MotorWeek | Retro Review: ’93 Toyota Supra Turbo



Danny Carlin-Weber says:

Y’all should start de-interlacing these old SD videos.

Acc0rd79 says:

21 years later and that car is still sexy as hell and turns heads if you
actually get to see one on the road! Toyota/Honda have fallen so short
since their golden days in the 90’s with so many fun sporty cars. The
numbers this supra turns out for a car 21 years old is better than so many
cars now a days! Sadly, those days are no more. I just with Toyota/Honda
would try to make a strong comeback but we all know the investors run the
company now, money is all that matters, not a icon for the company that
draws buyers to their brand, and young people to dream of the day they
could own a Toyota like the Supra here…..sad.

t Harris says:

MotorWeek | Retro Review: ’93 Toyota Supra Turbo:

Steven D says:

And here it is nearly 22 years later and the same 42 grand will buy a
faster better handling car than back then. This is why nearly every
Japanese sports car, except the Nissan Z, was killed off shortly after.
They where too outrageously priced for the times. 

n777ua says:

Crappy japanese cost cutter with a great powertrain. Sorry if this offends
you in advance! 

755hp says:

This is the way to build a sports car! I’ve always said this; I’ll say it
again….give me a sports car with a *bulletproof well designed engine*
(forged internals, iron block, etc), a *bulletproof drivetrain*
(handles/transfers 1500+Hp if needed) and a *stiff well balanced chassis*
from the FACTORY. If you have these three main areas strengthened, this
will serve as a BASIC foundation for a strong tuner car!!

And the Toyota Supra has shown that throughout its years!

NYCR says:

Dear, Toyota…..”BRING IT BACK!!!!”

Kevin Fung says:

wow that was expensive, especially in 93 money

Tim Joseph says:

The headlights on the Supra looks like from the current Bugatti Veyron,
but slightly bigger.

ERIC K. says:

Great video! For me, it’s the last Toyota that impress me!

xBlackRaiderx says:

Too bad Toyota went full retard and decided to make the new “supra” an AWD,
automatic hybrid that costs way too much. It’s like everyone is forgetting
where they came from. people wanted a fun, sort of affordable RWD manual
car, and now what we’re getting is another supped up prius…

dave dunn says:

Remember when toyota made cool cars? Wow those were the days…never to be
seen again! Man toyota sucks now

Kaiser says:

One thing I noticed is MotorWeek always has the slowest ETS out of testing
vehicles, why is that? This car runs mid to low 13’s not 14.0. This car
being a 93 could hold it’s own on the road with most the sports cars today.

lybr25 says:

A classic. 

semiautoriflelover1 says:

Two turbos and it only gained 60-70 horsepower? Lol, wow, times have
changed. A 87 buick grand national only had one turbo and 100 less
horsepower but did same quarter mile times. 

screwloose455 says:

I like how 20 years later this idiot is still talking the same way. Someone
seriously needs to punch him in the throat so this can stop.

4x4Productionz says:

18 mpg!!!!

HJ Farooqi says:

All hail to one of the JDM kings known as the Supra Turbo, these cars
really hold their value so much, that’s why you still find them for over
$30K, even the NA models are expensive, JDM Tuners are those cars I have
grew up on during my early childhood even before Fast & Furious and still
remain one of the best cars, I don’t care what other people say, but I
would take a Supra Turbo over a Ferrari or Lambo anyday.

trefod says:

Outlandish design that looks relevant even today.

Desolations102 says:

god, just beautiful, cant believe its that old, i’d buy one today if it was
still around 35Gs

juan tafoya says:

Timeless design, timeless performance. Thx MotorWeek 

Cameron Alidor says:


I have a request for you, though it may be a tall one. I know it’s a more
recent test, but can you do the test of the 2001 or 2002 Acura 3.2CL
Type-S? I’ve read the review on the 2003 model with the 6-speed, but I own
one with the automatic. Whichever one is available, can you rebroadcast it?

Prisoner Alex says:

One of the best looking cars of the 90’s but I hated the interior. These
cars are still high priced.

ZL1Gimpelson says:

A Legend. One of my favorite cars. 

ChronicConnoisseur says:

pretty surprising they didnt have a oil psi gauge or at least an oil light

animal16365 says:

And they still command a price today

Steve W says:

John, these retro features are terrific! I haven’t missed any of your TV
shows from it’s inception. Great work!

B.A. Chan says:


ray britton says:


GT6SuzukaTimeTrials says:

I’d rather save $30,000 and buy a ’96 Corvette.

PureDetroit says:

one of the best Toyota car ever made.

cobra454tim says:

Sure wish motorWeek nitpick on cars today like they did back in the
nineties i dont really hear John nitpick at things anymore like you used to
which I enjoyed.

Anibal Babilonia says:

I went to the drag strip one time a few years back, and this guy had one of
those slightly supped up, and it smoked almost every one that raced him,
including v8, v6, and everything in between. That thing was a beast.

ossimjew says:

Great description, sums up the supra very well.

Ozzstar says:


755hp says:

A savage in the land….a true BEAST!

Toyota Supra – Legend

Anibal Babilonia says:

Toyota needs to comeback with this car!! Please Toyota listen to
enthusiasts in all of us :-)

stg050 says:

and the price of the Supra 22 years later is still 40K. What a car <3

Kiss Kiss says:

Boy do I miss my MKIV..

Thanks for bringing the fond memories back!! 

WHO9119 says:

Luv the retro shows please keep them coming, I remember when this car came
out and I wanted one then I found out my wife was pregnant so that thought
was tossed out the window since she was the one who needed a new vehicle :(

Andrew Dion says:

Stupid ass emitions regulations was the reason this and many more Japanese
production sports cars ended production

MrNuggetface says:

Still my dream car. Thanks for this Motorweek. 

TheAKBUDDHA1 says:

If you don’t count for inflation, this car hardly depreciated… I blame
Fast and the Furious for this…

innerpurpose says:

Sorry, but I’m not liking this trend. Rehashing old stuff? If I wanted to
see old videos on old cars, I’d search YouTube. 

AlexMinecraft1000 says:

This car is a legend and might be the most reliable turbo engine on the

Burhan Diwan says:

An r34 skyline, a toyota supra, a wrx sti, a FD mazda rx7 and a Honda NSX,
cars I got to have in my garage one day :)

WikdSeafood says:

A worthy adversary to my beloved GT-R.

Bryant F says:

So this is the face of the “90s car review commentary guy”.

mstblue says:

Here it is, 20 years later, and the Surpa still looks good to this day!

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