My New Hyundai Veloster

My New Hyundai Veloster

So I bought a veloster ­čśÇ Here it is. In this video I give you a tour and take you on a drive. Questions, Comments, leave them below!



Mike Wulfbeer says:

WHAT you didnt get the TURBO! I got one last week, Spec R version. I’m
loving thus far. Plus the gas mileage compared to my F150 or Supra is
AWWWWESOOOOOOME!!!! ALTHOUGH the seats are the same as in my Spec R. ´╗┐

Stepherson Queiroga says:

what’s the price this car today in US ?´╗┐

Rain Nguyen says:

Are you rich, or trying to sound rich? You bought the car for no reason ,
and you play golf? Why would you play golf? Anyways are the seats nice?
It’s leather and cloth right?´╗┐

M30WMAN says:

i decided to buy one… why? i dunno [thats the story of my life]´╗┐

pacificgp says:

Hello I’m from Russia! Also tdiu on it! Where is the start stop button?´╗┐

Matthew McFarland says:

my Elantra has more horses then this´╗┐

roof pizza says:

I like the look but can’t help but think that the third door would be more
useful on the drivers side.´╗┐


Does the 2012 volester have gps?´╗┐

Gokay Y─▒lmaz says:

Nice Car :)´╗┐

jorge correa says:

I’ll buy that car this year ! nice video :)´╗┐

Jason Purvis says:

Turbo would be better. Almost same mileage ´╗┐

R says:

You talk too damn much and your voice is nauseating´╗┐

notformebeaky says:

I can’t think of a single Asian (or American) manufacturer (even top end
Lexus from the Japs) that does a good interior comparable to Germans. This
fails too. Ghastly
It can’t be that hard or expensive, so why are the interiors so shite?´╗┐

Sam Brown Fernando says:

World sucks outfits by Hyundai, suck cars ever, check out those body
shapes/ lights shapes/ no way of throughout the airflow, and the their logo
also, that H is like what I don’t understand,, at last their name, trying
copy Honda or ???… If u loves silly fancy toy cars, then buy Hyundai…´╗┐

gunblazingmutant says:

I have a 2014 Veloster and it has a backup cam. Makes it easier to back up
since the hatch obscures your vision drastically.´╗┐

Crushin 4 Y.A. says:

I have one and I love it so far, except for the fact that the blue tooth
drops calls all the time and they replace the radio for me and now the
voice commands don’t work at all anymore? So it’s back to the dealership.
Lastly was no one else worried by the fact that you were showing us all
the stuff on the radio panel while still driving the car??? :)´╗┐

john michael lusterio says:

how much you pay for your insurance????? and how much you think theyll pay
if the driver is a new driver?? how is the car if you wanna buy it for
financing?? i hope you will respond for my questions.. thanks have a good
day :)´╗┐

Rain Nguyen says:

@Mike Wulfbeer what color did you get? I’m getting one in black sooooooo

harlemkiid149 says:

If your gonna get a manual fwd hatch go with the Focus ST ´╗┐

DragonTECHpc says:

what i am gonna do is wait a few more years instead of getting one now so i
can get a turbo and its cheeper but u still get the touch screen but better
engine and more horse-power´╗┐

Joonbae Choi says:

Regardless of the performance.. The style of Veloster is very cool. Can’t
deny it… Very cool car…So long as ones not interested in 0-60, none
turbo is fine. Better gas mileage.´╗┐

eslam veloster says:

Hyundai Velostr is the car of my dreams, I Asmha in my books and I put
forms the backdrop for Mobily and laptop as I hope this Aliarh when they
see her in one of the streets and to see all the detailed is in my up
costing the 165000 LE, and I work until I buy but my salary up to 1000 LE
per month this one means that it is impossible Hahaha I get it one day´╗┐

alex prinzo says:

Cool looking car…But just a horrible performer. Horrible handling.
Slow. They did a great job with the styling and interior, but the car is
just not up to par with the rest of it’s competition in terms of
performance. I hope they pay more attention the the suspension and maybe
dial in the 0-60 time for future models. ´╗┐

Alexis Aguirre says:

when you put reverse , in the screen doesn’t apper activeted the camera
,,,, why??´╗┐

peppersa1 says:

its rare with automatic transmission?´╗┐

matt kukla says:

beautiful car´╗┐

Tunknatar says:

This thing is weak as hell.´╗┐

quietguy1948 says:

Nice… hope you are still enjoying it.´╗┐

Cesar Torres says:

Red leather? Who are you? Sammy Hagar?´╗┐

pcstudios3 says:

very very beautifull man… nice buy… ­čÖé a light from a citroen c2 cost
100 euro.. hyunday cheaper!!!´╗┐

Ray Man says:

nice car man, shame i could’nt afford a car like yours´╗┐

AtariMaxiToriyama says:

*Sighs* Wish I had your kinda money. I’m buying a used car, soon, and I’m
already worrying about repairs.´╗┐

cam94z28 says:

So is the manual noticeably faster than automatic? Your 30-60 romp actually
seemed pretty quick.´╗┐

Brenden Socher says:

I’ve had my V for a year and a half and I’m in love with it. I have the
dual clutch. I’m in the process of modding it. It’s a beast´╗┐

al bundy says:


Kipp C says:

How are you liking the car after two years? Any trouble or concerns ? thx´╗┐

Dony Demarco says:

Hii , for Veloster owners, Any one can help on how to play videos while
driving ?? the video clips only playing while on Parking mode =0 …
appreciate any help´╗┐

Kipp C says:

LOVE the red seats!!!!!´╗┐

leftbrain says:


PeanutButterGtr says:

Holy SHEETS!!!

Sou lik says:

how much did it cost?

johnherrera305 says:

$30k…way too much. Not even a fully loaded Turbo goes for $30. More
around $25-27

cbr9927 says:

I drive a 12 Accent with the same motor and HP, TQ output, its a very good
motor and does the job just fine. I have zero complaints about power and I
have had V6 cars before. Its a good sounding engine too.

Emma Smith says:

Love this car!

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