MotorWeek Road Test: 2010 Kia Forte Koup



Zach Hodge says:

i love mine ;)

preenoy char says:

I rather have this than a Civic.

Chosenby1 says:

with the sx manual it goes from 0 to 60 in much less than 8 seconds. I’ve
already tried it in a test drive, not sure who the wuss was doing this test

b0utch says:

exciting!? sound like a can of soup as soon as you modified it…. thats
not exciting to me… I anyway I dont want a civic theres alrdy enough of
those the road theres no pride in having what everyone else alrdy has…. n
i dont like being a sheep

plm54 says:

@techdude6693 i own a Forte Koup too and is way above 8.6

TheArmchairrocker says:

I have the 2.0L I get 39mpg on the highway.

samksa10 says:

I love this car sooo muchhh

mrmaturitydelinquent says:

You actually can drive this car in Forza 3 for X-Box 360!

chrycohauler says:

enough with barrels of oil per yr and CO2 good car

Monkeysuvious says:

I just drove one today. I’d take it over the played out Civic and/or T.C.
any day.

EasternBlocCars says:

the 2009-present Kia Forte is assembled in China: Jiangsu Kazakhstan:
Ust-Kamenogorsk South Korea: Hwaseong, Gyeonggi

Trevor Harris says:

@ladyyuna2000 i agree

redgoldbluephantom says:

There must be something wrong. Motorweek tested the Kia Spectra awhile back
and turned out an almost equal 0-60 time and a much faster quarter mile
(16.1 vs. 16.6). One would think that, even though the Forte is slightly
heavier, the 35 extra horses would do something besides use more gas.

dj4monie says:

@Danny15LL The 2011 has a better clutch system. Should be faster.

Danny15LL says:

Ahhhh! It said it went 1 to 60 in 8.6 seconds with clutch! Automatic is
whayyy faster!

humanparody12 says:

Little red bottle-rocket? I like it.

nismofury says:

Good lookin car. Would sell more if it didnt cost so much. 25.3mpg… needs
improvement. This should be thousands less than any civic. That would kill
civics in sales.

donnie249 says:

Yeah i guess the si would be the better of the two, i just dont understand
why thats such a hott car when there are a few others with more to offer?

frozenassets97 says:

at 0:08 has that track been used for a long time??

ladyyuna2000 says:

I want this car so bad!!!!!

DeltaOpS07 says:

@donnie249 Audi, Lamborghini

leonidasder1 says:

legt in das ding einen…..diesel mit 3-4 liter verbrauch dann wirds auch
in europa was vielleicht sogar ein welterfolg……

tntkid93 says:

FUNNY my 2011 sx does 0-60 in about 7.1 .. and has, 183 hp and 169 lb-ft of
torque.. when i put it on the dyno …??

Humbert Melendez says:

please kia, 2.4l dohc, gdi, 200hp or 2.0l, 270hp turbo!!!!!!!!!

Adam ZarZar says:

@kompleti The 2012 looks exactly the same as the 2011, and it only gained 3
hp. It gained some torque, finally, because the 2011’s and below had almost
no torque. It still doesn’t compete. So no, the 2012 isn’t much better at
all. Of course the Si will beat it, but not by too much.

Danny15LL says:

The reason it got bad mileage on the track is because you jammed down the

JoeBird76 says:

Hmm..I like it. Very sporty..Affordable.

b0utch says:

I’d rather have this car than a civic theres alrdy enough of those on the

TheWTFsauce says:

7-8 secs lol

DeltaOpS07 says:

yeah, the si is established, but if you get a kia, even if it seems better
than a honda, youre still driving a kia.

valetdabess says:

i’d choose this over a civic too but stuff like lights that flash to the
beat isn’t something to brag about

donnie249 says:

kewl! i like the plad seats in the gti….dont know whyy butlol

azrayyan07 says:

I got mine last week, SX manual, same colour, and I really like it alot..

DeltaOpS07 says:

@donnie249 its not all about power, its all about how fun it is to drive.
But the good thing about Suzuki, its now owned by VW. The 3, I dont want to
know where you live, but mainly younger guys drive that car in most places.

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