYOTA gt86 is a good car but there is no way it will get near

KoukiMonsta240 says:

Love the people that can’t accept the fact that the GT-86 can outperform
the likes of a 12C quite easily, must less understand how its possible

goalski7 says:

loving the boxer rumble coming out of these cars once they have a turbo
slapped on them.

Jo Kommentaah says:

People please understand that this is not a comparison that tries to show
that the Toyota is better than the Mclaren. It obviously is not. However it
makes a good case of the possible performance a Tuned Toyota can deliver
against a car that you otherwise would expect to overtake a racedriver even
if a baby was driving it.

HeroDanny says:

crackers fast….? lol

Phuong Le says:

love the rumble!!!!!!

Benjay1975 says:

i reckon you spent more time off the track than on it.

Bartosz_Z says:

“Mclaren is not bad either” haha :D

Evan Bell says:

My favourite supercar vs favourite low end sports car.

Noctis Lucis says:

86 doesnt look good in my eyes. its so dull.

Brad McClaren says:


Tristan H says:

I am very satisfied. It definitely put a smile on my face, reminding me
that I want one in 3+ years…well and used. That should give the
aftermarket plenty of time to make more parts 🙂 #FRS #BRZ #Toyota #Subaru
#MP412C #Turbo #Boost

Woo Cheol Shin says:

Stop trying to feed the GT86 fanboys. They’re so full of it already. 

Veer Balgobin says:


TheCuteLittleDoggy says:

lol we learned nothing from that test the MP4-12C should have been in front
and then try keep up with it, looked to me a bit like the McLaren was
idling lol. bet it would have learned something then :P

030233854914 says:

I understand why you compare those car togheter but, some car a always
better in some condition than others . By exemple … a small and very
curvy track ….. a nissan gt-r will be for sure beat a mclaren even with
100 hp less even a corvette zr1 . But try to challenge those car on
nurburgring track the those car will never beat the ZR1. So the point is
some track give advange to some car while other not

Tryhard AtLife says:

genesis coupe….

Lemuel Casas says:

it’s Subaru #STi engine 

evanescence2 says:

That McLaren wasn’t even stressing to keep up with that GT86, it has no
problems overtaking it and beating the GT86 over and over again.

Jonadab Debe says:

driver does matter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fatboy19831 says:

This is just a joke. You cannot compare a street car to a race car. The
race car will almost always dominate. Take a race spec Maclaren and you
will never see the 86 again. I love the 86 ad own a BRZ. This is just
silly comparison.

Noctis Lucis says:

“AHihihi” wtf..

sheffkid2008 says:

Steve Sutcliffe. What a prize cunt… Thinks the GT86 is better than the
M135i this oversized clown’s got no idea…

Nick Phillips says:

Interesting… a tuned car vs an expensive sports car…

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