New Toyota Auris 2013 – Which? first drive

New Toyota Auris 2013 – Which? first drive Toyota’s new Auris has big boots to fill. It’s a direct descendent of the Corolla, the world’s bestselling car and the model th…



totoritko says:

2:45 You complain about the engine droning when you mash the accelerator?
EVERY car gets noisier under acceleration. In a manual you downshift and an
automatic downshifts by itself. Seriously, this is the stupidest complaint
I’ve ever heard about any car, CVT or not. And even funnier is that at the
same time in sports cars when engines roar under acceleration these guys
are about to have a trouser accident. Seriously, sometimes motoring
journalists seem like such whiny hipsters…

SladkaPritomnost says:

toyota is maybe the best quality car manufacturer, but design team should
be fired asap

greekairforce1 says:

Hybrid Hybrid. I don’t care about hybrid give me the petrol engine

Dean Shepherd says:

Had to stop rapidly the other day. Unbelievable – my Auris can stop on a
postage stamp!

I don’t understand the comments about the engine noise either. It’s hardly
any loader than my previous vehicles. I think that maybe it being a
constant revving engine (rather than up and down the rev range like manual
cars) takes a bit of getting used to maybe.

nunonunes13 says:

This is a great car why so many haters? Toyota is top reliablity Toyota >
VW …

Andrew Johnston says:

… no magic from the GT86 – just how exactly is a front wheel drive
C-segment car meant to compete with the handling and driving experience of
a RWD coupe? Comparing the quality of an Auris to a Golf is somewhat
strange, they don’t cost the same for a start. Hard plastics are, well,
hard-wearing! It’s the things you can’t see where Toyota work their magic.
This Auris (as well as the Mk1) is just a damn good car.

Watcharapol Vanichanun says:

Your beautifull ^^

Ed Baars says:

top auto toyota

bpsorrel says:

Maybe, but it’s far more likely to break down. The hybrid drive takes a
little getting used to, but once you know how to get the best of it, it’s
very good. In sport mode the Auris HSD is quite sprightly off the mark and
handles well. With normal driving it will return 4 to 5 litre/100km. And
the big advantage of HSD over diesel is the lack of a DPF! No blockages
that need dealer clearing. VW diesels are very problematic when driven on
short journeys. No such issue with HSD.

madant1977 says:

Toyota have really lost it, it’s ugly as hell.

cj4161 says:

134 BHP and 0-62 just over 11 seconds…. that doesn’t sound good….

heros2110 says:

Me too

FloydFlannigan says:

I like it. Built in Britain. I’m having one.

almu2min says:

Belgian car <3 I like my country ^^

Fedor Flierman says:

Nice car and i dont mind the hard plastic on the dashboard,and the car is
much more reliable than the golf.

pachacamacs says:

I drove one today and liked it very much. Yes there is some noise when you
accelarate, but not more than with any other car. It only seems noisier
because it’s so silent otherwise.

Austin Kinser says:

I feel that CVT is an improvement over traditional technology. automatics
have to hunt for gears & there are times where car hesitates to find which
gear to go into. CVT’s in my opinion are way quieter & smoother. I’ll
probably never buy anything that doesn’t have one. I have a 2002 Prius
which is the first generation, and everyone that rides in it, even on the
highway, comments on how quiet it is. Any car, manual or automatic will rev
the engine when you hit the gas hard.

Smellypops8 says:

So ugly!!! The front is more ugly than the back! Think the i30 has done a
much better job

ajc88uk says:

“The CVT transmission holds the engine at constant revs when accelerating –
typically in excess of 4,000rpm – which creates a loud droning noise.”
That’s how a CVT operates.. I don’t think any manufacturer can prevent that.

hwangeruk says:

>no magic from the GT86 Agreed, that was one of the dumbest things I’ve
heard on a car review. No talk on the ride quality either. Brakes?
Visibility? Missed a lot of detail.

Pauleardez says:

What a complete dickhead, this reporter. His arguments on the CVT
transmission are invalid. Yeah the car makes revs when accelerating (just
as any other car..) The idea behind this gearbox is to lower the amount of
revs (when in use of cruise control for example) to around the 1500. try to
beat that in your golf with louzy DSG gearbox that brakes down. Oh and one
more thing.. I get my Auris in 9 seconds to the 100 kilometres.

Er A says:

Excellent car, good performance, low emissions and very reliable. The CVT
also works great, constant higher revs for fast acceleration and constant
lower revs at constant speed.

zoubir elatif says:

ugly/…sorry toyota

Westy says:

Who compares a piece of shit Golf to an Auris? Bad review.

DRAKO9764 says:

You have the petrol or diesel one?

Taimoor198 says:

nice is it avlable in north amreia

Diego Barrenechea says:

estan hablando de 60 Mph osea 100km/h

Miguel Alves says:

Is this in Portugal or Spain?

Thierry Tish says:

I saw the Auris at the Brussels car show and compared it to the New Golf
since I was interested in both. the Golf looks much better in the inside
BUT is much more expensive because everything is in option on whereas the
Auris is already well equipped when you take a middle range version.
Moreover, but this only my opinion, the New Golf lacks personnality beause
it just looks like a… Golf (which also makes its succes). To conclude
…I ordered the 1.6l petrol Auris…

Thekaradumann says:

very disappointing review.. i think toyota created great car. interior
design and materials look pretty good. The CVT transmission is much better
than the very problematic DSG of vw.

megamanmadrid says:

yeah, like the digital clock in the dash is so 20 years ago… not to
mention the indicators for the passerger airbag…. I think the interior is
so ugly 🙁

msmfa1980 says:

No tarda 11 seg en cojer 60 km/h los pillaria antes con la bici jajaj son
4,5 el coche me recuerda al civic y al giullieta

madant1977 says:

Oh and people saying its’ CVT is by some magic better that ‘any’ DSG
gearbox is just plain silly.

Miguel Alves says:

Thanks for answering 🙂 Keep the good work.

Ricardo Madeira says:

I think that the beautiful surroundings, made the car look prettier!

cicatrez says:

Tested the prius in your ‘lab’ ? Shame on you which. do a REAL mpg test on
actual roads.

WinkelHoof says:

Lower…? Looks like a MPV.

Carleaseuk says:

Just starting to see some interest in the Auris now. Toyota are having a
good go at pushing this but such a competitive market.

Fermat66 says:

Cascais, I would say.

Menolifee says:

To some people, cars are more than just a “basic transportation”

I want a Lexus RC F says:

Forget the Golf, this car is the best one that you can buy in its class:
cheap, reliable, very well made, fuel efficient and sleek & beautiful.

Mert Imir says:

Great tip mate, thank you.

mrplowed says:

I don’t understand complaints about the interior / dash (same comments in
other reviews). The whole front console is clean and tidy, plain but
functional, very stylish I think. The brushed metal (effect) stripe across
the console evokes feelings of an american muscle car (although obviously
those feelings stop there!) I took a look at a 2013 Ford Focus dash and
almost threw up.

DtorBillAgain says:

I agree; he should say ‘if you push the accelerator almost to the end’ but
well… he probably likes a mediocre and unreliable vw and can’t avoid the
subjective comments.

Which? says:

Hi Miguel, This was at the launch in Lisbon, Portugal cheers, David

Mert Imir says:

I know those things you’ve told about CVT but people may easily understand
that the car does not accelerate! This transmission is not a lie! It does
what it says on the paper! It may not be a tasteful ride but you’re judging
the whole auris range with that hybrid! you should have test drove and
publish here the 1.6L/132 ps version! which can do 100km/h in 11.1 secs.

dunti21 says:

Errr, they’re in the same class. And I’ve never met anyone who would call a
Golf a piece of shit over a Toyota. You’re on your own there. A golf is so
much better built, with better engines, and much much better quality

Peter Bartolo says:

i prefere the older one 🙂

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