New Hyundai Tucson Limited Interior Review Two Tone Special Leather

New Hyundai Tucson Limited Interior Review Two Tone Special Leather

Check out our all new Hyundai Tucson Limited and the unique two tone leather seating surface. I also go through the full list of options that are available w…



Mauricio de Hoyos says:


I live outside the States and Hyundai doesn’t offer the navigation head
unit on any trim, i would like to ask you the favor of asking your nearest
dealer what the price of a head unit with navigation would be.

Thank you in advance.

Kimishibai100 says:

Thanks for posting the video. I’m glad you are enjoying your Hyundai.

Muscle & Motors says:

Sounds pretty sick! Enjoy yourself.

gregocr says:

Try to take care of it, clean it please !!!!

Duvan Felipe Duque Duque says:

esta bien vacana

MezO Ghizzi says:

ما شاء الله … الله يعطيك من خيرها و يكفيك شرها .

Sergio Pizarro says:

Buen vehiculo lo unico criticable es que……… deberia limpiar y sacar
la basurita , no lo creen….

gregocr says:

jajjajaa ok bro !! take care…

Larry Desbonnes says:

no button start ??? men ! return it at once and ask for one with button
start 🙂

KissRocksForever says:

Too bad most other vehicle makes have all that stuff as standard lol.

Muscle & Motors says:

She’s getting a full detail this weekend! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

willdogism says:

lol. you ain’t right

Involvement82 says:

i someone got some dirh azz hands on that door

Stuff4Guys says:

I like the touch screen, the new Genesis dosent have that.

hdfjf49 says:

انصحكم بتوسان رائعه ودعولي اني اشتريهت

Muscle & Motors says:

Unfortunately they didn’t add the push start until the 2012 model! Picked
up mine when they were first released as 2011’s.

frankjutay says:

nice…i have 2013…and modified all the lights to LED, also the center
console for the sound system was replaced with OEM DVD, GPS,Bluetooth etc
integrated in the system also rear camera was installed, this is my 3rd
hyundai and I love it….thanks for posting nice video. drive safe.

OneNewOpinion says:

No, not “Tucson”, but “Koreasons”.

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