My Toyota GT-86 with Aero Kit Walkaround & Rev

My Toyota GT-86 with Aero Kit Walkaround & Rev

heres a better video of my new GT 86 hope you like it subscribe for more videos coming.



E. Nunez says:

What aero kit is this? Been looking around for an aero kit that i like and
this one really caught my eye.

Michael Go says:

The engine of toyota gt is engine of subaru


Take that spoiler off right now 

Xenios9 says:

ugly spoiler. slow car

Nubixcube360 says:

I like the aero kit but I dislike the wing I’d prefer to do a boot swap or
ask for them to put on the gt86 boot. Then I’d put on the trd wing

andy ventura says:

Looks like toyota took a sti wing and slapped it on the trunk here u go
body kit

ziosamsamsam says:

small wheels

Dacrazy-can says:

nice aero kit but take the spoiler off , the spoilers died with the 1st
movie of fast and furious

Stephen SaintSauveur says:

Damn bro!! I’m in love!!

hyd081283 says:

I didn’t see any spoiler on this car, it’s called a fucking WING. Spoiler
is different on a wing.

Jack Mitchell says:

how much would one of these kits cost?

Suckmy Bigbootsa says:


J Chan says:

Love this kit. What is it called?

Raphael Morton-Gittens says:

Sweet car, but that huge spoiler is ridiculous

andrew vlake says:

Love the car but i hate the plastic blqck color off the diffuser. I think
blue would make this car sexy 2 or black;) i am subbed:)

Salmon Fishing says:

The spoiler makes this car

Kamil Helmy says:

spoiler spoils it

Christian S says:

Should of used the money for rims and tires.

Dakarai Manning says:

What’s the name of that song

critter1171 says:

The thing about this car is that it is so unique and eye catchy, where I
live most people settle for average cars, cars that lack visual innovation.
I think the spoiler looks fine once you see it in the show room, which is
why I didn’t make judgements on just photo’s and video’s alone.

Anyway, I receive my white 86 GTS with Aero kit in 3 weeks, so some people
may criticize the wing which is fine, I once did. But I really liked it
once I saw it in person, I would recommend people to do so as well before
saying that it looks out of place. :)

kidannyinsanity says:

Normally i like big spoilers like the ones on Evo, STI or Integra but this
one is too big and just doesn’t fit with the car

BigZ Al-Ajmi says:

i love the black with aero kit it look like the bat mobile

wiltse0 says:

cat delete.

Nathan McCallister says:

my tc has 200 hp not 180 my tc has a k&n air filter and the trd axel back

Miri Babayev says:

Spoiler is just amazing

hdidane00 says:

More like a Bench seat for senior retired people hanging out at the park.

Teran Lee says:

I love the look of these cars, eh as much as i want one as a fun toy, i
think i’ll keep on saving up for a corvette. Still love the car though.

kidannyinsanity says:

Your’e 86 looks nice, I would just replace the wing with a tommy kaira wing
due to personal preference. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

pengasus says:

Reminds me of ford escort cossworth, the spoiler i mean. Quite big compared
to the size of the car

jonnyharket says:

Hi. Great choice of colour. I have the orange GT86 in the UK. Hopefully you
may be able to help me. Are you able to tell me that part numbers for the
aero kit (front spoiler, skirts, spats and rear spoiler please). As the UK
dealers dont supply this kit but with the part numbers I may be able to
source it. Thanks and enjoy your motor 🙂

White Widdow says:

Itd look throwed with no wing bro

Jake Gambino says:

Do i want both? Yes. Can i afford both? HELL NAW

jonnyharket says:

That would be amazing and very much appreciated 🙂 We cant get this kit
here in the UK and I would love to have it as it makes it look more like
the FT86 ii from the front and sides. Any plans for modifications for your

rka191 says:

You must be some sad old fart to say that….LOL

legocircus says:

Holy wheel gap, Batman!

FdSnakeEater says:

LOL. Just for saying that we will give you this exact car for free so that
you can drive it around and look like a “tool”. LOL

Frozen says:

I like everything except for the spoiler.

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