New Hyundai i10 on OVERDRIVE



Benyamin Nadulack says:

I just sold my 2011 i10 manual with the 1.1 irde engine. The fuel economy
was so bad I had to get rid of it. With the AC on about 9km/L (25mpg)
without AC 12km/L(34mpg) in town. Hyundai claim 22.5km/L (48.7mpg). No
response to my E-Mail from Hyundai. This is well known now on many of the
forums. Don’t be tricked by false claims. I hired a Suzuki Alto and it’s
fuel economy is pretty much what Suzuki claim.

007adhil says:

Damn horrible car

harikrishnan7up says:

korean star hyundai

a753951852 says:

well. i also own a 1.2,and i also faced the same problem.. i changed my
fuel type.. instead of regular petrol i started using high octane fuel..
and it did work.. and also the good gear shift discipline also helped.. at
first it gave me barley 8kmpl, but now it gives me atleast 13kmpl.. but
definitely defeats hyundai’s claim of 22 kmpl.. even they said that non
sense to me.. :

maxx mazza says:

i drive the 1.1 engine car bought it back in 2008 im still falling in love
with its driving position,stance and smooth steering,it drives even better
than a toyota,tata and ofcourse the marutis, i also drove the 1.2 in i10
and god damn its a breeze, the same motor from the i20 feels much better in
i10s hood !!! way to go i10 !!! im loving it !

Dinesh Mathur says:

the exhaust of my i 10 kappa 2008 go on bursting giving horrible noise

juankeny88lives says:

very nice little car!!! i have one from this year 1.1 version 4 cylinder

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