New Hyundai i10 hatchback 2014 review – Carbuyer

New Hyundai i10 hatchback 2014 review – Carbuyer

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Alaatin61 says:

Check my channel for more hyundai

Uber Strike says:

I choosed KIA RIO 2014 Hacthback…good she infront me…love
very much

MedEighty says:

Well done little i10.

Georges St.Pierre says:

I will buy this car as a present for myself on my 65th birthday.

geoffdundee says:

bucket of shite

YouBocaj67Tube says:

Okay, it’s a very good car and the looks of Hyundai cars are getting better
and better. But i still like the look of Kia’s more! I will wait for the
new Picanto version!

Leo Phan says:

Well i’m afraid Hyundai will take over Toyota Dynasty

CWRT says:

Just a suggestion, the large solid blue carbuyer logo in the corner is kind
of annoying. Maybe make it transparent?

Hamza Boumarouane says:

I need this car

Rytis36 says:

LOL tail lights are way to similar to bmw 1 series

FiredEmpire says:

What I learned from this review
1) some cars can be so perfect they hurt the credibility and reliability of
your reviews.
2) some people with bad eyes, such as this guy, think this Hyundai looks
3) anyone who gives a car the car-of-the-year-award in January is clearly
fucking paid for advertising. 

MaciekTV says:

If u didnt write “review” in the title i would tell thats an advert 

Theodore .Redwolf says:

looks like a cross between a Citroen Picasso and a smart car… 🙁 

Rolf Claes says:

A: It ‘s the girl.
Q: What’s missing here.

Daniel Lockett says:

Trolling them cars on the roundabout ;)

RCKakashi14 says:

It’s too early for it to be awarded “Car of The Year”.

juanvga says:

I notice this its for nob people… Alwais car of the year its about the
current year…

Ethan S Moghaddam says:

Fair enough it’s a good little car. But 2014 just started when you made
this video, how come you already have a car of the year!!! 

Irfan Mastan says:

Good Afternoon Sir
this Car Available to Saudi Arabia

deepblue64 says:

And a half…))))

hakman239 says:

whay does the plate say 63 instead of 64 is 2014

snake plissken says:


Gary W says:

Biggest boot of any city car? Er but yeah isn’t it a bigger car than a lot
of city cars though?

I mean bigger than an Aygo/107/C1?

So why would you buy a city car and want it to be bigger? You would just
buy a Yaris or 208 or something?

You buy a city car on the understanding that it has less storage but you
sacrifice that for a small car for easier parking. It is supposed to be
smaller? If the car is bigger it should have marks deducted!!!!!

Sadly it is this sort of thing that resulted in cars like the Clio going
from being city car sized and bloating into something that is the same size
as a Megane used to be. The Clio is a sodding family car now!

It is like saying that a Ferrari is better than the i10 because it is a lot
faster. Well if you wanted a fast car you wouldn’t have bought an i10
right? And making the i10 faster would compromise it’s original design

duffthelegend says:

i think the skoda better because your gettin more for your money

Nick Wills says:

carbuyer: now featuring CONSTANT adverts for our website, and less car
review :)

Ray Rumming says:

Car of the year 2014, its only February now?.

Driftuner says:

that a look at the paint around the “hyundai” at 1:48

Frank Shang says:

Some people are incredibly thick. It is to BE the Car of the Year 2014
because the decision was made at the end of 2013. What is the point at
having the Car of the Year title 2013 when the year is already over?! 

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