Neutral Episode 25 – Toyota 86 (Car Review)

Neutral Episode 25 – Toyota 86 (Car Review)

In this episode Damo gets up close and personal with the impresive Toyota 86. If you want to see what all the hype is about and why there is such a long wait…



farhad afrasiaby says:

I love this car

axelismydog says:

Great review. Picking mine up on Saturday! Cant wait.

pizdukanals says:


thatonebeone says:

thanks its my first new car 🙂 now i have to manage my money lol..its all
good.. i use to drive a integra 94RS had its time so i decided to get the
FRS/BRZ/GT86 for new years/early B-day gift for myself.. great gas saver
too.. i been getting lots of looks in this car lol..dont really see much on
the roads but im starting to see it here and there

Justin C says:

would have been nice to hear it start up…..

dhom100 says:

nice car and review but it would’ve been better without the gay music.

JDDD33 says:

Good Car, but low down torque/power will be an issue in stop start traffic.
On a racetrack, beautiful however – like the RX8 was.

Neutral Car Show says:

Hi nishjaxx, this is what we found “In the UK, it’s the Toyota GT 86
(pronounced eight-six), in Japan it’s the Toyota 86 (pronounced eighty-six)
and in the States the Scion FR-S.” Where are you located? Every Toyota Rep
we have spoken with here in Oz has referred to the car as eighty-six.

Neutral Car Show says:

Hi smodd, the Toyota and the Subaru are basically the same car. Given the
fact that the Toyota is the cheaper car we’d say the 86 manual is the best
for drifting.

Neutral Car Show says:

Really, you can buy the car for $30,000 but a light is $1000. So it’s a
$28,000 car with $2000 lights. lol

nodisintigrations says:

you didn’t even drive it

Stanley Lu says:

what rims are those? They seem different from the ones in Canada, where i

vincent tam says:

The damn toyota lights are over a grand for 1. Damn it!!!

LachlanOx says:

why an auto?

Neutral Car Show says:

We proudly wear Tendence watches. We have a large selection of them on our
website store. The website is in the video description. Damo is wearing a
black and yellow bling.

Neutral Car Show says:

We agree. There are two differences between the two. The interior and the
price. The Subaru is almost $10,000 dearer and what some would say a better

Ben S says:

Arggh I love it but need more power! Or a turbo! Why not a 2jz

Steve Shaw says:

Decent review but I found the music very offputting. Just a bit of
constructive criticism!

Luis Alfredo says:

dude, you look too much like my older brother. it is actually creepy. haha
great video man

Dave L says:

(and being the soobie flat four there must be some chance of a factory
special edition turbo coming out?)

Neutral Car Show says:

Thats cool, youtube is also full of kittens, you can always watch some of
those videos.

rExEED1 says:

amateur review

oversteer46 says:

Why not test it sideways? Like seriously get someone to do it for you if
you don’t know how.

ishii yujiro says:

My father bought the reddish orange type of colour for this car. It cost
around 63,000 dollars here in Indonesia and will be in his garage soon. Im
not sure why he choose this car. I just think its not good looking enough

BingBingMeMe says:

great review! next time can you get rid of that background music?
especially when reviewing a sports car people might want to hear the engine
without music layered on.

Neutral Car Show says:

We were doing high 15 second runs with the camera man in the car as well.
So it could go that little bit faster with just the driver. We are local
and if you watch some of our other videos you will see our region is
featured in many of them. Thanks for subscribing, hope you enjoy the videos.

Neutral Car Show says:

Thanks Jeremy, this is where we got our info from It
clearly indicates that the GT had DRL. We have questioned this before with
Qld transport and they have informed us that the difference between fogs
lights and DRL are the strength of the beams. Also many cars such as the
GTS have LED DRL’s further confusing if DRL’s can be Halogen as well as
LED. Cheers

Dave L says:

I’m a V8 sedan person and I love my 6 litre but I believe Toyota are the
best made cars on earth and under 30K?? What a bargain. I’ve seen two in
person and I guessed easily around 40K. Amazing.

Boutros Zalloua says:

Thanks for the Aussie review for Aussie drivers. Ive ordered BRZ in auto
cause i sit in Sydney traffic. I think its worth the extra money plus
superior sat nav

Neutral Car Show says:

Have you driven it?

Neutral Car Show says:

What do you mean we didn’t even drive it. We had the manual version doing
donuts and racing it round a track. The car is the show is the auto and was
provided by Toyota. As the show is filmed mostly on public roads there is
only so much we can do on camera.

MrPepsi03 says:

Congrats 🙂 Enjoy haha

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