7Tune gets an exclusive first drive of the brand new Toyota 86 sports car.



Johnny Xu says:

He is destroying the gearbox.

Adam Zillin says:

@TheFallenWon Very true.

Viriatus says:

what a noob

rufio stow says:

This car is clearly designed with some hints of the LFA.

Richard Do says:

if only it came with turbo…. this car is shit otherwise.

Ezra Pages says:

@john nguyen now you see..we left hand drivers drive on the right side of
the road. you guys drive on the wrong side.

grimzors says:

you must be a tool.

shrt64 says:

Is it going to change the driver’s abilities?

XxnonphotobluexX says:

I don’t understand why people don’t take the scion brand seriously all of
you guys are full of shit.Just because it’s a new brand on the market
doesn’t mean you hate on it.Its the same fuckin shit.I bet most of you guys
hate on it just because other people hate on it just to fit in.

Mitch Silby says:

i think what he meant to say was he is not the most skilled driver…

W .Khairi says:

did the wheels spin at 3rd gear, man thats some torque there!

Adam Zillin says:

@aliwhitwell Yeah we’re hearing that a bit…

nagasako7 says:

The BRZ or This = Official Car of ‘Stralia’.

MsIgary says:

hey, what’ sthe name of the song? what about car… i just love it

Snipinggamer1423 says:

wouldnt blame him if he’s american, they drive left hand side

mystisohorney says:

@zildog I’ll tell you what, Toyota-America made the crap decision to
release it as a Scion. So, I may pay the 3-5k premium just to avoid driving
around in a Scion…. f*n bullshit

dangerfield says:

Because it isn’t a scion. Duh? USA’s poor attempt at rebranding the Toyota
86 is completely stupid. I feel sorry for the true 86 fans in the states.
I’ve already seen a hell of a lot of guys on the forums with Scions that
have removed their car badges and replaced them with Toyota ones, as they
should have been originally.

Cameron Coulson says:

it looks alot like a nissan 370z front view

Psymonised says:

what are you trying to do drift it!? your gear changes are sloppy.

XxBillyGoatNinjaxX says:

Actually he’s not but if he was, you shouldnt blame him for shifting badly.
Switching driver sides isnt easy unless you do it all the time

kennyg808 says:

Take a look at the engine bay at 1:08. This is one very, very cramped
engine bay. Oh, lots of gutting will be needed to get a decent turbo setup
in there.

OZH204 says:

this guy is either extremely shit at driving or the car has no power at
all. lets be honest, how good can a car with a base price of $29,990 really

Real Nick says:

My bad its GT4

100Coin says:

mmmhh yeah evangelion race queens!

chao charles says:

the driver doesnt know how to drive manual at all

phycoman4561 says:

that makes me a little angry just saying you naive little man

Zacharie C says:

Daiki Kasho – Soul Surfer

oversteer46 says:

You should a) learn to drive or b) get someone else to drive. Seriously.

Roman Rudometov says:

It’s a shame that an automotive journalist can’t drive

tatsuya462000 says:


Richie DeCosta says:

Still i wait…. I wish the interior looked better, I was hoping for a more
german looking interior such as a vdub or a bmw

FenderpunkR says:

He’s Australian.

Real Nick says:

GT5 Prologue music f yeah

D.B. says:

Agreed 100% I have never seen such pathetic steering – I think he was
trying to drift… and Flolmpreza yes I know how to drive… properly.

xquizit says:

omg painful watching him shift, nice car tho

Pilus says:

They should put “Fujiwara Tofu Shop” decals on that car. Plus, that guy
can’t drive stick for s**t. What with the gasping at the end??

Adam Zillin says:

@Nowwatchingyou2 Not true. They have identical engines.

BurntFaceMan says:

then turn it down and let car enthusiasts her the CARS lol.

Boss1138 says:

will the automatic transmission have a dual clutch? or will it just be a
old slow auto transmission? can any one please tell me, thanks =)

BoyOfSteel101 says:

God I’m so glad that this song is playing over the actual driving clips,
because that’s what I really look for in a car video, instead of the raw
audio of the engine, muffler, blow off and so on, I get to strain to hear
anything of value over this music that I fucking hate. Not hating on the
uploader here, I know it wasn’t you, I’m just excited about this car and I
want a video that actually gives me something, too much to ask for?

Gerfall says:

I never understood the concept of arguing which side a steering wheel was
on. It’s not like it changes the performance or anything.

circadeadweight says:

@zildog what’s the song man?

m0nty737ngx says:

I’m not surprised the electronics are kicking in when you drive it like a
troll swinging a club.

nfswinitialdracer86 says:

0:23 Lexus LFA

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